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AoS 1500 vs SCE

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Nart, Jul 15, 2018.

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    I was going to use the list against death, but we never managed to play, and the death player left the town for a week, so the first one to test my list against was our Stormcast Eternal.

    I had:

    Slann, Vast Intellect, Rectrices
    ScarVet on Carno with Miasmic Blade
    3x5 Knights with Lances
    Balewind Vortex
    Firelance Starhost

    I don't clearly remember his units' names:

    Lord Celestant on Dracoth
    2x5 Liberators
    5 Paladins
    5 Guys with Spears
    10 winged guys with bows
    Battalion that lets them deepstrike

    Mission: shifting objectives, Realm: Hysh, RSF: -1 to-hit for units in landscape. We used Battle Strategies too

    He chose the side with several rocks and a small house, while I got small forest and house with couple of fields (considered cover too). He decides not to field the whole battalion, so in the end I set up first. I place slann and astro on left flank close to my table edge in the field and surround them with knights. Bastiladon in a graveyard in front of them to stay in aura. I split firelance - 1 unit in field to protect slann, 1 unit in forest and another on far right on a hill. Carno is near a forest too as well as Starpriest who is ready to be Vassal.

    First turrn is mine, constellation is +1 to cast, main objective is left from my my side - near a chapel. I teleport Knights protecting Slann to that objective, casting curse of fates and summon starlight on them beforehand. I summon balewind and spend 2 cast for 6 conjuration points. Bearer plants Astrolith.Movement: both knight units march to take objective - near a tree in the center and near a chaos monument on right flank. Carno follows them, hiding in a forest. Starpriest stays near Carno, but since Slann has +14 spell range, Vassal is no longer important. I summon 10 skinks to screen slann and astro. That's a turn, +5 VP to me.

    SCE player does minor movement to the center, fearing my charge (a critical mistake). 10 flying bowmen comes out of reserves near skinks to shoot something. He decides to take out bastiladon and does 4 wouds (2 failed saves out of 4, and we forgot about -1 to-hit in terrain). He does some battle strategies (there were so many and they mostly were similar, so I can't remeber much about them) and that's a turn.

    Turn 2. Main objective in center. I lose initiative roll and SCE got double turn! Some more minor movement - SCE run and only 1 liberator unit moves to charge range which it eventually fails. Bowmen shoot bastiladon (now with penalty), dealing 2 more wounds. They charge in hope of finishing it but fail. It kills a guy or two in return. We are alive!

    I heal bastiladon and deal some mortal wound with spells to shooter squad. I also cast Vengeful Illumination on them. Bastiladon melee and shooting + skinks kills about a half of winged guys. I score another 5 points, leading 10-0 now, and some points for battle strategies too. We roll-off for 3rd round and I win, so the game is basically over - he needs at least 2 turns to reach all objectives, and I will have at least 15 VP if stay on objectives. So I decide to make game a bit more interesting.

    I take turn and Knights on right flank and Carno goes forward and charge liberators and spear guys. I use ScarVet's command ability three times on Knights. Slann heals bastiladon to full and makes 9 conjuration points. I summon ScarVet on CO just in case - at least he is mobile. My charges are successful but I fail to do anything serious - kill or 2 spear guys and a couple of liberators. Not a single mortal wound from lances. Carno loses 7 wounds and one Knight too. 1 liberator piles in successfully and denies me point control, so only 14-0.

    Relictor deals another MW to him. Celestant and palladins joins the fight. Knights lose 2-3 more guys and Carno left with 1 wound, but I eat some models too. Winged shooters deal some wounds to bastiladon.

    Turn 3 and again SCE doubleturn! Carno is dead (at least managed to finish off liberators and fulfill battle strategy), knights are dead too. Celestant and liberators move to deal with knights.

    I don't do much - just sit on objectives and try to finish off flyers, but bastiladon rolls bad. Skinks are not a lot of help too. ScarVet moves in graveyard. Starpriest jumps on objective C that is near chaos pillar to fulfill battlestrategy.

    Turn 4. SCE win again. Paladins secure right flank objective. Bastiladon still can't kill 1.5 left winged bowmen and down to 3 wounds again. Celestant still moves to deal with Knights in middle with help of second liberators unit. They charge and wipe it, securing point.

    I'm tired of winged guys and kill them with magic, heal bastiladon and curse Celestant with -1 to-hit. Vengeful Illumination cast on central liberators. Skinks move closer, so do bastiladon. Total shooting and magic kills 3 liberators. Not very impressive.

    Turn 5. Celestant goes for starpriest. Celestant charges Priest but he suprisingly survive with 2 wounds left (some good 5+ saves from me and some good 1's to-wound from Celestant). Spearguys secure the center while left liberators desperately charge knights only to die doing nothing.

    My final turn. I'm already a winner besides losing 2 objectives - I did hold them enough to have points. I fail to cast vengeful illumination Celestant but I successfully cast banishment on him! I move him close to middle objective outside of cover. I summon second skinks unit for some more shooting. Knights and scarvet move to charge him too. Scarvet uses his CA. Shooting deal 4 wounds to Celestant, knigts charge him, but surround him, so scarvet cannot charge. I'm not concerned much about it - knights is enough. But it was a mistake - not a single mortal wound from lances and only 3 wounds total - he did save very good. So celestant with single wound just wipes knight squad and the game is over.

    I was a winner because how much points I've got in the beginning, but I feel I did bad in the end. Just got careless when felt victory in my grasp and lost a lot of units. I wasn't too lucky with dice in the end too.

    Main conclusions:
    - battlestrategies are nice, but not as good as Maelstrom in 40k. Too much objective-based missions and simple "wipe the unit". Still they add more deph to the game. I hope, GW will make objective cards - looking in the book when you need other pages too is not very convenitent;
    - Slann should be placed closer to midfield , so all his spells 100% in range and summoned units can join battle quick enough. The higher the risk - the higher the reward here, but I feel I could do more if I'd place him not in the very corncer of my territory:
    - 5 knights units are still lacking, though they've got better. Rerolls are very important for them. Thus COVets are better for Firelance, while Carno one can act on it's own;
    - I see SCE one of the harder match-ups for slann in this edition because they've got new magic defence and other powerful abilities. A lot of save were made against my attacks and Seraphon still have no strong-anti armor means despite mortal wounds that can be negated with Lens;
    - new magic is very important. Bastiladon lost something like 11 wounds through the game, but survived with constant healing. Thatnks to banishment I almost killed Celestant (got just a bit unlucky). Vengenful illumination is a great addition for bastiladon and skinks. Razordons and Salamanders will like it too;
    - realmscape features and unique command abilities\spells add more deph too. I even would like to see them on tournaments (besides Ghur - it is too "open" to be applied). They make armies to act differently depending on the situation and have more impact than I previously considered. Bastiladon left alive thanks to -1 to-hit in terrain.

    I need more games to see how Seraphon work in new edition besied EotG summon wave (I am not a fan of limiting single unit and feel it will be got nerfed anyway). I'm preparing to another 2000 points tournament and want to see how MS and RSF will be applied there if at all.
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    Good report, thanks!

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