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AoS 2000 pts Thunderquake, 2 versions

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by PieterPieter, Jan 17, 2020.

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    I'm going to play a game this evening and haven't decided which of these two lists to play. Sorry for the clumsy formatting, writing this on my phone.

    They both have:
    Astrolith Bearer
    Engine of the Gods
    2x Bastiladon (Solar Engine)
    3x Razordon with a unit of handlers

    Thunderquake Starhost
    Chronomatic Cogs

    The difference:
    V1 has 2x 10 skinks, 1x40 skinks
    V2 has 2x 20 skinks, 1x10 skinks and Balewind Vortex + Prismatic Pallisade

    I'm playing against a friend who will probably try to snipe the Slann. My plan is to do some summoning and to keep the Slann alive.

    V2 feels kind of cheesy, but could be more effective. The trade of is 20 skinks in the beginning vs protection and an extra spell.

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