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AoS 2000 pt Saurus list

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Ziszou, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Ziszou
    Jungle Swarm

    Ziszou New Member

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    Hi there,

    Trying to find a good seraphon list and I really like saurus and dinosaurs. Partially this is trying to make a cheap list (2 sc boxes +eternity warden, guards and sun blood. Convert saurus on cold one and priest from the sc boxes) but also want something fun to paint and effective.

    General idea is that the oldblood on carno command ability buffs my large amount of melee leaders.

    Not sure about artifacts or command abilities yet. I'd love some feeeback if this is the right direction:


    1x eternity warden
    1x skink priest
    1x saurus sunblood
    1x oldblood on carno (general)
    1x scar vet on carno
    1x scar vet on cold one


    5x saurus guard (3 units)
    5x saurus knights (3 units)
    20x saurus warriors

    Eternal Starhost
    Firelance starhost
  2. Antonino
    Jungle Swarm

    Antonino New Member

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    Hi captain Ziszou, I will use this post to ask for advice about a 2000 points saurus list so...2 birds with one stone

    I hope I can help with your artifacts choice: you want to buff your saurus fancy band right? Basically, you want to make your Oldlbood as tough as possible, so you can make the most of your command ability, in that case, I suggest:

    Seraphon alliance: Thicky scaled hide and Coronal shield
    Order alliance: Master of defense and Phoenix stone

    Friendly tips: use the other Scar vet on carno like a meat shield during the shooting phase, in a similar list I've used a troglodon in the same way.
    Friendly tips 2: Eternal starhost was convenient in the general handbook 2016 with 80 point cost, temple guard suffer the mortal wounds: I've lost in a turn 15 saurus guards against a Lord Castellan and five retributors, is more convenient on the paper than on the field, save 130 points so you can buy a unit of Terradon and with 1990/2000 list you can take a triumph.

    That's my list, can it work guys?

    1x saurus scar-veteran on Carnosaur (1st behemoth)
    1x sunblood (general)
    1x skink star priest
    1x skink chameleon stalker

    15x saurus guard (3 units)

    3X ripperdactyl
    3x razodorns (1st artillery)
    3x skink handlers
    4x salamanders (2nd artillery)
    10x chameleon skinks (2 units)

    1x bastiladon (2nd behemoth)
    1x troglodon (3rd behemoth)

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