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AoS 1500pt narrative tournament

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by JimbobbyG, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. JimbobbyG

    JimbobbyG New Member

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    Hi guys, going to a narrative down in Kent...the idea is to take one battalion from your army roughly weighing in at 1500pts...I’ve found most of the seraphon battalions cost up to about 1000pts...so cheekily I’m thinking of taking the Dracothions Tail which allows you to squeeze in an extra battalion or additional units...

    This is what I’m thinking, do you think this is the best use of points, have to take the cavalary as tax, just thinking shadowstrike would be a better choice than the eternal...and the dreads coming along for some added bite

    Slaan 260
    Scar vet on cold one 100
    Saurus cav 3x5 ;300
    Starpriest 80
    Skinks x40 ;200
    Camo 120
    Rippers 140
    Dread 380

    Totalling 1580 (should really drop the skinks down a bit)

    Thanks for any advice in advance..

    (Battalion costs are free btw)

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