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TOW Drop rocks and lone characters

Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by Slynt, Mar 25, 2024.

  1. Slynt
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    Would a terradon be able to drop rocks on a lone character that would normally be protected from shooting? The "targeting" of the ability happens based on movement and not during the shooting phase. However, the rule does say unit and not model or character. Not sure if a lone character is considered a unit of one model in the skirmish formation.

    I'm leaning no, otherwise it would be an easy way to circumvent the lone character targeting rules.

    Side note: I'm really excited to have found this forum. I "played" Warhammer 20+ years ago as a teenager and am really exited for the old world. It's been a blast to read all the discussion here.
  2. BeardedLizard

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    Targeting Lone Characters
    "A Lone character cannot be targeted by enemy shooting or by enemy spells whilst it is within 3" of a friendly unit (that is not itself fleeing) that contains five or more models of the same troop type as the character (i.e., ‘infantry’ or ‘cavalry’), unless the Lone character is the closest target."

    Drop Rocks
    "Once per game, a unit with this special rule may perform a ‘Drop Rocks’ attack against a single enemy unit that is not engaged in combat. To do so, this unit must move (by flying) over the unit it wishes to attack during the Remaining Moves sub-phase. Once this unit’s movement is complete, the enemy unit suffers D3 Strength 4 hits, each with an AP of -, for each model in this unit that moved over it."

    So targeting lone characters only applies to enemy shooting and enemy spells. 'Drop rocks' attack happens in the movement phase and it's not a shooting attack or a spell. RAW you should be able to drop rocks on lone characters. Hard to say what the intent is between these rules so once again FAQ is probably needed. Worth saying that our local playgroup allows targeting lone characters with drop rocks since it's easy to counter by just joining a unit.
  3. Kalisto

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    I never ever had problem just saying… if I fly upon you I am the nearest unit anyway so even if within 3” you can still target him

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