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Fiction Character Origins: Jekal

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Kcibrihp-Esurc, Jul 18, 2017.

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    First true piece in a while, I was re-reading my older pieces and found @spawning of Bob 's request for "Character Origins: Jekal" and decided that I have plenty of characters that could use Originsing- Here's the first one

    Jekal was gifted from a very young age with superb intellect and great magical power, and he used these to challenge himself to create many inventions and learn great quantities of ancient lore. But he found himself unable to satisfy himself with ‘great’ achievements.
    Jekal never fit in at the Imperial School of Engineers, or the Libraries of Ulthuan. He even tried his hand at archaeology in Lustria and Nehekhara, but found them too easy. And so he retreated from society, bored of ‘normal’ academia. He perfected the magic that Liche Priests used to keep themselves alive purely to continue his research. While his creations were impressive to the average civilian, he found no pleasure in extending laws of displacement to their logical extreme, creating a lifting body. Nor did he find a challenge in mastering Queekish and Saurian, he grew increasingly distant from the world, bored with the mundanities of magic and engineering.
    His first ever challenge came after he met the vampire Tehara. The Curse of Vampirism gradually crushed the humanity of the individual, and that is what she wanted to avoid. This conundrum puzzled him for many years, he was determined to solve the problem, Nagash had, and Jekal was not going to be outdone by a mage tens of thousands years prior to him. He delved into Nagash’s dark magic, the Curse of Vampirism had been caused after an imperfect recreation of Nagash’s research into immortality, something Jekal had already cracked. Eventually he managed to restore Tehara’s humanity, but then he realised: What now?

    His life seemed cursed, he could not find a problem that he could not solve, he searched for years for a research project that could challenge him as Tehara’s problem could, but every ‘challenge’ fell short of his hopes. Eventually he confided his issue in Tehara who, jokingly, commented that he “Wouldn’t be satisfied until he could accurately predict how to predict the path taken by Morrslieb.”
    This offhand comment captured his attention- Not even the Lizardmen or the Daemons themselves could predict the Chaos Moon’s travels. And so he spent the next five centuries buried in his work on his orrery, finding everything he could on Warpstone, gravity and chaos in general. His final creation used magic to simulate the exact winds of magic around the globe, using the Lizardmen’s geomantic web to provide global information. The laws of motion state that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction- Thus he found that when the Chaos Moon affected the winds of magic, they affected it back, without this Morrslieb would have a normal, stable orbit.
    Building this model in his airship he proudly displayed it to Tehara, happy to complete what he viewed as a challenge from her to him. His intellect had conquered Chaos- He thought.
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