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AoS 500 pts vs Sylvaneth

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Solimbar, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Solimbar

    Solimbar Member

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    I am still trying to learn the game and what better way to learn than by playing it. For our upcoming campaign I fielded this:

    Scar-Vet on Cold One
    Skink Chief

    10 Saurus Guard
    5 Saurus Knights with Lances​

    My opponent (also new to the game, in fact we started together) chose the following Sylvaneth:

    Branchwych (knows a Healing Spell)

    10 Tree Revenants
    3 Kournos Hunters with Greatbows​


    The Sylvaneth deployed first and fielded the Hunters in cover in the middle close to the Branchwych, while the Revenants are fielded behind the Hunters.
    I place my guard with the chief in cover and the knights with the scar-vet out of line of sight behind a hill.

    Turn 1:
    The Sylvaneth start by shooting into my guard, killing one. The Hunters also get the Mystic Shield, just in case.
    I advance, keeping the guard in cover, while the knights march over the hill. The scar-vet commands a savage charge (there is nothing in range now).

    Turn 2:
    The Sylvaneth keep their initiative and the wych buffs the revenants with both Mystic Shield and the "ignore battleshock" command. Then the revenants teleport behind the knights. The Hunters also target the knights, kill one and wound another right before the revenants charge to prevent the knights from advancing (which is successful thanks to their reroll ability). Lucky for the angy tree spirits they are very successful at hitting and wounding my knights. Even more lucky for me, only the scar-vet looses one wound. While the knights and especially the Cold Ones manage to kill some revenants, it is not enough and the unit plus vet stay where they are.
    In my turn the guard marches towards the Hunters, while the knights and vet kill some revenants but still don't manage to get free.

    Turn 3:
    Now I get the initiative and I use it to charge the Hunters with my guard, the skink priest staying a little bit behind (failed charge, but still within 8"). The knights finally get rid of the last revenants. The guard manages to wound one of the Hunters (5 wounds, rly?) and loose one in return.
    The Branchwych then casts her special spell and showers the skink with mortal wounds (6 6's out of 8 dice) while the guard looses 3 members. The Hunters as well as the guard cause no further damage this turn.

    Turn 4:
    The Branchwych tries but fails at healing the wounded Hunter. The Hunters kill three more guards and get some more wounds in return (this time on another model). However, the knights and the vet finally charge into the treeline, causing some, but not enough wounds, while also loosing one of theirs. Now the guard again has someone to protect.
    At this point the Sylvaneth seemed to have lost interest in hitting me, while the Seraphon brought down two of the Hunters.

    Turn 5:
    The Branchwych falls to the swings of the enraged vet, while the knights as well as the guard handle the last Hunter.


    So, what do you think? Did we make any gross mistakes? Sorry that there are no photos, but we used a lot of proxie models anyway.
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  2. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Guardian of Paints Staff Member

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    Good report, when playing guards always try to get Mystic shield on them so you may be better playing a Starpriest rather than priest, keep them in cover if possible for +2 save if you can play a Starpriest and Priest you can give units Mystic shield and Celestrial rights so your guard would have +2 save rerolling 1's.

    With the Hunter's range they should never be in combat, your opponent should have moved back each turn but just keeping them in range, I think it's 30in range on the bows that is a massive advantage.
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  3. Bowser

    Bowser Third Spawning

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    Sounds like a pretty good trial game! @Crowsfoot is correct, his hunters should not have made it to combat, but learning curve, so now next time he should be able to take a few more f your guard from a safe distance!

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