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8th Ed. Lizardmen vs Warriors of Chaos

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Sgiusini, Apr 22, 2023.

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    Once more fighting the servants of the Dark gods.
    2500 points

    Slann lore of light, channeling staff, reroll dispel and channel 3 dice abilities, BSB, banner of discipline;
    Skink priest lore of Beasts, level 2, Stegadon sharpened horns, Dispell scroll;
    Stegadon sharpened horns;
    30 Saurus spears full command;
    24 skink cohorts and 3 kroxigors;
    28 Temple Guard full command;
    10 chameleon Skinks;
    Troglodon (yeah… )

    Warriors of Chaos (don’t know exactly the list):
    Kolek suneater (huge miniature)
    Sorcerer Lord, level 4, tzeench, ward 3+, lore of metal, mounted;
    Chaos hero, BSB, Sword of striking, ward 4+, some poison ability, a multi-wound ability, daemonic mount;
    11 Chaos Knights full command
    30 Warriors double hand weapons
    5 chosen halberds
    6 Marauder horsemen light armor and Shields

    Lizardmen turn 1
    Movement: chameleons move to shoot
    Magic: poor casting, a few hits from Shems Burning gaze On Kolek, no wounds.

    Chaos turn 1
    Movement: units Advance full speed, 1 Marauder dies from dangerous terrain
    Magic: tried to Final Transmutate the skink Cohorts, dispelled

    Lizardmen turn 2
    Movement: move backwards with infantry, moving forward with monsters.
    Magic: cast The Speed of Light On Skinks
    Shooting: missed every shot

    Chaos turn 2:
    Movement: advancing to charge next Round
    Magic: debuf On skink cohorts (-1 WS and -1 armor save)

    Lizardmen turn 3:
    Movement: stegadon charges Warriors, skink cohorts charges Chaos Knights and characters;
    Magic: failed everything;
    Shooting: missed every shot;
    Close combat: stegadon killed 7 Chaos Warriors (impact hits, attacks and Thunderstomp), break and fled, chosen fled also. Chaos BSB killed Three Kroxigors, Knights and sorcerer killed Three Skinks. Cohorts hold.

    Chaos turn 3:
    Movement: Chaos Warriors flee through Kolek and chameleon (3 died from dangerous terrain), chosen rallied, marauders charges cohorts.
    Magic: -1 WS and -1 armor save On cohorts
    Close combat: Knights and marauders obliterate skink cohorts.

    Lizardmen turn 4:
    Movement: Saurus charge chosen, stegadon charge Kolek and fails, Temple Guard charged Kolek, ancient stefadon charged Knights, troglodon move the charge next turn, chameleon move to shoot warriors
    Magic: The Speed Of Light cast On every friendly unit within 12”
    Shoot: 2 Warriors dies from poisoned blowpipes,
    Close combat: ancient stegadon impact hits kills BSB, normal attacks kills 2 Knights, Knights causes 2 wounds back, unit hold. Chosen kills 3 Saurus Warriors, saurus Warriors kills 2 chosen, unit breaks, saurus pursue and destroy them. Temple Guard causes 3 damage On Kolek, suffers 5 casualties back. Resolution Temple Guard 3 wounds, charge, 3 ranks, 2 kinds of banner, Kolek flees and is overrun.

    After that, my opponent asked for hand shake, the loss of Kolek made him sad.
  2. Sgiusini

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    Pictures of the combat.

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