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9th Age 2500 pt SA vs KoE

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by protector, May 9, 2016.

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    Well I have a rather sad tale to tell about a battle I had last week, I have been playing 9th Age for a while and have found it to be quite fun and enjoyable while balanced overall for competitive play which is a must for me. This game I played KoE and my opponent used my favored Saurian army, he is enamored with saurus and you will see in his list the effects, overall I thought we brought pretty decent lists although his could have been much more optimized. It was also my first time playing KoW (As a side note I used my painted VC to play as KoE and it worked really well for model substitutes, everything had a very easy to see and remember role).

    I will just go over lists briefly instead of the full details

    My KoE list:
    2x Dukes
    1x Hero
    1x Castellan
    15x KotR
    10x Brigands
    40x Peasants
    8x Grail Knights
    20x Knights Forlorn (Loved these guys)
    20x Crusaders (frenzied peasants guys)
    4x Pegasus Knights
    1x Green Knight

    His SA list
    1x Warlord on carno
    1x Hero Saurus BSB on foot
    1x Priest
    1x Chief on Ancient w/Engine
    1x Chief on Ramphodon
    35x Warriors Serpent
    35x Warriors Serpent
    1x Stygiosaur
    1x Thyroscutus (sun)
    4x Ramphodon Riders
    3x Spearbacks

    So deployment went fairly well for me, he misplaced his carno across my forlorn knights because he forgot they did MW against large targets, and we pretty much ended up with knight units lined up against warriors and pegs against ramphodons.

    I won first turn and moved into position cutting off a lot of flanking options for him and lining up a peg flank on one side and a green knight flank on the other. He went then and moved up a small amount to bait a charge with my knights but left it a long shot for my infantry units, he maneuvered his ramphs and/or carno to block my pegs, he was really trying to get the ramphs into my forlorn knights with the toad on them. On the other flank he moved the Styg and Thyr up to threaten the green knight, with his magic missiles I did not hold much hope for my knight to last the turn, and the spearbacks moved up some to fire at my grails.

    This is where things went south for him, he rolled 5,2 for magic and got his sunbeam thing off but only caused a single wound on my green knight, then with 5 dice he failed to cast the upgraded redwood shaft allowing my green knight a shot at his spearbacks next turn.

    My turn 2, things are now going to get massively ugly, and let me point out that he did not have any redirectors in his list because the entire game plan was to have the enemy crash into the saurus and set up flank charges from the monsters, it was not a bad game plan. I in true knight fashion charged with literally every unit I had on the board, and needing only below average rolls for all my non infantry units made it easily with them, and my peasants made a roll of a 9 to hit a unit or warriors with my grail knights, and my forlorn hit his carno. So from left to right the match ups were as such

    Carno – Knights Forlorn
    Ramphs – Pegs
    35x Warriors – 15x KotR
    35x Warriors – 8x Grails, 40 Pezzies
    2x Spearbacks – Green Knight (he couldn’t flee because I would have flanked his warrior unit)

    So I engaged everything except a spearback and his two monsters in the back.

    I decided to fight from right to left, the green knight demolished a spearback and pursued an inch away from the Styg. The grails killed 10 saurus and lost 1 of their own, due to pezzie ranks they broke the saurus, ran them down and pursued into the taurosaur. The KotR killed 9 saurus and lost 2 of their own, warriors were steadfast so held (although with no relief in sight and my frenzied unit with ranks next turn they were not in a good position). Pegs wiped out ramphs with 1 left, he had a chief and I had a duke, there was a lot of mutual destruction going on but I was just a lot better at defense. Carno did a lot of damage and killed 8 forlorn, but they hit back and killed him, 3 wounds turned into 6.

    At this point he conceded the game and we had a good talk about what needed to go differently, I will say that the dice were very cruel to him, it wasn’t the whole story but he certainly didn’t get much help from them. I was actually very surprised on how everything went down, I thought the match ups with the exception of the carno was pretty fair and his initial game plan wasn’t flawed. He brought his best CC units that he could and tried to have them stick, but couldn’t swing it, and in every combat my units of similar cost and build outperformed his by far. Yes KoE is built to deal out damage on a charge, but I also ran the numbers and I would have ground him down as well, the difference of a 2+/6+ vs a 5+ is just too much to overcome.

    Pegs outmaneuver ramphs and can hit harder and defend better, great unit to have, green knight is more of a glass cannon against magic missiles but a serious threat to chaff and support monsters. Grail knights are sick, just wow they can really hurt and are hard to kill, and man I loved forlorn knights, overall I thought the KoE army was fun and varied. I was shocked at how brutal the fight ended and very disappointed in the SA performance, I’m not a fan of double fleeing and avoidance lists, I would prefer to not field skinks in core, so this performance was very disheartening.

    Well off to another fight, the next one will be VC against Ogres this coming Sunday, I will try to get pics for it this time.
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    Thanks for the report! I am a fan of both the Lizardmen and the old Bretonnian knights, so it was an interesting read to see who won. I am surprised it was the noble knights! It must have been a glorious charge to see, and I am glad it went well for you! Please post pictures if you have them, I will be looking forwards to future reports!

    I am curious, do the Knights of Equittane fight in the old style from the Bret book, as in ranks made up of three knights apiece?

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