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KoW Clash of Kings 2018 changes !

Discussion in 'Salamanders Discussion' started by Jack Trowell, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Jack Trowell
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    Jack Trowell Active Member

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    For information we got infos on the new Clash of Kings 2018 rules.

    Please note that it's still possible that some of those changes might be slightly changed when the book go to print.

    For the full list of changes, see on the french forums : http://manticfc.forumgratuit.org/t2386-cok-2018

    Changes to Salamanders :

    - Vicious on the following units :
    - Clan Lord
    - Clan Lord on Fire Drake
    - Fire Drake
    - Kaisenor Lancers
    - Tyrants

    - Ghekkotah Skyraiders attaks increased to 9/18 for regiment/horde

    - Battle captain finally get the option for a kaisenor mount (+20 points, speed increased to 8, gain TC(1) and becomre Hero(Cav))

    More general changes that can impact Salamanders armies :

    - in addition to the CoK 2017 restriction on allies, now you are limited to max one irregular allied unit (so you can take one gargoyle unit, but not spam them as allies)

    - being hindered now reduce TC by 1 instead of removing it completly (Phalanx and being disordeed still cancel the whole bonus)

    - HEadstrong improved to work on 3+ now

    - Breath attack, Fireboil, Blood boil and Lightning bolt now affacted by cover and/or Stealthy now (but it's not cumulative, you will still hit on 5+ if you target an unit in cover with slealthy)

    - Army composition limit of duplicate heroes/war engines/monsters is now dependent on the army size, so games at 2000 points will still see the current 3 duplicates limit, but smaller or bigger games will have a different limit.

    The 3 previously banned artefacts are back in a new version :

    - ensorcelled armor now only 20 points, but capped to De5+ and limited to hero(inf)

    - brew of keen eye is back and cheaper at only 30 points, but ca no longer be equipped on hordes or legions

    - Medaillon of life is back at 35 points, but can now only be used by a hero with individual

    Other notable artefact changes :

    - Blood boil is now only available by taking an artefact (and the artefact can only be givien to a spell caster hero), so it's now limited to 1 per army and prevent taking another artefact on the hero

    - a few artefacts have been rebalanced (healing brew only heal d2 instead of d3, some artefacts from the previous CoK had their cost slightly updated etc ...)

    - Black Iron Crown : increase all spell values by 1 on the hero (also a nice option to get an improved Bane chant)

    - Chalice of Wrath : unit gain fury

    - Aegis of the Elohi : unit gain Iron Resolve, or improve IR to heal 2 points of damage each time it triggers if it already has it

    New spells :

    - Ming fog (10 points) : 30" range, One die, if it hits you don't do any damage but force a nerve check on the target

    - Alchemist curse (30 points): 6 dice attack with 12" range, wound by rolling *under* the target defense (you will still wound on natural 1s, but as it is strictly under the defense, 6 will never wound). This roll cannot be modified and cannot be rerolled

    - Martyr prayer (good armies only, 25 points) : works like a heal(7) that can even target units in combat, but the damage healed is transfered to the caster instead (no nerve check for the caster from this damage)

    - Aura of heroism (neutral armies only - 15 points) : 12" range, 2 dice, give the target Rallying(n) where n is the number of success rolled (max 2)

    - Veil of shadows (Evil armies only, 15 points) : 12" range, 2 dice, if at last one success the target gain Stealthy for one turn
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  2. classicflava
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    classicflava Active Member

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    tempted to try out skyraiders again with the increase in attacks

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