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Let's Get Motivated - August 2021

Discussion in 'Painting and Converting' started by Imrahil, Aug 3, 2021.

  1. Explodingzeb

    Explodingzeb Well-Known Member

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    My goals for this month were:
    • Paint and base my Woogity Saurus cowboy. NOT DONE :(
    • Transfer my Citadel paints into dropper bottles. DONE
    • Build my new shelf unit for my hobby area and reorganise all my hobby stuff. DONE
    • Build 2 new paint racks that I'm getting for my birthday, and organise my paints. DONE
    • Make magnetic storage boxes for my minis and attach magnets to the bases of all my painted minis. DONE
    • If I have time, clean and prime some Temple Guard or some more Star Wars minis. DONE

    For the first time this year I have failed to paint a model all month :(. I made a start on painting my cowboy, then got too busy to continue for a while and focused on all the other hobby stuff I needed to do. I tried to pick it back up the last couple of days and have made a little painting progress but I feel out of my painting groove at the moment.
    Outside of painting it has been a relatively productive month. My hobby area is looking nice and organised now and my painted models are all safely stored in their magnetic boxes. I have also built 40 Temple Guard (so many spikes, all with mold lines on them :mad:), 2 TG unit filler bases and another 34 Star Wars models, as well as priming the TG unit.

    Hopefully September will be better painting wise.
  2. Ryanj4043
    Cold One

    Ryanj4043 Well-Known Member

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    So i was very busy and my paints have not been out. I think i managed to wrap up the knight of santiago i had but that was it.
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  3. Y'ttar Scaletail

    Y'ttar Scaletail Well-Known Member

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    Model of the Month: Grey Knight (1 V.V.P.s) - Completed!
    3 Grimghast Reapers (3 V.V.P.s) - Completed!
    Reikenor the Grimhailer (2 V.V.P.s) - Completed!

    Taddeus the Purifier (5 V.V.P.s) -
    Guardian of Souls (5 V.V.P.s) -
    10 Classic Dwarf Thunderers (20 V.V.P.s) - One Completed!
    4 Negavolt Cultists (8 V.V.P.s) - Completed!
    20 Chainrasps (40 V.V.P.s) - 14 Completed!
    Model of the Month: Grey Knight (2 V.V.P.s) - Completed!

    Some progress made. :p
    Spent way too long umming and ahing to do the Grey Knight's power blade as well as the one Dwarf's slashed puffy sleeves.
    Will update my painting log with pics soon.
  4. the dark wanderer

    the dark wanderer Active Member

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    I was able to do the assembly of the model, the primer and the first coat of paint. The "rest" will follow in September.
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