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KoW Abyssals vs Salamanders [Ransack - 1500]

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Itepixcauh, Oct 31, 2017.

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    This is it, the final game for our past local league, the player in front of me was sitting at the top spot, undefeated, and had been there since the very beginning with the highest attrition score of the whole league. So i knew it wasn't going to be pleasant.

    The list he took was the following (Can't remember any of the objects he took, sorry. This was in June)

    - 2 Hordes of Tortured Souls
    - Regiment of Abyssal Horsemen
    - Troop of Flamebearers
    - 2 Troops of Gargoyles
    - Troop of Hellhounds
    - Efreet
    - Abyssal Champion with wings and Lightning Bolt

    I took my usual list, no changes but for those of you new here, it goes like this:

    - Horde of FE with Wine of the Elvenkind
    - Horde of FE with Brew of Haste
    - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaur with Blood of the Old King
    - Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers with Pathfinder
    - 2 Lekelidons
    - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring Talisman
    - Skylord


    I decided to play the scenario hard and deployed the whole of my army in the right flank where the two 3 points tokens were, also denying the flank to his faster flying units.

    He went hard in the middle, nothing special really.



    He advanced hard on the left and slowly on the right, careful to position himself in a good position for later turns.



    I moved slowly positioning the lekelidons in front of my FE to shiled them and position the other Horde so if they get charged by the TS the charge would be hindered. The Ancients take the right flank and are ready to move into position next turn.

    I can shoot the Lekelidons into the Gargoyles and I do routing them and getting rid of a very annoying chaff unit.



    He charges the Hellhounds into one Lekelidon chaffing my FE in the process and positions both TS Hordes on the centre for an alpha strike on my forces while the other gargoyles try to flank me and his efrets moves into range and shoots my other Lekelidon into oblivion.

    The Hellhounds do their job and kill the other Lekelidon.



    Almost all my chaff is dead and my main combat Hordes are chaffed themselves, so not a very good position, still I know I can take those Hellhounds out easily and still resist the charge next turn with fresh units. So I charge the hounds with my Lancers and one FE horde. I move the Ancients onto the hill and chaff them using my Skylord (I later realised I positioned the skylord badly leaving space for a multi-charge, damn flyers) to prevent a multi-charge next turn on them.

    Combat goes as predicted and the hellhounds are killed. I back up the lancers so a charge against them would be hindered.



    You see? now i realise of my tragic mistake, positioning the skylord in the middle of the Ancients frontage there is space at either side for units to fit, If I had positioned him flush with one side only one of his hordes would have been able to contact them. His champion hits my Skylord, the gargoyles the flank of the Lancers and his Horsemen my FE.

    With his Efreet he shoots my poor Herald and blows him away (he had line of sight despite of what the image shows, I'm reproducing the movements as well as I can from the top of my head)

    The two combined TS Hordes vaporise my poor Ancients, the Champion I think he didn't manage to do any wounds to my Skylord and the Horsemen do some wounds but not enough. The gargoyles do bad too and only manage a couple of wounds. He repositions the two TS Hordes facing my FE.



    I take the easy decisions first and counter the gargoyles with my Lancers, and multi-charge his Horsemen with both FE units as I need them gone if I want a slight chance of winning this.

    I don't remember what I did exactly with my Skylord but I know that that Flamebearer troop is killed this turn so the only option is I decided to shoot them instead of charging the Champion.

    Luckyly I don't roll double ones or have a horrid roll on the combats and my three units reform to face the TS Hordes, one is fresh and I know it can hold a charge but the other FE unit is wounded and I'm not sure i can. We will see.



    His TS Hordes charge both of my FE hordes, the Champion charges my Skylord again and the Efreet moves to shoot my Mage-Priest I believe.

    Shooting does nothing relevant but combat does an my hordes have 11 and 10 wounds (he did 10 wounds to a fresh Horde with an amazing roll)respectively before the Nerve rolls are made, with Nerve -/17 I'm not in a very good position and can loose both Hordes and the game but his nerve rolls are bad and BOTH hordes survive. The champion does some wounds but not much.



    Now is my turn to win this game once and for all, I have his Flying hordes like a sitting duck and my three combat units in line for a charge, so I take it. I countercharge into the right horde and multi-charge my FE and Lancers into the left one as well as charging his champion with my Skylord this time.

    My Mage-Priest can see the Efreet and throws a Fireball in his face, taking him out with a great Nerve roll.

    Combat on the left goes great taking the TS out, on the right I roll well and against all odds I kill the other TS horde too.

    The duel between the Champion and the Skylord goes really well and with a ridiculous roll on the Nerve I rout his last unit and win the game.



    The last flames on the evil fiends body start to burn out as the sun rays open their way between the fumes and clouds of The Abyss shinning on the tired Salamander soldiers, a sign of hope inside the open wound of Mantica.

    The thirst for revenge satisfied and the menace of the Abyss driven back into it's hole, Itepixcauh is satisfied.

    It turns out you can fight fire with fire after all.
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  2. Crowsfoot

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    Excellent and nice to see you back
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  3. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Stranded Ghekkotah Staff Member

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    Thank you man! It has been an nightmare of a summer but I'm finally back to my feet.

    Make sure to check the other report against Abyssals I uploaded.

    Next one is going to be Elves in a couple of days, stay tuned!
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