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AoS 2000 points battle. Seraphon v Skaven

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Rebecca Jones, Sep 1, 2022.

  1. Rebecca Jones
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    Rebecca Jones New Member

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    Hiya! This was my second battle so I messed some stuff up but we both did so it’s okay. I may have gotten his army slightly wrong I can’t remember some of the names but I think it’s right. It was a simple Battle where the winner was whoever had models left standing.

    My Army Was:

    Lord Kroak
    Oldblood on Carnosaur
    Engine of the Gods
    Saurus Astrolith Bearer
    Terradon Cheif

    5x Saurus Guard
    10x Skinks
    10x Skinks

    Bastilidon with Solar Engine
    3x Kroxigor
    Salamander hunting pack

    The Skaven Army:

    Grey Seer on Screaming Bell
    Lord Skreech Verminking
    Plague Priest
    Plague priest

    20x Clanrats
    20x Clanrats
    20x Clanrats

    Warp Lightning Canon
    Warp Lightning Canon

    20x Plague Monks
    3x Stormfiends

    Turn one:

    I win the roll off but choose to go second as very few of my ranged units would be in range, plus I wanted to chance of going twice later. He moves his Skaven forward but he does fire both his warp lighting canons, one hits my Oldblood and deals 8 mortal wounds, the other hits my Bastilidon and deals 6 mortal wounds.

    On my go I use all my magic from Lord Kroak that I can, I use, I use arcane bolt which deals 1 mortal wound and I use comets call as well which deals another mortal wound to the Left Lightning canon. I only deal 1 mortal wound with comets call to the one on the right, I then put mystic shield onto my Oldblood. In shooting I target both the lightning canons with all I have but still don’t manage to kill either. I do however charge my terradon in and enter combat with the one on the left. In combat no units are killed but I do take the canon down to 4 wounds remaining whilst my terradon also goes down to 4 wounds remaining.

    turn 2:

    He wins the roll off and goes first. He can only fire the right canon and targets my Bastilidon and does more damage, my Bastilidon is now at 4 wounds. He moves his Screaming bell and Verminking near my Saurus guard. He fails his charge with his Stormfiends. He also charges his Plague Monks into my Oldblood. Combat wise he manages to kill my Oldblood due to the plague monks exploding on death, however only one plague monk survives and it later runs away in battle shock. His Verminking fails the charge into my guard but his screaming bell makes it. 3 of my Guard die, whilst I only deal 2 wounds to his bell.

    Then it’s my turn, because he is now in range I cast celestial deliverance 3 times and I cast comets call too, this heavily damaged his Verminking and screaming bell. Then in shooting I almost kill his Verminking and reduce the bell to just 6 wounds remaining, I also kill his right side canon. I also use the engine of the gods, get a 9 and use it to attack his stormfiends. In charge phase I charge my skinks into his Clanrats and my Kroxigor into his verminking. My kroxigors manage to kill his verminking, my terradon kills his left side canon, my skinks collectively kill 1 Clanrat between them. My guard almost reduce his bell to 5 wounds left.

    Turn 3:

    I win the roll off and choose to go first. This was the moment he knew he’d lost. I use Lord Kroak and cast celestial deliverance 3 times and comets call once. This finishes off his screaming bell and takes out 8 clanrats between 2 of his groups. I move everything up a bit and get my kroxigors facing forward. In shooting I use the engine of the gods and get a 9 so I target his Stormfiends and take one out. I use take attack his stormfiends with my Bastilidon and deal little damage. I charge my terradon into one of his plague priests and manage to kill it. I also then lose some skinks to battleshock.

    in his turn he pushes his second clanrats up and uses an ability where he rolls D3 moral wounds on his own clanrats which doubles the attack charecteristic of his clanrats. He then pushes them forward with his Clawlord and other plague priest. He’s too far away to charge however. Although he does charge his Stormfiends into my terradon. This leads to the terradon dying. Meanwhile in the skink v clanrats combat he manages to almost finish off one group of skinks, leaving just 4 however I then lose them in battleshock anyway. This frees up these clanrats whilst the third group remain in combat with my other skinks.

    Turn 4:

    This time he wins the roll of and chooses to go first. Now he charges the clanrats with the extra attack, his remaining plague monk and his Clawlord into my kroxigors. He also moves his Stormfiend forwards however he would’ve needed a 12 to charge into my salamander and he doesn’t make it. He attacks first with his clanrats and deals 2 wounds, meaning one of my kroxigors has 1 wound whilst the others are fine. I make a mistake here and attack with my skinks as I forgot he still had the Clawlord and plague priest. The skinks do no damage which means his Clawlord can attack and deal 4 wounds of damage, reducing me down to 2 kroxigors. I then attack back and kill his plague monk to prevent it attacking. His clanrats on the right kill 1 of my skinks.

    It was at this point where he surrendered as I just had too many tough units for him to take out and he’d lost just too many. Plus we were running out of time anyway.

    My first victory for the seraphon!

    Any tips on how to improve would be great!!
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  2. chefofwar
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    chefofwar Well-Known Member

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    sounds great. I do not know if the plague rats charged the old blood from the front or a gnaw hole, but if you had the ability to put a layer of skinks in front of the oldblood that would be able to keep it fresher and able to counter charge at the in your turn 2.

    Depending on board status, if you can line your kroxigor up with hordes they will clear them no problem. Then use a piece like the engine of the gods to charge the verminlord. That engine is great in combat. dont forget when you roll 9-12 you can target every unit within 12 inches with the engine, I dont know if you had it moved up enough to take advantage of that.

    another sneaky move is to make your engine of the gods a wizard with the arcane tome, and then kroak can channel its spells through the engine and give you even more range. 28 inch range on celestial del. if it is 12 inches between kroak and the engine
  3. VikingRage

    VikingRage Well-Known Member

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    RNG and the universe sent me here to say that you can probably proxy-swap out your old blood for a Scar-Veteran and run your list pretty same same despite points increases

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