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KoW 1500 Point Salamander Tournament List

Discussion in 'Salamanders Army Lists' started by Lord Grok Of Xillaqua, May 1, 2016.

  1. Lord Grok Of Xillaqua

    Lord Grok Of Xillaqua Well-Known Member

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    Here's a list I'm taking to a small tournament within a week or so, any feedback or suggestions are welcome. :)

    40 Salamander Primes with Brew of Sharpness = 275pts

    20 Salamander Ancients with Blessing of the Gods = 195pts

    10 Gekkotah Hunters with Chameleon Cloaks = 110pts x 2
    5 Kaisenor Lancers with Diadem of Dragon-Kind = 140pts

    1 Ankylodon Battle Platform with Blowpipes = 250pts

    1 Mage Priest with Banechant + Heal + Inspiring Talisman = 140pts
    1 Clan Lord on Fire Drake with Medallion of Life = 270pts

    Total: 1490pts
  2. Tecuani

    Tecuani Member

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    Do you know what scenarios you'll be playing? While the differences between them are quite subtle at first glance, they end up making a big difference to the eventual game.

    I'd suggest trying to increase your unit count a little. In the 'Pillage' or 'Kill and Pillage' scenarios, you're looking at 5-7 objectives at wide spaces, and seven is quickly going to feel thin once you start suffering attrition. Also bear in mind, a lot of those units aren't ones you want to be devoting to holding an objective. Similarly, in Loot you may have problems effectively contesting the loot counters.
    While the other scenarios lack objective counters, you're still liable to struggle against being outmanouvered by a more numerous opponent. Flank charges really hurt, and while a hordes has a big nerve value it's also a very big target, so it's easy for several units to concentrate force against it, and there's always a risk of a lucky nerve roll that can leave one of your units wavered or routed.

    Overall, I'd recommend trimming a lot of the extras and magic items and possibly removing one of the more expensive units to fit in more medium cost units. In particular regard to the mage-priest, since you can only use one spell a turn it's rarely worth paying the points for multiple additional spells-you gain some flexibility, but you should think hard about how often you'll actually be using them instead of fireball.
  3. classicflava
    Cold One

    classicflava Active Member

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    yeah most magic items are added in after you fill your list with units. There some that i autoinclude such potion of the caterpillar on big cav units. I also think the medalion of life is a must take on the fire drake
  4. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Stranded Ghekkotah Staff Member

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    What I see here is that you don't have much units, that could be a problem in some scenarios. Also you seem to have a lot of anvils but I can't really see any clear hammer.

    I would ditch the brew of sharpness here, its a bit too much for me, this unit should be a tarpit, and it has enough hitting power already to perform its duty.

    I actually like this unit as it is, Blessing combines really well with the +3 to hit.

    I like the ghekkos, no objection. Just think about this with the kaisenor lancers, they don't have nimble so having the Diadem in a not so mobile unit I don't think is a good idea. Also you are going to want this guys doing flank charges, and if you have too choose between charging or shooting you are going to end up shooting. What I would do is use the 140 points plus the 45 points from the Brew of sharpness to buy a regiment of Ancients on Rhinosaurs. They are just too good, and also they combo really well with the ghekkotah hunters, as they move the same you can use one of the troops to shield them.

    Love him, Can't say anything bad about it really. Combined with Heal is just inmortal.

    The choice here is between combat power and versatility, because you can choose to change the Lord on Drake for two Skylords. Having the skylords will benefit you a lot in the pillage and loot scenarios and using them as a team can really pack a punch. But the Lord on drake is just too good not to think about him, hard choice really.

    Also prefer the Ensorcelled Armour rather than the Medallion, but It's just a matter of personal preference really, both are equally good.

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