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Allopex Conversion Advice

Discussion in 'Painting and Converting' started by Bandicoot, May 15, 2018.

  1. Bandicoot

    Bandicoot Active Member

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    Hey guys, so when I saw the Deepkin sharks I was praying they could align with the Seraphon because the only thing better than Dino’s are Dinosaurs and sharks. Alas, no allies for us. Instead I have decided to pick up an Allopex and mount some skinks on it. However, what should I turn it into? I was thinking about using some bastilodon bits to turn it into a proxy solardon. Ignoring the absurdity of a random air breathing shark I think it would work best as one of our behemoths. Any thoughts?
  2. Acrocanth
    Temple Guard

    Acrocanth Well-Known Member

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    I mean a troglodon might also be a fine choice? Aquatic and has a bellowing roar, claw attacks and poison that sharks are known for. Other option snake basti imagine the floating shark racing forward snake pouring off its fins and out its mouth! Mostly its up to you, have fun with your kit bash. :)

    PPS, Master of the skies with the tik tak to model on the back and skinks with javelins hanging off the side :p
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