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9th Age 2k first game of 9th

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by sotek1tepok11, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. sotek1tepok11
    Jungle Swarm

    sotek1tepok11 New Member

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    Hey fellow lizard dudes! I'm playing my 1st game of 9th in a few hours, was hoping for some input on my list. I know it's not great at all I just really want to use my painted stuff. Here goes...

    Cuatl Lord with ancient knowledge
    Warlord with blade of strife and armor of Destiny
    30 saurus with spears full command and fight in extra rank
    30 saurus with full command and fight in extra rank
    20 temple guard with full command and triple match banner
    Ancient taurosaur sharp horns ancient and blowpipes
    The spearback was just filler I did not know where to dump the 60 pts that rings in at 1995 and thoughts?
  2. Lawot

    Lawot Active Member

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    Hey there,
    How did the match go? I'm curious how the three big combat blocks did.

    I generally don't leave home without a few redirectors - either Swarms or Skinks. They help your blocks pick amd choose their fights. Spears and Serpent Totem on 30 Saurus looks like overkill - by the time they get to fight, odds are they won't have enough ranks to take advantage of it.
    That said, I've never seen a list quite like this, so maybe all bets are off!

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