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AoS Acehilator's Batreps

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Acehilator, Nov 23, 2019.

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    So looks like my local GW store will be hosting 1k AoS tournaments once a month in the future. In the beginning it was not sure if it would be a regular thing, but interest is big enoug to make it feasible. Today was the second installment and the first time I took part. Took third place out of 10, working with custom scenarios that are kind of annoying to deal with. Store owner is open to changing it up in the future, gotta have a nice chat with him about that, lol.

    4x4 board, 24" neutral zone, simple rolloff to determine who goes first, 3" control range for objectives, 40k style of control, can't leave an objective unattended - two objectives in round one, three objectives in round two, four objectives in round three of the tournament.

    I have played seven games of AoS prior to this, 1x Dwarves (prior to FC), 3x KO, 2x Slaneesh demons and 1x Dwarves (after FC release), Ogors and ID in a 4 player FFA, so all matchups were new to me.

    I brought a variation of @LizardWizard 's 1k list. Starpriest, 20 Skins with Javelins, 20 Skinks with Boltspitters, 6 Ripperdactyls, 3 Razordons.

    First game: vs Skaven - Clan Skyre
    1 Arch Warlock
    1 Warlock
    10 Skyre Acolytes
    3 Stormfiends
    2 Warpthrower Team
    Warp Lightning Cannon

    He put his Stormfiends in reserve, I took first turn, moved everything up, had horrible shooting and only killed one weapon team and two Acolytes (like wtf). Dropped Rippers, put one on the remaining Acolytes, one on the regular Warlock and four on the Cannon, killing everything with good rolls. His turn was rather bad, Arch Warlock didn't do much but survived melee with the Rippers, second weapon team killed some skinks and blew up, Stormfiends killed some more Skinks with shooting and didn't get the 9" charge.

    Second round, run away and start shooting the Stormfiends, Rippers kill the Arch Warlock. Stormfiends are all that is left, and whiff again under Starlight.

    Third round, move everything into range, shoot all the things, remaining four Rippers arrive and kill all Stormfiends, score 9:1

    Second game: vs Stormcast - too lazy to look up all the correct unit names, sorry :p
    1 Dude with Lantern + Hound
    1 Engineer (buffing Ballistas)
    2 Ballistas
    10 regular melee dudes
    2x 5 ranged dudes

    Opponent wins rolloff, gives me first turn. Move into range, trying to decimate his big melee block, horrible shooting, kill only one. Had a misunderstanding regarding the DS protection by the Hound, I was under the impression only one unit in range could shoot, but all units can shoot. Did not go back on my placement, AoS has too many armies to learn by reading, gotta learn by playing. Lost two Rippers to his shooting, he had the most insane saving throws I have seen in a long time, only killed four ranged guys, leaving one unit leader on one wound (who would proceed to kill about a dozen Skinks on his own). Only Ripper Alpha left after his turn, keeping his melee guys in place for one more turn. Ballistas + buff dude deepstrike in cover and start decimating my Skinks.

    Second round, score all three objectives again. Razordons whiff again, Ripper Alpha finally dies to the melee dudes. On his turn, shooting to kill almost all skinks, melee dudes make a 11" charge from his deployment zone to the center of the board, killing remaining few Skinks and my Starpriest.

    Third round, hold one objective with my Razordons before being obliterated, score 7:10

    Third game: vs Beasts of Chaos
    1 Beastlord
    1 Great Bray Shaman
    10 Ungors
    20 Gors
    2x 10 Bestigors
    3 Bullgors
    1 Ghorgon
    1 Herdstone

    Get first turn, move/LoSaT shooting into range (except Javelins obviously), killing some Bestigors. Rippers kill Ghorgon. His turn, Bullgors kill two Razordons, one unit of Bestigors only kills one Ripper losing seven in return, Beastlord fails a 5" charge. Gors come in on my side of the table, fail the 9" charge.

    Second round, giant flustercuck in the center of the board commences. Running away with Skinks, LoSaT surviving Razordon into a position to kill the remaining three Bestigors keeping my Rippers in place. Number of shots = two, no damage. Some ineffective shooting all over the place, really messed up my movement and targeting priorities here. Ripper overkill three remaining Bestigors. His turn, Ungor sacrifices + converting CP into summoning points brings him to 10 points, summoning new Ghorgon at his deployment zone, aiming at my Rippers. Moshpit starts in the center of board, 20 blob of Gors + 3 Bullgors + some Bestigors vs my 40 Skinks + Starpriest. Bullgors under Starlight and bad rolls for the Gors, Skinks escape almost unscathed. Beastlord charges in, kills one Ripper and survives the return swing (Toad not in range + pile-in troubles). Ghorgon fails the 9" charge.

    Third round, getting doubleturned. Center of the table remains a hot mess, not much happening. Ghorgon makes the charge, whiffs everything (lolz). Beastlord dies to Rippers, Ghorgon takes some damage. My turn, some more maneuvering and running away and shooting in the center, second Bestigor unit goes down. Kill last remaining Ungor (he sacrifices three each of his turns) with some Boltspitter potshots so he can't sacrifice it, lonely Razordon rolls well and kills the Shaman. Rippers kill the Ghorgon (again) with the help of a little friend *ribbit*

    Forth round, Bullgors finally mulch the Javelin Skinks. Boltspitter Skinks are completely disengaged guarding one objective and the unit of Gors tries to kill my Starpriest , but he only takes two wounds. My turn, LoSat Starpriest to safety. Take some more shots at Bullgors with Boltspitter Skinks + Razordon, four remaining Rippers arrive and wipe the Bullgors. Had to extrapolate the fifth round due to time constraints, but not that difficult with only one unit of Gors remaining. Score 9:7

    Learned a lot, had fun (nice people at my store luckily), had a decent result with 23 points (second place KO with 26, first place NH with 35). Would have brought more Boltspitters instead of Javelins. but did not know about the scenario rules beforehand sadly. Might switch them out in any case, not a big fan of putting the Javelins 8" away from strong melee units for just 1-2 additional unsaved wounds compared to Boltspitters. The killer squad of orange painted Rippers already had a reputation by people watching me play my previous games, everybody is in full on paranoia mode now lol (they only bounced twice so far, once against Dwarves, and today against SC).
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    I would suggest always taking the boltspitters over the jav. skinks are not there to do damage, but the plink from safety can be the difference between tying up units away from objectives for 1 turn, or 2 and in a 5 turn game that makes that unit 20-40% less effective.... which is HUGE in gaming.

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