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AoS 2000pt list advice, just getting back into AoS

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Uber, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. Uber

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    Heya, nice to meet you all :cat:. I played a little AoS a few years ago and am looking at getting back into the game. I threw this list together based on buying two Saurus start collecting boxes, along with a couple of models I picked up back in fantasy times.

    - The Thunder Lizard

    - Lord Kroak (320)
    - Oldblood on Carnosaur (230): General (Prime Warbeast), Relic (Fusil of Conflagration)
    - Scar-Vet on Carnosaur (210)
    - Stegadon with Skink Chief - flamethrowers (250)


    - x30 Saurus warriors - spears (270)
    - Stegadon - bow (240)
    - Stegadon - bow (240)

    - Bastiladon - Solar Engine (220)

    Total: 1980 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 0

    The Saurus don't really feel like they 'fit' with the list, but the models come free with the carnosaurs (the cold ones are so derpy that I'd have to go and get some Dark Elf models to use them, which is an extra expense I'd rather avoid). I've always loved the big stompy monster aspect of lizardmen (as you might have guessed), so wanted to include at least one of each of the monster kits (sans dread saurian - for now). My local gaming group is fairly competitive but I'm not gonna be taking the list to tournaments or anything.

    One option I was considering was dropping the Saurus down to 20, modelling a Balewind Vortex for Kroak and swapping the scar-vet to an oracle on a troglodon. Then sprinting that model into the enemy and repeatedly exploding - seemed like the obvious combo and would give me an extra 50pts for a burning head or something?

    I also noticed that I could take a Thunderquake host with only 1 additional unit, but have no clue if this would be worthwhile since I've never played Seraphon before.

    Anyway I appreciate any and all help! hope it's not too much of a lost cause :turtle:
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  2. Tyranitar

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    Hey, welcome back! So there's a lot going on in the coming weeks, both with kroak getting a new warscroll in the broken realms Kragnos book and an entirely new edition of rules on the way in a few short weeks. The good news is that at least with the rules leaks we've seen so far it sounds like thunder lizard might become more viable so that's good for you. I think for now I'd recommend building and painting up some of your big dinos like the stegs and bastiladon and hold off until the dust settles so to speak to see what direction you should go.

    If you don't plan to start with the new edition rules right away, let us know and we can talk about what you have!
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