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AoS 1500pts Seraphon vs Celestant on Stardrake with friends

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by TheRedLizard, Jan 14, 2020.

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    I am facing SCE this weekend in a 1500pt game and absolutely bricking it. I know.my opponent is taking a celestant on stardrake and that's it.

    The drake's mortal wounds could take out my Slann as early as turn 3 and it seems so tank that I wont be able to kill it without losing half my army.

    We dont play with realm rules just yet so no ignax's scales

    I am planning on running a DT with:

    Slann (Stellar Tempest, GR)+ BWV + incandescent recticies
    Starpriest (Meteoric convocation) + light of dracothian

    20 Skinks

    Scar-vet on coldone + coronal shield
    2x5 knights
    1x10 knights

    In addition I have access to

    10 more skinks
    6 skink handlers
    3 razordons
    1 bastiladon
    1 carno (scar vet/old one)
    1 troglodon
    36 saurus
    10 saurus guard

    Any ideas how I can improve the list?
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