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AoS Realmshaper ejector seat

Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by Dice42, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. Dice42
    Jungle Swarm

    Dice42 New Member

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    SO. with enemies being able to garrison in our terrain piece I've found a few issues that I haven't been able to figure out. so here's some hypotheticals.

    1. my enemy sticks 20 pink horrors in the temple. they are under the 20 wound cap. I then kill a pink horror causing it to split into 2 blue horrors. This makes them no longer fit inside of the 20 wound cap. What happens to the unit? do they not get the extra horror? or does the unit of pinks pop out of the temple?

    2. If the units get ejected what happens if it was 2 units and i took out a pink on each unit from a single spell. do they both get booted? or does one get to stay?

    3. How does this work with the Nurgle spell that adds one to the wounds characteristic for the turn? or if a megaboss gaining 1 to its wound characteristic puts the total in the garrison over 20
    Anybody got input on these?
  2. Erta Wanderer

    Erta Wanderer Well-Known Member

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    mostly speculation but lets see what we can do
    1: 2 possibilities one it would be ejected having to leave the garasen(the most likly) or as the realm shaper counts as the unit the blues are put next to the ream shapers base
    2: one would be ejected the other would stay
    3:same as before same with healing if it goes over 20 i would think it would get kicked out
    but over all we don't know GW didn't think of it when they made the rule
  3. ThePhilosopherX

    ThePhilosopherX Active Member

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    Ah, more questions for another FAQ. There seems to be a lot of things they didn't cover that we still want clarification about.
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  4. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    Yes, it's hard to judge but the terrain got limitations for the number of models / wounds.
    As a rule of thumb, IMO in any moment a unit exceeds those requirements, it's kicked out.

    Otherwise you could place a depleted saurus unit into it and then heal them back with the lifeswarm.
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  5. Grotpunter

    Grotpunter Well-Known Member

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    The 20 wounds is a hard cap, so it certainly wont ever be possible to fit more inside.

    My personal take:
    The extra generated wounds/models wouldnt just sit around outside the piece but within 1" for coherency. Either the whole unit is inside the terrain in garrison, or it is not. I personally doubt it will be "booted out" of the piece. I think you simply cant bring more models than the maximum 20 wounds cap allow - So 20 Pinks will become 20 Blue. The remaining 20 Blue will be counted as slain. Same with the Nurgle spell - The extra wounds wont apply, or each wound that goes above the 20 wound hard cap will result in slain models, until the unit has 20 wounds.

    I dont know, the questions are good and really iffy. Would certainly require an official FAQ. These situations are so rare to occur, so I doubt we will get any official response anytime soon.

    Maybe we should make a thread and compile strange interactions to send in an email to the FAQ team a couple of months down the line. It is really unfortunate that our release happened at the same time as this corona-virus. No major events wont expose a lot of odd interactions, and in general a lot of people arent really playing warhammer, so many of the odd interactions simply wont appear during theorycrafting.
  6. Canas

    Canas Ninth Spawning

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    I'd assume you get to make the choice between either the surplus models being slain or being ejected. As that seems the most fair & least annoying. Plus, it stops a playing from accidently slaying his own unit if he at least has the choice (being ejected is big enough a punishment imho)

    Knowing GW though the entire unit probably gets slain just because that'd be the most annoying to deal with.
    Skink Chief

    ILKAIN Well-Known Member

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    it should follow standard garrison rules. just at an awkward time. excess models are slain as they cannot be "placed".

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