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Any other Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players out there?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl, May 26, 2017.

  1. Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl

    Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl Well-Known Member

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    Nothing seems to be happening except rubbishy Hero's Journey events for Luke and Rey. Anakin was the true hero I feel - turning to the dark side but returning to the light in the same way.

    Still trying to promote my Rogue One characters. It's especially frustrating that the devs have removed the permanent Rogue One slot in the guild battle shipments, but shards for Director Krennic have been popping up lately so I've been getting them whenever I can.
  2. ravagekitteh

    ravagekitteh Well-Known Member

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    I got tired of our old Guild's lack of activity, so I've joined a new one. Rebels Alliance. Much more active and helpful, and with a higher level of playing. It has a 7 day no-play-then-kicked policy, but other than that, provided there's room you're all welcome

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