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9th Age Codex: Slanni Magedom

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Discussion' started by Calixtus, Dec 26, 2018.

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    The Skinks are one of the races bio-engineered by the Slanni to serve them. They are the workforce of the Slanni Magehood, designed with dexterous and nimble digits in order to maintain and produce the technology of the Slanni. Their range of jobs include as envoys and servants, engineers and crafters, scribes and farmers.

    The Slanni have settled in the northern regions of the galaxy to live their lives in peace, away from the affairs and wars of the galaxy. Even then, there are occasions when they are forced to war, when hostile forces enter into their worlds. When war comes to the worlds of the Slanni, they will muster their forces, and it falls to all levels within the society of the Slanni to come to its defence, including the Skinks. The Skinks were designed to be agile and swift, so they have small stature and are not built for physical combat. However, they have keen senses of perception, so are thus used as ranged troops in the theatre of war. Carrying their Boltcasters, they use their speed to close in on the enemy, all the while moving within cover, unleashing a volley of shots before dispersing. These guerrilla tactics have proven highly effective at minimalising the casualties among the Skinks.

    Skink: M:5 WS:2 BS:3 S:3 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:4 L:6 AS:6+
    Point Cost: 4
    Unit Size: 10-30
    Wargear: Boltcaster +Explosive Bolts+5Pts +Penetrator Bolts+5Pts, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts

    The standard firearm of the Skinks, the Boltcaster, is a repeater crossbow that is able to fire a volley of bolts within a short span of time. The bolt used is special and very advanced, whereupon impacting the target, a blast of super-heated energy is shot from the penetrator tip, burning through the target. It has the following profile: R:24" S:3 AP:- T:AD3.

    The Explosive Bolt used by the Boltcaster explodes upon impact with the enemy, showering them in a hail of fragments. The Boltcaster has the following changed profile: R:24" S:4 AP:6 T:AD3, Blast, Pinning, Ignores Cover.

    The Penetrator Bolt used by the Boltcaster fires a super-heated blast of energy upon impacting with the enemy. If the bolt Hits its target, the target suffers an additional Hit at S5 AP1.

    Psycho Grenades are grenades with huge amounts of psychic energy stored within. When the grenade detonates, the psychic energy is immediately unleashed, frying the minds of lesser beings in a heartbeat. Psycho Grenades are thrown right before engaging with the enemy in Close Combat. They are specially designed for use when attempting to engage enemies behind Cover. Nominated by you, a single model may forego their Assault bonus to instead throw a Psycho Grenade. It has the following profile: R:G8" S:- AP:1 T:A1, Blast, Pinning, Psycho Energy.
    All caught within the blast of Psycho Energy have to pass an immediate Leadership Test, whereupon failing, suffer an immediate Wound and a -1 modifier to their Leadership for each point by which the Leadership Test was failed, with no Invulnerable Saves allowed. For each casualty suffered from the Psycho Grenade Attacks, the enemy unit must pass a Pinning Test with a -1 modifier. If the target unit fails its Pinning Test, and they are Assaulted in the same Turn, they react at an Initiative of 1 for the first round of combat. As long as a casualty is inflicted, all bonuses gained when receiving a Charge while in Cover are negated. Both Attackers and Defenders engaged according to Initiative value as if there was no Cover.

    Haywire Grenades are used to disable the electronic components in an opposing army's vehicles. It is of the same technology as that used by the Eldar, and it may be that the Eldar acquired this technology from the Slanni. They can only be used against vehicles. A model making an Attack with these grenades may only make one Attack, regardless of Attack characteristic or any other factor. If the Attack Hits, roll a D6: 1=no effect; 2-5=Glancing Hit; 6=Penetrating Hit. A Haywire Grenade may only be used against a Dreadnought if it has already been Immobilised or Stunned.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin: Skinks are closely related to reptiles, thus their bodies are covered with scales at every point, which acts as a natural defensive layer against physical attacks. Skinks benefit from a natural 6+AS which is combinable with Armour.
    Cold-Blooded: Skinks were bio-engineered from primitive reptiles. As such, they share their cold-blooded nature, which makes them highly methodical and instinctual individuals. They are thus slow to react to psychology and are less likely to suffer morale setbacks. Roll 3 dice when taking Leadership Tests and apply the two lowest scores.
    Regeneration: The bio-engineering technology of the SlanSl is extremely advanced. When they created the Servant Races such as the Skink and Saurian, they added in their DNA regenerative properties. The Slanni are thus able to regenerate even the most deadly of wounds and escape the clutches of death. Should the Skink suffer a Wound, take the Strength of the Attack minus the Toughness of the Skink, and that is the D6 roll you must roll above. If it manages to, it regains that Wound. The roll of a 1 is always a failure.
    Aquatic: Skinks were developed from the reptiles that inhabit the seas and rivers. They thus share an affinity with water and in fact have been known to hide under water for hours before breaking the surface and ambushing unsuspecting Imperial forces. Skinks suffer no Movement penalties for travelling through bodies of water. While occupying a river or lake, they benefit from a 5+CS because they can conceal themselves with just the top of their heads exposed.
    Jungle Warriors: Having never left their crownworlds, and being arboreal creatures native to the jungles of these worlds, all Skinks and Saurians are able to find their way through the thickest foliage with ease, while their keen eyes adapted to the terrain of the jungle are able to mark and track their targets, where it would leave a less adapted enemy sightless and blind. Furthermore, their green scaly hides camouflages them amidst the thick foliage and greenery of such terrain. Skinks and Saurians never suffer any Movement penalties for Moving through jungles, trees, woods and forests, and other related terrain. In addition, they may Shoot through 6" of forested area without conferring a CS to the enemy unit. Skinks and Saurians gain +1 to their CS in such terrain.
    Fleet of Claw: Skinks are very fast and light on their feet. They are able to move quickly over virtually any type of terrain. The claws on their feet give them greater traction to cover ground. Roll a D6 and add +1” to it. That is the distance the Skinks Run during the Shooting Phase should they choose not to fire their weapons.
    Guerrillas: The Skinks are known for their guerrilla tactics on the field of battle. Closing in on the enemy at swift speeds, they fire a volley of shots before dispersing, to minimise casualties from return fire. Skinks may make an additional 6" Move in the Assault Phase.

    Saurians are another species bio-engineered by the Slanni, from the large land reptiles that populate the crownworlds of the Slanni. They were designed as a warrior species, to protect and defend the Magehood from hostile forces. They are much larger than a Skink, and when they are not engaged in the defence of the Slann, they are busy honing their combat techniques by engaging in mock battles with each other. They are highly ferocious and vicious creatures on the assault, raining down a torrent of blows upon the enemy. However, they are rather dull and have slow reflexes, a flaw the bio-engineering of the Slann was unable to rectify. This is due to the vestigial remains of the reptilian brain they inherited from the large, slow-moving carnivores of prehistoric times. Even their bodies are natural weapons; in close combat with the enemy, they will not hesitate to sink their sharp teeth into their flesh, and they have a thick scaly hide with horny, bony protrusions sticking out from the skin, that are equally capable to be used as weapons. Theyare thus natural-born warriors and serve well in this purpose.

    Saurian: M:4 WS:4 BS:1 S:4 T:4 A:1(2) W:1 I:1 L:7 AS:5+
    Point Cost: 7
    Unit Size: 10-20
    Wargear: Sabre and Arc Shield, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts

    The preferred weapon of the Saurians is the Sabre. It is a finely balanced weapon with a sharp cutting edge, used with great skill by the Saurians. Attacks made by Sabres gain +1S and cause the AS of the enemy to suffer from a -1 penalty, i.e. a 5+AS becomes a 6+AS, on the Charge.

    The Arc Shield is used skilfully to parry blows by the Saurians. In addition, there is an arc generator within the shield, zapping enemies within proximity with a generated charge of electrostatic energy. The Arc Shield grants a +1 to AS and disperses its stored Electrostatic Charge through the Impact Charge on the Charge. It has the following profile: R:12" S:5 AP:- T:p, Pinning, Electrostatic Charge.
    The Electrostatic Charge of the arc lightning produced from the Arc Shield causes the nervous systems of the enemy to overload, numbing their senses. The electrostatic energy quickly dissipates within the unit, travelling from person to person and affecting the entire troop in no time. An electric current courses through the armour of the victim, frying the metallic components of the armour and bypassing the armour's defences to harm the wearer within. The Impact Charge of the Saurian releases the Electrostatic Charge stored in the Arc Shield, which dissipates and reduces the Initiative of the enemy unit by -1, for each Hit made this way. Electrostatic Charge may also be discharged from the Arc Shield's Ranged Attack, resulting in a reduction of 1 Initiative for each Hit, but preventing the use of the Electrostatic Charge when Charging in that same Turn.

    Special Rules:
    Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Jungle Warriors
    Scaly Skin:
    The horny protrusions on the scaly hide of the Saurians provide a tough defence against attacks of all kinds more ably than that of the Skinks. Saurians have a natural 5+AS that is combinable with Armour.
    Predatory Fighters: Saurians are vicious fighters whose bodies and armament have been created to maximise their fighting potential in close combat. As well as their well-designed weapons, they make use of their bony crests, powerful jaws and claws, resourcefully wielding the living weapon that is their bodies in efficient combat. Even their shields are designed to strike and slash with, making them formidable opponents. Saurians benefit from an additional Attack when within the frontline of an Assault, which can be used with the effect of the Sabre.

    Slanni society is divided by the governance of the three generations of Slanni Mages. These three generations were established a long time ago, during the time of the Old Ones. However, the inheritance of the line of the Slanni Mages is not stagnant. There have been further, successive spawnings, but they have not been designated the title of “Fourth Generation”, for it is thought that such a thing no longer exists, along the ideas that there was never a necessity for such, and that an implementation of this nature has never been part of the official plans of the Old Ones. Instead, new Slanni spawns are graded on their psychic affinity and competence, and based on their strengths and traits, are delegated to one of the three generations, as per tradition. In this way, the continuation of the sacred tasks of the three generations in their specific aspects and roles, of creating, preserving and destroying, is succeeded by the new generations of Slanni spawns. These new SlaSla are called by them, with a title of reference that shows their lack of appointment, as Mages. While having lack of experience with the ways of psychical control from still being in a stage of adolescence, the coupling of several Slanni Mages together can form a brotherhood of psykers that can better access their potential psychic might, and in this manner acts as a practise for when they become full-fledged Mages under the service of the various generations, taught by them to wield supreme power in one of the generational psychic disciplines only known to the Slanni Magehood. Walking into war with among the most sophisticated weapons of the SlanSl, the SlaSla Mages carry out the defence of the Magedom while still in a state that is without much reliance on psychic proficiency, instead wielding advanced Beam Guns and Pistols, weapons that fire a beam of concentrated laser energy to devastating effect.

    Slanni Mage: M:4 WS:3 BS:4 S:2 T:3 A:1 W:2 I:2 L:7 AS:-
    Point Cost: 10
    Unit Size: 5-10
    Wargear: Close Combat Weapon and Beam Pistol/Beam Gun

    The Beam Gun is a miniature version of the Beam Cannon used on tanks. It fires a beam of energy at the enemy, with the blast exploding in a release of brilliant cascading rays that all but fries the enemy. The Beam Gun has the following profile: R18" S5 AP- T:RF, Blast, Pinning.

    The Beam Pistol is a miniaturised version of the Beam Gun. It has an even smaller effective range than the Beam Gun, but in exchange it is lighter and more useful in an assault. The Beam Pistol has the following profile: R12" S5 AP- T:p, Blast, Pinning.

    Special Rules:
    Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Aquatic, Jungle Warriors, Jump Infantry
    Brotherhood of Psykers (Mastery Level 1):
    The Mage may use any of the three generations' Psychic Disciplines.

    Orks were a bio-engineered race of the Old Ones, in long distant past called the Krorks. Even now, the Slanni have Orks under their will and charge, remnants of an age long past when the SlanSl were at the height of their power. Called Krorks in the ancient tongue of the SlanSl, they are kept under the care of the SlanSl Magehood, and are warded to oversee they don't proliferate too much, lest they grow in the rapid numbers they are known to, that will then overwhelm the Slanni. Each Krork is kept under a psychic leash, from which a Slanni Mage can control from afar. This is to prevent the Krorks from behaving chaotically or attempting to break away. These Krorks cannot be considered true Orks however, as their genetic template has been modified by the Slanni Mage Lords, possessing regeneration of the same degree as the Saurians.

    Krork: M:4 WS:4 BS:2 S:3 T:4 A:2 W:1 I:2 L:7 AS:-
    Big Krork: WS:4 BS:2 S:4 T:4 A:3 W:2 I:3 L:7 AS:-
    Point Cost: 6/20
    Unit Size: 10-30/1
    Wargear: Chopper, Psychic Leash

    Kept under a Psychic Leash, the Krorks are controlled remotely by the psychic directions of a Slanni Mage in proximity to them. Krorks must always remain within 24" of a Slanni Mage. The Slanni Mage has to pass a Psychic Test in order to have the Krorks Move or Assault. They may even Assault out of the 24" Range of the Psychic Leash, as they are too busy with the bloodletting to think of breaking away. Should the Krorks ever end up unengaged and out of Range of the Psychic Leash, they must pass a Leadership Test or attempt to flee towards the nearest board edge, as their state of confusion after the release of the Psychic control of the Leash leaves them baffled as to what to do next. There may never be more Krork mobs than Skink, Saurian and Slanni spawns.

    Special Rules:
    Waaagh!, Horde, Furious Charge, Regeneration
    Fungus Skin:
    Krorks are a symbiote of animal and algae. The algae in their blood helps heal wounds quickly. If a Krork loses an arm, and has it stitched back on, the wound will be healed enough to go smash some heads within a day. As a result, they have no real concept of the fear of death. The Krorks are also known to sprout spores that contains the genetic code of all Orkoids, allowing them to proliferate. The spores stem from the tough, chitinous fungus skin of the Orks. A Krork may prevent a single Wound on a roll of 6+. Unlike Feel No Pain, this ability applies even against Weapons that cause Instant Death, and may be rolled in conjunction before a Feel No Pain roll.
    No Fear of Death: The Krorks, unlike the other races created by the Old Ones, had not been implanted within their racial memory of the Nightbringer as the personification of death. As such, they literally have no fear of death, trudging on in the face of enormous danger and firepower, relishing in the deed of war, spilling blood for the sake of it. Krorks ignore Pinning Tests and Fear Tests. In addition, Krorks never take Morale Checks for suffering 25% casualties from Shooting.
    Animosity: When a power vacuum is left from the death of a Krork leader, the remaining Krorks tend to break into infighting, squabbling amongst each other. This stops only when the Krorks are finally able to fill up the power vacuum with a suitable leader, to unite the disparate mobs into a single unified horde. Krork mobs who have lost their leaders, in this case a Big Krork, are subject to Animosity. This means that the Krorks have to pass an unmodified Leadership Test, taking an amount of Hits equal to the number that they failed by, as the Krorks erupt into infighting. Upon passing the Test though, order is regained and the Krorks become functional once again. Krork mobs that do not have a Big Krork leader have to pass a Leadership Test or do nothing except fight amongst themselves. Krork mobs within 12" of a Big Krork however, do not suffer from Animosity. If their Psychic Leashes are in Range of a Slanni Mage, the Mage may attempt to prevent Animosity by passing an unmodified Psychic Test. A Krork mob that has lost its Big Krork leader may always be joined up by another Big Krork, exactly as if the Krork was an Independent Character.
    Mobs: At times a group of Big Krorks will divide a horde of Krorks into smaller mobs, and lead them ten Krorks each. There is no reason other than to increase the number of Big Krork leaders in the horde thrice-fold. You may divide a horde of 30 Krorks into three smaller mobs of ten Krorks each, with each being led by a Big Krork at +20Pts each. Collectively, these three smaller mobs count as a single Troops choice in the FOC.


    The Bowcaster is a Boltcaster without repeater capabilities. Thus, they are single shot versions of the Boltcaster, and due to their smaller size, may be carried in one hand, freeing the other to use another weapon. The ammunition of the Bowcaster is the Penetrator Bolt and Explosive Bolt, as it is with the Boltcaster too. It has the following profile: R:24" S:3 AP:6 T:p.

    The Great Horned Saurian, or the Kroxigor as they are also known, are big, brutish versions of the Saurian, bulging in muscle and sinew. They are created from spawnings blessed by Sotek, the Nether God. Spawns of Sotek are known for the blood-red hue of their hides. The Slanni use the Kroxigor as both warriors and workers, as their great physical strength and size allows them to lift and arrange the great blocks of limestone that form the basic construction material of the great pyramids of the Slann Magehood.

    Great Horned Saurian: M:4 W:4 BS:1 S:5 T:5 A:3(4) W:3 I:1 L:8 AS:4+
    Point Cost: 30Pts
    Unit Size: 1-5
    Wargear: Heavy Mace

    The Great Horned Saurians wield the great Heavy Maces that were specially crafted for them by the Skink Smiths. They are tremendously heavy and powerful, a single blow sufficiently dealt is able to smash apart the hull of a Land Raider. The Heavy Mace grants +2S to the Great Horned Saurian, is Unwieldy and reduces its Initiative to an unmodifiable 1. In addition, the Great Horned Saurian is considered a Monstrous Creature as long as he is wielding the Heavy Mace. It may choose not to do so, in which case it reverts to its normal Strength and Initiative.

    Special Rules:
    Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Jungle Warriors, Fear
    Scaly Skin:
    The hides of the Kroxigor are even more horny and tougher than the Saurians, which has given rise to the name of Great Horned Saurian. The Great Horned Saurian has a natural 4+AS that is combinable with Armour.
    Aquatic: The large size of the Great Horned Saurian allows it to submerge itself within water, leaving the nostrils at the top of his head above water. The Great Horned Saurian is able to stay like this for hours, only surfacing to ambush some poor unsuspecting Guardsmen. Great Horned Saurians suffer no Movement penalties for travelling through bodies of water. While occupying a river or lake, they benefit from a 5+CS because they can conceal themselves with just the top of their heads exposed.
    Predatory Fighters: The bite attack of the Kroxigor is even stronger than the bite attack of its lesser cousin, the Saurian. It is known to break through armour plating with the ease of snapping a twig. On a to-Wound roll of 6, the additional Attack gained from Predatory Fighters, used only when within the frontline of an Assault by the Great Horned Saurian, automatically Wounds and ignores AS.

    Chameleon Skinks are spawned under the blessing of Huanchi, the Jaguar God. Huanchi sought to incorporate the DNA of chameleons into his spawnings, in order to create a warrior race of stealth, which resulted in the Chameleon Skinks. The Chameleon Skinks are able to expertly blend into their surroundings, becoming nearly undetectable to the enemy. They are used as advance scouts and snipers to the Slanni host, infiltrating far ahead of the army, and they are experts at their task. In times of peace, they have been known to assume roles as spies and assassins, sent to observe the other sentient species of the galaxy, in the tradition of the Slanni as the stewards holding custodianship in place of the absence of the gods they call the Old Ones. The spawns of the Earth God have no distinctive hues to their skin or any distinctive markings to be remembered because their hides are always constantly changing to merge into and fit their surroundings.

    Chameleon Skink: M:5 WS:2 BS:4 S:3 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:5 L:7 AS:-
    Point Cost: 13
    Unit Size: 5-10
    Wargear: Venomcaster, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts

    The Chameleon Skinks use a modified version of the Boltcaster, the Venomcaster, so called for it casts envenomed bolts at the enemy. The venom quickly works its way through the nervous system of the enemy, incapacitating them in seconds. It has the following profile: R:24" S:3 AP:- T:AD3, Pinning, Envenomed Bolts.
    The Envenomed Bolts of the Venomcaster never suffer worse than a 4+ to-Wound. In addition, for each Unsaved Wound caused among a unit Shot at by the Chameleon Skinks, the entire unit has their Initiative reduced by 1.

    Special Rules:
    Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Aquatic, Fleet of Claw, Guerrillas, Scouts, Infiltrate, Jungle Warriors
    As Chameleon Skinks operate far in advance of the Slann host, they are in danger from assault specialists that might have a chance of tying them up in close combat where they are most vulnerable. To cope with this, the Chameleon Skinks have learnt to fight as skirmishers. Should they be charged by an enemy unit, the entire troop will disperse and retreat away from the danger, before regrouping. Each individual model within a Chameleon Skink spawn may stay up to 4" of each other. When the unit is Charged, it may choose to scatter instead of receiving the Charge. Roll a D6 each and add to the I for both units, comparing the end scores just like when making a Sweeping Advance. If the Chameleon Skinks score higher, then it withdraws 2D6"+1. The enemy unit is forced to move its full Charge distance, but does not get into Assault, unless it is able to reach the fleeing Skink unit through the rules of Calvary for instance. Skirmishers may choose to Regroup their formations once during the start of your Turn.
    Stealth Camouflage: The camouflaging hide of the Chameleons Skink changes colour to match its surroundings. This effectively allows them to blend unseen into the environment and it is incredibly hard to detect a spawn of Chameleon Skinks hiding among the trees, if they conceal themselves with strong intent. It often unnerves a troop of Guardsmen when suddenly a flurry of envenomed shots fly towards them from an area they had previously thought devoid of enemies. Take the CS level the Chameleon Skinks currently possess and add it to their Initiative. For instance, if the Chameleon Skinks are within a wood which confers a 5+CS, add 2 to the Initiative value of the Chameleon Skinks. The total score is the score the enemy has to roll over by rolling a D6 and adding to their Initiative. If they fail to roll over the score, they may not Shoot at or Charge the Chameleon Skinks, but are free to target another unit. In addition, any Shots fired from the Chameleon Skinks from Cover are considered Suppressive Fire.

    Winged Skinks are spawned under the blessing of Tepok, the Condor God. They are used as advance scouts and fast attack to the Slann host in times of war. In times of peace, they fulfill the roles of messenger and envoy. With their great wings, they have no trouble fulfilling those roles. The skin of the Winged Skinks is a deep blue, the colour of the skies of the crownworlds of the Slann, a property derived from being the spawning of the Air God.

    Fast Attack:
    Winged Skink: M:12 WS:2 BS:4 S:3 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:5 L:6 AS:6+
    Point Cost: 13
    Unit Size: 10-20
    Wargear: Boltcaster +Explosive Tip+5Pts +Penetrator Tip+5Pts, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Aquatic, Fleet of Claw, Guerrillas, Scouts, Jump Infantry, Deep Strike, Jungle Warriors

    The Cold Ones are large reptilian carnivores found in the jungles of the Slanni crownworlds. They are tamed and ridden into combat by the Saurians as war steeds. They are used exclusively in this department for the natural aggression of the Cold Ones disallows any other function.

    Cold One Rider: M:4 WS:4 BS:1 S:4 T:4 A:1(2) W:1 I:1 L:7 AS:5+
    Cold One: M:8 WS:4 BS:0 S:4 T:4 A:2 W:1 I:2 L:3 AS:5+
    Point Cost: 17
    Unit Size: 5-10
    Wargear: Sabre and Arc Shield
    /Claws and Fangs

    The sharp Sabres the Saurian Riders of the Cold Ones wield are exceptionally effective on the charge. The shape of the Sabres give great cutting strength to the Saurian Riders who wield them, which is the reason behind the strength of the charge of the Cold One Riders. Cold One Riders gain +2S on the Charge. In addition, the AS of the enemy suffers from a -2 penalty, i.e. a 4+AS becomes a 6+AS.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Calvary, Jungle Warriors, Predatory Fighters
    Cold Aggression:
    The Cold Ones have earned their name for being among the most implacable of creatures. It seems the cold-bloodedness of the reptiles runs true and strong in the Cold Ones. This cold aggression of the Cold Ones is the reason why the Cold Ones dare hunt down dangerous and much larger prey than them, sometimes even alone. The Saurian Riders understand this trait of their steeds well, and many are the times when the Saurians have lost their nerve to fight on, but their steeds are unwilling to retreat. One other difficulty encountered by the Saurians in controlling the cold aggression of the Cold Ones is that against large monstrous creatures, the carnivorous instincts of the Cold Ones causes them to immediately attack the monstrous creature, for the Cold Ones are pack hunters that are evolved to hunt much larger prey. Should the Cold One Riders be in Charging Range of a Monstrous Creature, the Cold One Riders must pass a Leadership Test using the Leadership of the Saurian Riders, or Charge the Monstrous Creature. The Cold Ones gain +1A on the Charge against the Monstrous Creature, and have Preferred Enemy: Monstrous Creatures and Monster Hunter. Should the Cold One Riders fail their Morale Check when losing an Assault, the Cold Ones must immediately pass a Leadership test on their unmodified Leadership of 3, with the rule for Cold-Blooded. If they pass, the Cold One Riders stay engaged with the enemy, or else if they fail, the entire unit Falls Back 3D6", after checking for Sweeping Advance.
    Fearful Predator: The Cold Ones are large, vicious creatures, with sharp fangs and claws. They are native to the worlds of the Slanni, thus are a foreign sight to most alien species that encounter the Slanni. However, it can be easily observed that these creatures are predators; in whatever native ecosystem they originate from, they would be at the top of the food chain. This realisation more often than not creates fear in the alien that is facing against the Cold Ones, not least because of their size. This fear becomes close to terror when they are assaulted by the Cold Ones, and learn that the Cold Ones do not just look fearful, but are indeed terrifying predators. Cold Ones cause Fear on the Charge and against Monstrous Creatures.

    As heavy support against the armoured tanks of the Imperial Guard or the heavy infantry of the Space Marines, the Slann have developed Anti-Grav Weapon Batteries to bear great beam weapons. There are two varieties of weapons, the Beam Lance and the Beam Cannon. The Beam Lance is used chiefly to deal with armour, while the Beam Cannon was developed to deal with heavy infantry. The Weapon Battery is manned by two Skinks who are armed with Boltcasters of their own.

    Heavy Support:
    Anti-Grav Weapon Battery: WS:2 BS:4 S:3 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:4 L:6 AS:6+
    Point Cost: 10
    Unit Size: 1-3
    Wargear: Boltcaster +Explosive Bolts+5Pts +Penetrator Bolts+5Pts, +Beam Lance+20Pts, +Beam Cannon+20Pts, +Fusion Cannon+20Pts

    The Beam Lance uses similar technology to the Bright Lance of the Eldar. Indeed, it may have been that the Eldar learnt of this technology from the Slann, adapted it to their purposes and improved it. The Beam Lance has the following profile: R:36" S:9 AP:2 T:H1, Blast, Pinning, Lance.
    Lance technology treats AV greater than 12 as 12.

    The Beam Cannon trades the armour-busting power of the Beam Lance for greater effectiveness in dealing with massed infantry. The Beam Cannon has the following profile: R:30" S:8 AP:3 T:H2, Large Blast, Pinning.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Jungle Warriors
    Anti-Grav Platform:
    The gravitic drive of the Weapon Battery allows it to hover above the ground, gliding over difficult terrain without any lost in movement speed. The hovering engine of the Weapon Battery compensates for the recoil of the mounted weapon, allowing it to be fired on the move. The Anti-Grav Weapon Battery ignores Difficult Terrain when Moving. Furthermore, the Weapon mounted on the Battery is considered an Assault Weapon.

    The massive Stegadons can be found on all the crownworlds of the Slanni. They are used as beasts of burden by the Slanni. During times of war, the Slanni mount huge beam weapons onto the backs of the Stegadon. The Stegadons act as mobile firing bases, or used as transports for the Skinks to ride to war on. The Stegadon is controlled by a single Skink who sits right behind the armoured crest of the beast. It is prodded forward with an Electro-Prod, a polearm long enough to be used as a defensive weapon by the Skink Driver in assaults.

    Stegadon: M:6 WS:3 BS:2 S:5 T:6 A:3 W:5 I:2 L:5 AS:3+
    Skink Driver: M:5 WS:2 BS:3 S:3 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:4 L:6 AS:6+
    Point Cost: 50
    Unit Size: 1
    Wargear: Electro-Prod, Bowcaster, +Beam Lance+20Pts/+Beam Cannon+20Pts/+Fusion Cannon+20Pts, Howdah

    The great Stegadons are controlled by their Skink Drivers with Electro-Prods. The Skink Drivers will goad the Stegadons in the direction they want by sending a surge of electricity with the Electro-Prods. The Electro-Prod has a charge of S4 and AP5, and the Special Rule Electrostatic Charge, that reduces the enemy's I by 1 for each Hit. It may choose to make a single S5 AP4 Attack instead of its usual 2 Attacks, reducing the enemy's I by 2. To Move the Stegadon in any direction, the Skink Driver has to make a single Attack with the Electro-Prod. If this Attack causes a Wound, the Stegadon Stampedes, and all Leadership Tests are taken by the Stegadon's unmodified Leadership value instead of the Skink Driver's.

    A huge Howdah is mounted onto the back of the Stegadon. The Stegadon can carry up to 10 Skinks and Saurians on its Howdah, granting them +1AS when Shot at or even when Attacking in Close Combat while still on the Howdah, without disembarking. Should a Beam Weapon be mounted onto the back of the Stegadon however, the Stegadon loses its ability to transport troops. The Stegadon is treated as a Tank due to its bulk, thus it may Tank Shock. Like a Tank it may fire all of its weapons while standing still. Unlike a Tank however, it has a maximum Move Range of 6", and should it choose to Move, it may still fire all its Weapons.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Jungle Warriors, Regeneration, Monstrous Creature, Fear
    Sharp Horns
    : The Stegadon has three horns protruding from the front armour plate that forms its forehead. These horns are extremely sharp, and the Stegadon uses them as a defence against the large apex predators that roam the jungle, such as the Carnosaur. The horns of the Stegadon are used for taking down Monstrous Creatures. When the Stegadon Charges, it deals D3 Impact Charge Hits, at +3S and AP1. Attacks made on the Charge ignore AS and deal 2D6 Armour Penetration.
    Spiked Tail: The Stegadon has a long muscular tail that ends in three sharp spikes. Together with the horns, the spiked tail is the main defensive weapon of the Stegadon. The spiked tail is used after the Stegadon had charged its horns into the body of the attacker. Then since it has already lost its impetus, it will instead resort to using the spiked tail to defend itself. The Stegadon is able to swing its highly muscular tail at tremendous speeds, although it lacks accuracy, for the Stegadon has to position itself such that its tail is facing the attacker. The Stegadon may never use its Spiked Tail on the Turn it Charges. During the Assault Phase, together with making its regular Attacks, the Stegadon can make D3A at S5 I4, that deals-1AP and uses the Stegadon's BS as if it is making a Shooting Attack, when rolling to-Hit.
    Stampede: Stegadons are known for the three great horns sprouting from their crown. The Skinks that drive the Stegadons forward know the lethality of these horns, and goad the beasts into charging when close enough to the enemy line. Using the Electro-Prods, the Skinks strike the Stegadons at the soft, sensitive flesh beneath their great armoured crests. The Stegadons, enraged, will stampede into the ranks of the enemy, crushing them underfoot. Should the Stegadon become Wounded from the Goading of its Skink Driver, it becomes enraged and will proceed on a Stampede. To facilitate this process, the Skink Driver may use a higher charge to its Goading Attack. It immediately Charges towards the nearest enemy unit. Upon coming into contact with the unit, each unit, friendly or enemy, in base contact with the Stegadon suffers D6 Impact Charge Hits at +3S and AP1, to represent the Stegadon simply throwing its bulk about. As the Stegadon is Stampeding, the Skink Driver loses control of the beast, and all Morale Checks and Leadership Tests required by the Stegadon is made with the unmodified Leadership of the Stegadon, and not the Skink Driver, benefitting from Cold-Blooded. Should the Stegadon win the Combat Resolution, it continues to Stampede, dealing D3 S5 AP1 Hits to each unit in base contact with it. The only way for the Skink Driver to regain control of the Stampeding Stegadon is for the Stegadon to lose a Combat Resolution.

    Salamanders are giant, predatory amphibians that inhabit the swamplands and estuaries of the jungles of the crownworlds of the Slann. They are swift-moving creatures on both land and water, and voracious hunters. Their favoured method of catching land-based preys is to swiftly close the distance submerged in water. Once within range, they launch a burst of highly corrosive, flaming liquid from their gullet, called the Fire Breath, that burns and incapacitates their prey, before devouring them with their powerful jaws. Within their bodies is an organ that produces this fiery venom, and the Salamander will spout it if provoked or while hunting. The large sail of taut skin on a Salamander's back is thought to act as a cooling mechanism, to ensure that the cold-blooded creature does not expire from the fiery heat created within its body. They have a vicious temperament, but despite this they are sometimes captured and raised by Skink handlers who use them to hunt the larger creatures dwelling in the jungles. In battle, Salamanders are directed towards the foe, though so aggressive are the creatures that they need little encouragement – indeed, it is often the case that the Skinks must restrain them to prevent the Salamanders from launching themselves straight into the enemy!

    Salamander: M:5 WS:3 BS:3 S:5 T:4 A:2 W:3 I:4 L:4 AS:5+
    Skink Handler: M:5 WS:2 BS:3 S:3 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:4 AS:6+
    Point Cost: 30/4
    Unit Size: 1-3/3-9
    Wargear: Fire Breath

    The Fire Breath of the Salamander has the following profile: R:T S:4 AP:5 T:AX, Pinning, Ignores Cover, where X is the number of Attacks of the Salamander.

    The Goad allows the Skink Handlers to Attack from a reach of 3” behind the frontline of a combat, while at the same time allowing them to control the Salamanders. The Skink Handlers have to make an Attack with the Goad that Hits as usual, in order to have them move and make an action. 3 Skink Handlers will have three chances to-Hit the Salamander, as usual by the comparison of the WS chart, although when goading the Salamanders in Charge distance of the enemy, their overt aggression drives them forward to engage no matter the restraining attempts of the Skinks! Should the Goading Attack Wound the Salamander, the Skinks have to pass an Initiative Test, if not up to D3 of them are devoured by the Salmander. If there are no more Skink Handlers handling the Salamander, the Salamander is removed from the Battlefield, but does not count towards the Victory Points of the enemy.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Aquatic, Jungle Warriors, Skirmishers, Fear

    Each pyramid temple that is the residence of a Slanni Mage Priest is guarded by a select unit of Saurian Temple Guards. These are the oldest and best of all the Saurians in the Slann's employ. They are given ceremonial bronze armour and helmets made from dinosaur skulls, not only for protection, but to make them look all the more daunting and magnificent. The reason the stronger Kroxigor are not chosen for this task is because their large size prevents them from bearing any form of armour. The Temple Guard are in turn led by the Temple Guardians, the oldest and strongest of the Saurian. They are the temple pyramids' finest warriors and are the chief guardians of the temples themselves.

    Temple Guard: M:4 WS:5 BS:2 S:5 T:4 A:2(3) W:1 I:2 L:8 AS:3+
    Temple Guardian: M:4 WS:6 BS:3 S:5 T:5 A:3(4) W:2 I:2 L:9 AS:3+
    Point Cost: 20/40
    Unit Size: 5-10/1/1
    Wargear: Power Halberd, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts, Dragon Armour
    /Force Halberd, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts, Dragon Armour

    Power Halberds are long polearms with a great curved blade at one end. There is a generator within the metal shaft that projects a power field around the blade, allowing it to cut through armour with ease. The Power Halberd has a reach of 3", allowing the full Attacks of the Saurian even from 3” away of the frontline in an Assault, grants +1S to the Attacks of its bearer, and is a Power Weapon with AP3.

    Within the Force Halberd is stored great amounts of psychic energy. The magic of the Slann Mages imbue the weapon with psychic energy, and now so psychically charged, place them in the possession of their greatest defenders, the Temple Guardians. Attacks made with the Force Halberd are especially deadly, able to blast apart the minds of lesser beings as the force of the psychic energy strikes them down from within. Force Halberds are Power Halberds that are Force Weapons.

    Dragon Armour is a reinforced scale mail, made with special heat-proof material. Weapons that uses Plasma and Melta technology are less effective when directed against the bearer of the Dragon Armour. Flamers are completely nullified. Dragon Armour is named after Chotec, the Ruler God of the Slann, so only the highest ranking Saurians are allowed to wear them. Dragon Armour is scale mail with a 5+AS and the following difference: against Plasma and Melta Weapons, the bearer of the Dragon Armour always have an unmodifiable 5+IS, while Flamers of all kinds are completely ignored.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Predatory Fighters, Jungle Warriors
    Sacred Guardians of the Slanni:
    In addition to the already placid nature of the Saurians, the Temple Guard are further renowned for their stubbornness when it comes to the defence of the Temples and the Slanni Mage Priests. The Temple Guard must always be the retinue of a Slanni, and as long as that Slanni Mage does not perish, the entire retinue is subject to Stubborn. In the event the Slanni being guarded perishes, Temple Guards within 12” of the Temple Guardian may use its Leadership for Leadership Tests and Morale Checks.

    Skink Artificers are the technicians, mechanics, and engineers of the Slann. The Boltcasters they wield are skilfully and painstakingly crafted by them to be the best models of their like. The level of quality of these Boltcasters are referred to as master-crafted. The Artificers play an important role during times of war. Their skill with machines is invaluable in repairing the great war machines of the Slann in the heat of battle. They normally appear on the battlefield attached to a group of Skinks, who act as their retinue. The Artificers supply their retinue with Master-Crafted Boltcasters. Indeed, it has been known for Artificers to be attached to nearly any spawn regiment within the army, expending their services to the unit by upgrading their weapons to master-crafted quality. The Skink Artificers are also known to ride to war on the great Stegadons. At times they are attached to Anti-Grav Weapon Batteries where they lend their services by tweaking the targeting mechanisms of the Beam weapons, improving their accuracy.

    Artificer: WS:3 BS:4 S:3 T:2 A:1 W:2 I:5 L:7 AS:6+
    Point Cost: 15
    Unit Size: 1
    Wargear: Master-Crafted Boltcaster +Explosive Bolts+5Pts +Penetrator Bolts+5Pts, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts

    The Master-Crafted Boltcaster is twice as accurate as the normal Boltcaster in use by ordinary Skink spawns. A Master-Crafted Weapon follows the normal rules for the Weapon, except you may re-roll one failed to-Hit roll per Turn.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Aquatic, Fleet of Claw, Guerrillas, Jungle Warriors
    Craft of the Artificer Smiths:
    The Artificer may be attached to the following units: Skinks, Saurians, Great Crested Skinks, and Anti-Grav Weapon Batteries. If they are attached to the unit, for +10Pts, the main weapons of the unit become Master-Crafted.
    Craft of the Artificer Repairers: An Artificer may attempt to Repair an Immobilised vehicle or a destroyed heavy weapon, if he can reach it during his Movement Phase. He can do nothing else during the Turn - he cannot Shoot or fight in Close Combat while he is attempting a Repair. At the end of the Turn roll a D6. On a 5+ the damage has been Repaired. For +10Pts, the Repairing skill of an Artificer may be improved to 4+.

    The Skinks are gathered into tribes, based on familial ties within the same spawning. The highest authority within these tribes are the Chiefs, selected by the Slanni themselves to control and regulate the movements of the Skinks. They are like government bureaucrats who hold administrative authority in their tribes. During times of war, they lead spawns of Skinks into battle, right at the front of the spawn. Due to their position within the tribes, they share a close relationship with the Slanni Magehood, and it is the teamwork between the two that ensures the peace and security of Slanni society. Chiefs are also known to be born under certain special spawnings, such as of Sotek the Warrior God, or Huanchi the Assassin God. The Chiefs of the lineage of Sotek are called Great Chiefs, and they hold even greater authority within the tribe than the mere Skink Chiefs. In battle, they lead several spawns of Skinks, with the Chiefs acting as their lieutenants.

    The Chameleon Chief is one born under the blessing of Huanchi. They are a secretive sect within the tribe itself, answering only to the authority of the Magehood, for purposes plausibly the silencing of any possible revolt within the ranks of the far more numerous Servant Races. Within their sect, they lead exclusively the Chameleon Skinks of Huanchi, and so it is during times of war. The Chameleon Chief with his forward guard of Chameleon Skinks will move ahead of the rest of the army, acting as scouts and spies. Chameleon Chiefs do not wear armour, for to do so would hide the camouflaging effects of their colour-changing hides.

    The Winged Chiefs of Tepok are spawned under the blessing of the Messenger God, Tepok. They hold no special authority within the tribes and are treated on equal terms with normal Skink Chiefs, but they serve a different purpose, being the key managers of the messenger service of the Slanni. In battle, they lead spawns of Winged Skinks.

    Chief: WS:3 BS:4 S:3 T:2 A:2 W:2 I:5 L:7 AS:6+
    Great Chief: WS:4 BS:3 S:4 T:3 A:3 W:2 I:5 L:8 AS:5+
    Chameleon Chief: WS:3 BS:5 S:3 T:2 A:2 W:2 I:6 L:8 AS:-
    Winged Chief: WS:3 BS:5 S:3 T:2 A:2 W:2 I:6 L:7 AS:6+
    Point Cost: 20
    Unit Size: 1
    Wargear: Beam Gun, +Caster+10Pts, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts, +Mind Beacon+15Pts, +Spawning of Sotek+10Pts, +Spawning of Tepok+5Pts, +Spawning of Huanchi+10Pts
    /Beam Pistol and Sabre, +Caster+10Pts, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts, +Mind Beacon+15Pts
    /Venomcaster, +Caster+10Pts, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts, +Mind Beacon+15Pts
    /Boltcaster +Explosive Bolts+5Pts +Penetrator Bolts+5Pts, +Caster+10Pts, +Psycho Grenades+3Pts, +Haywire Grenades+3Pts, +Mind Beacon+15Pts

    The Beam Gun is a miniature version of the Beam Cannon used on tanks. It fires a beam of energy at the enemy, with the blast exploding in a release of brilliant cascading rays that all but fries the enemy. The Beam Gun has the following profile: R18" S5 AP- T:RF, Blast, Pinning.

    The Beam Pistol is a miniaturised version of the Beam Gun. It has an even smaller effective range than the Beam Gun, but in exchange it is lighter and more useful in an assault. The Beam Pistol has the following profile: R12" S5 AP- T:p, Blast, Pinning.

    The Caster is a staff imbued with psychic energy of a unique signature. Within has been imbued by the Slanni Mages one of the psychic powers they possess. It is a one-use weapon as once the energy within is unleashed, the power leaves the staff and it becomes useless. Select one of the Psychic Powers of the Slanni Magehood, treating the Skink using the Caster as a Mastery Level 1 Psyker. This Psychic Power may be used once per Battle.

    The Mind Beacon is the means of communication between the mind of the Chief and that of the Slanni Mage Priest who is currently leading the host. By establishing a mind-link, the Slanni Mage Priest is able to see through the eyes of the Chief and work his magic through him. The Chief becomes the beacon from which the Mage Priest can launch his psychic assaults without having to enter the fray of battle. The Slanni Mage Priest may use the position of the Chief as a reference point for Casting its Psychic Powers. It may Cast his Psychic Powers as if it is at the direct location of the Chief, and all Leadership Tests and Morale Checks within 12" of the bearer of the Mind Beacon may use the Leadership of the Slanni Mage.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Aquatic, Fleet of Claw, Guerrillas, Jungle Warriors
    Spawn Leader:
    The Chief must always lead a unit of Skinks, the Great Chief may lead several units of Skinks, the Chameleon Chief will lead a unit of Chameleon Skinks, while the Winged Chief will lead a unit of Winged Skinks.
    Tribe Leader: Although the Chief is attached to a single spawn, in actuality he leads several spawns in the heat of battle, such that it becomes the movement of a tribe rather than a single spawn. The spawn he is attached to simply acts as his personal retinue. All Skink units within 12" of the Chief, Great Chief and Winged Chief may use their Leadership for all Leadership Tests.

    In the times of old, when the Old Ones walked among the stars, the Slanni were the first race created by the bio-engineering of the Old Ones, as a servant race to carry out the Great Work. Together with the help of the Slanni, the Old Ones seeded countless worlds with life, and brought about the arising of sentience in many alien species. The Old Ones had the ability to travel instantaneously through the Warp, appearing at any point in space. This was the method in which they discovered new species scattered throughout the galaxy, and this was one of the first powers learnt by the Slanni from their Old One masters. As the Old Ones encouraged the evolutionary processes of countless worlds through their biological engineering, the Slanni came to master this as well, until they became the greatest biological engineers in the galaxy, with the demise of the Old Ones. The Old Ones taught the Slanni to tap into the Warp and harness the psychic energy for their own use. In this way, the Slanni became masters of psychic manipulation. In actual fact, the Slanni were designed by the Old Ones to be a highly psychic race. The Slanni originally evolved from amphibian stock, and the Old Ones noticed the latent psychic potential within their species, which is why they chose the Slanni to be their servant race.

    There were three generations of Slanni created by the Old Ones. The first generation was designed to aid in the creation of new species. This work was to be carried out even after the demise of the Old Ones, and the first generation Slanni were sworn to their task which they hold with great priority. As one of the side-effects of the bio-engineering of the Old Ones, the Slanni of the first generation are imbued with tremendous prophetic foresight, which they use to determine the best course of actions to be taken by the Slanni Magehood, together with the Skink tribes. They thus occupy the highest positions within the social order, and their decisions affect the whole of Slann society. In this way, in administration and practise of the science and art of biological engineering, they create.

    The Slanni of the second generation were tasked with the nurturing of primitive cultures and to maintain the evolutionary processes of life across countless worlds, carrying on the legacy of the prime work of the Old Ones. Their powers thus extend to their environment and they can shape and affect their immediate surroundings to significant degrees. In this way, in the guiding and maintenance of the evolutionary activities of those races left in their charge, in the means of the stewardship of the Old Ones, they preserve.

    The Slanni of the third generation were created to deal with the more dangerous species of the galaxy. The existence of such dangerous creatures could pose a threat to those other sentient species of the galaxy that were so carefully nurtured by the works of the Old Ones, so they are left to be eradicated, or at least have their population controlled, by third generation Slanni. The Slanni of the third generation have tremendous powers over the domains of psychology and of the mind, powers which they use to great effect in eliminating not just the dangerous species of the galaxy, but in facing off against the eternal enemies of the Old Ones, during the days of yore. In this way, for the safety of the sentient and intelligent species of the galaxy, they destroy.

    With the death of the Old Ones, all three Slanni generations no longer hold to their task of creating, maintaining, and destroying. Instead, they have chosen to live in peace in the galactic north. There they have formed a Magehood, a social order divided between the three generations. Although not necessarily more powerful than the other, there is a social hierarchy formed between the generations, with the oldest at the top. The three work together to ensure the harmonious functioning of the whole of Slanni civilisation. The first generation Slanni are known as the Mage Lords. They are the most powerful individuals in Slanni society and are the dominant voice in all affairs. From their temple pyramids, they direct the activities that occur within all levels of the tribe. The second generation Slanni are the Mage Priests. These manage the rituals of the offering of sacrifice to their Gods, the Old Ones, and the maintaining of the law and order within Slanni society. The Slanni of the third generation are the Battle Mages or Mage Battlers, used exclusively on the field of battle for their destructive powers.

    The Slanni originally evolved from amphibian stock, and even today, traces of their ancestry are not hard to distinguish. Their hands and feet are long and webbed, their skins cool and moist, their heads large with protruding eyes. They are quite at home in the water, and are capable of breathing oxygen from water (or other poorly oxygenated atmospheres) directly through their skin. Slanni vary in colour a great deal; green and blue are common, yellow is fairly well represented, and there is a scattering of other, rarer colour morphs as well as albino and melanistic forms. Brightly pigmented Slanni are often extrovert, talented or especially noteworthy in some way. Skins are sometimes mottled, striped or otherwise marked. On some Slanni worlds, and especially among primitive Slanni, these markings represent tribal divisions. Height is fairly constant, with adult Slanni reaching 2 metres, while females are slightly larger and bulkier.

    Mage Battler: M:4 WS:3 BS:5 S:2 T:3 A:1 W:3 I:2 L:8 AS:-
    Mage Priest: M:4 WS:3 BS:4 S:2 T:3 A:1 W:4 I:2 L:9 AS:-
    Mage Lord: M:4 WS:3 BS:3 S:2 T:3 A:1 W:5 I:2 L:10 AS:-
    Point Cost: 30/50/70
    Unit Size: 1
    Wargear: +Shield of the Old Ones+20Pts, Hover-Palanquin, +Blessing of Sotek+10Pts, +Blessing of Tepok+10Pts, +Blessing of Huanchi+10Pts, +Blessing of Quetzl+15Pts, +Blessing of Tzunki+15Pts, +Blessing of Chotec+15Pts

    The Shield of the Old Ones is a force field that surrounds the entire Hover-Palanquin of the Slanni. It confers a 4+IS to the Slanni, and can be calibrated to offer 5+IS to the Slanni and its Temple Guard retinue.

    The Hover-Palanquin is imbued with skimmer technology, allowing the Slanni to traverse difficult terrain with ease. The Hover-Palanquin is further capable of a turbo-boost, moving the Slanni at an increased pace. The raised position of the Slanni upon the Hover-Palanquin offers some protection to it, especially in close combat. The Hover-Palanquin is the medium in which the Slanni Mage travels throughout the Magedom of the Slanni. They are thus nexus of tremendous amounts of psychic energy. Should any enemy come within range of the Slanni and attempt to attack it, the Hover-Palanquin will instinctively lash back at him with psychic energy. The Hover-Palanquin confers a 3+ AS to all Ranged Attacks. In Close Combat, this is decreased to 4+. In addition, the Hover-Palanquin may Turbo-Boost during the Shooting Phase, Moving an additional 6". The Hover-Palanquin reacts with a Psycho Grenade Attack when it is Attacked from a Range of 18”.

    Blessings of the Old Ones:
    Blessing of Sotek: The Mage Lords are the first generation of Slanni tasked with the creation of new species in the galaxy. As such, they have been taught all the bio-engineering techniques of the Old Ones, which they use to raise huge armies of Skinks and Saurians. Using the secret spawning techniques of Sotek, Tepok and Huanchi, they are able to field entire armies of Great Crested Skinks, Great Horned Saurians, Winged Skinks and Chameleon Skinks. +1Pt for each Skink, +2Pts for each Saurian.. All units within a Slanni host led by a Slanni Mage Lord with the Sacred Spawning of Sotek gain Furious Charge and +1 Strength.
    Blessing of Huanchi: +1Pt for each Skink, +2Pts for each Saurian. All units within a Slanni host led by a Slanni Mage Lord with the Sacred Spawning of Huanchi gain +1I and the Stealth USR.
    Blessing of Tepok: +1Pt for each Skink, +2Pts for each Saurian. All units within a Slann host led by a Slanni Mage Lord with the Sacred Spawning of Tepok may Assault even after Running, gain +1M, for those spawns with the Special Rule Fleet of Claw.
    Blessing of Quetzl: A little known spawning, the secret blessing of Quetzl the Armadillo God is known only to the Mage Lords. They secretly imbue their spawnings with the blessing of the Old One that tried to induce great protective coverings in his spawnings. The spawns of this blessing are renowned for the bony protrusions that cover their entire body, and for their thick hides, a result of the bio-engineering of the Lightning God. +2Pt for each Skink, +4Pts for each Saurian. The spawns of the Protector God gain +1T and +1 to their AS.
    Blessing of Tzunki: Tzunki, the Crocodile God experimented greatly with granting amphibious properties onto his spawnings. This secret technology has been preserved by the Mage Lords, and in any battles that involve large bodies of water, they would be sure to use the spawns of the Water God. In times of peace, the spawn of Tzunki, the Spy God are used as merchants and ferrymen over the waterways of the Magedom of the Slanni. +1Pt for each Skink, +2Pts for each Saurian. The spawns of the Spy God gain +1WS, +1BS and Aquatic.
    Blessing of Chotec: Chotec, the Dragon God, incorporated the DNA of the Salamanders into his spawnings, gifting them with the ability to breathe fire. The DNA of the Saurians is highly similar to the Salamanders, so Chotec only managed to achieve success in his experiments to accomplish so, with them. The hides of the spawns of the Fire God are a distinctive vibrant orange, marking them as the favoured of Chotec. They are a particularly rare spawning, and for that, they are installed as the leaders over all Saurians, for they are the spawn of the Ruler God. +3Pts for each Saurian, +5Pts for each Salamander. The Saurians gain +1A and the Fire Breath of the spawn of Chotec, which has the following profile: R:T S:3 AP:6 T:A1, Ignores Cover. The Salamanders gain +1A and their Fire Breath becomes S5 AP4.
    Blessing of Tlazcotl:+2Pts for each Skink, +4Pts for each Saurian. All units within a Slanni host led by a Slanni Mage Lord with the Sacred Spawning of Tlazcotl gain +1L and immunity to Fear, as well as Adamantium Will.

    First Generation Psychic Powers:
    Primaris Power: Warpgate – Mastery Cost 1/Casting Level +13
    Using the technology of Warp travel the Slann have learnt from the Old Ones, the Mage Lord opens a Warpgate on the field of battle. A Warpgate, 6" wide, appears within 24" of the Mage Lord. All units may travel through the Warpgate and appear anywhere they wish to on the battlefield. They may Charge through the Warpgate and count as having Surprise Assault on the Turn of their Charge.
    (1)Rejuvenation – Mastery Cost 1/Casting Level +15
    The Mage Lords in their millennia of creating and bio-engineering new species, are able to affect the recovery systems within a living organism, allowing it to heal itself at a startling rate. A selected unit within 24" of the Mage Lord is able to recover every Wound it has suffered so far. The Slann unit may reroll failed Regeneration rolls, as many times as it has Wounds lost, for that one Turn.
    (2)Invigoration -Mastery Cost 2/Casting Level +17
    The Mage Lord is able to affect the metabolic processes within a living organism, fuelling its adrenaline and allowing it to do superhuman feats of exertion. A selected model within 24" of the Mage Lord gains +2S, +2A and +2I. This effect lasts until the start of your next Turn.
    (3)Foresight – Mastery Cost 1/Casting Level +14
    By peering into the possible skeins of the future, the Mage Lord is able to learn of any impending danger and move in preparation of it. A unit within 12" of the Mage Lord forces enemy units Shooting at it to reroll their successful to-Hit rolls.
    (4)Fortune – Mastery Cost 1/Casting Level +16
    The Mage Lord is able to make D3 rerolls for any friendly unit within 12” of it, as well as for itself.
    (5)Fate – Mastery Cost 2/Casting Level +18
    Studying all the possible strands of Fate, the Mage Lord selects the best possible outcome and announces his prophesied outcome to the warriors of the Slann. The task falls onto one of the spawns with fulfilling the prophecy, and thus upholding the prestige and name of the Slann. Select a single enemy unit within LoS of the Mage Lord and roll a D3. During the number of the Turns from the present Turn indicated on the Die roll, all failed to-Hit rolls and all failed to-Wound rolls made against that unit may be rerolled, and the unit itself rerolls all successful Armour Saves. Should the Fated unit still survive after the prophesied time, all Slann units must pass a Morale Check, with a negative modifier equal to the result of the D3 rolled when the Spell was being Casted.
    (6)Prophecy – Mastery Cost 2/Casting Level +18
    The Slann Mage Lord makes an announcement of Prophecy, regarding the time of the end of the battle. Roll a D3. That is the number which you can modify the roll to determine the end Turn of the Battle, once per Cast. It can be either a negative modifier or a positive modifier.

    Second Generation Psychic Powers:
    (1)Earthquake: This power was used by the second generation Slann to terraform worlds, by shifting the tectonic plates of the continents. Now, it is used to shaken the enemies of the Slann on the field of battle. Roll a single D6. The value rolled is the number of Large Blast markers used to denote the presence of the Earthquake. Distribute the Large Blast markers as you will over the field of Battle, up to a range of 60” away from the Mage Priest Casting. For each unit caught within one of them, every model under the Large Blast markers suffers from a S3 Hit at AP-. In addition, the unit has to take a Pinning Test. If it passes the Pinning Test, it Moves as if in Difficult Terrain until your next Turn.
    (2)Overgrowth: The Mage Priest is able to accelerate the growth of plants in an area, resulting in an overgrowth of vegetation. Place a forest anywhere within LoS of the Mage Priest. All enemy units caught within the Overgrowth of trees are immediately Pinned and suffer D6 S3 AP6 Hits.
    (3)Lightning: The Mage Priest is able to invoke lightning from the skies to strike at its enemies. A unit within LoS of the Mage Priest is struck by Lightning. It has the following profile: R:- S:10 AP:1 T:A1. The Mage Priest is able to strike at its target with Lightning from any angle or distance, as long as it is able to see the target. The Rear Armour of a vehicle is thus vulnerable to being struck by Lightning.
    (4)Evolution: In their work to maintain the evolutionary processes of the species under their care, the Slann of the second generation have learnt to force evolution in those species and even forced devolution if necessary. The changes they affect in the individual through the rigours of evolution is permanent, and if the individual is unable to cope with the strains of evolving, they are likely to perish. A selected model within 24" of the Mage Priest gains a permanent +1 to all its statistics, except Wounds. The model has to pass a Toughness Test at its modified T value, which upon failing, it suffers a Wound with no Saves of any kind allowed. This spell can be Casted multiple times on the same model.
    (5)Devolution: In their task of maintaining and preserving the work of creation of the Old Ones and the Slann of the first generation, the second generation Slann have learnt to induce devolution in species they felt were evolving at too fast a pace for their own good. A selected enemy model within 24" of the Mage Priest suffers a permanent -1 to all its statistics, except for Wounds. Any one statistic can only be reduced to a minimum value of 1. The model has to pass a Toughness Test at its modified T value, which upon failing, it suffers a Wound with no Saves of any kind allowed.

    Third Generation Psychic Powers:
    Primaris Power: Fiery Conjuration – Mastery Cost 1/Casting Level +12
    The Mage Battler blasts its target with a stream of fireballs. The Fiery Conjuration has the following profile: R:36" S:5 AP:4 T:A4.
    (1)Psycho Blast – Mastery Cost 1/Casting Level +11
    The Mage Battler blasts an area with Psycho energy, overloading the minds of its enemies with psychic energy and tearing them apart from within. Psycho Blast has the following profile: R:24" S:- AP:1 T:A1, Large Blast, Pinning, Psycho Energy.
    Mind Penetration: The Mage Battler forces its will into the minds of its enemy, penetrating pass the barriers of his mind and attacking him at the very core of his being. Roll 6D6. For each roll of a 2+, the enemy suffers a single Wound with no Armour Saves allowed. For every 6" the enemy is away from the Battle Mage, you lose one D6, i.e. if the enemy is within 7"to 12", you roll 5D6 instead.
    Fear: The Mage Battler sends visions of the enemy's greatest fear to appear in his mind, sending him into a terrified state. This Power can be directed at an enemy unit within 24” and LoS. The target unit must take a Morale Check immediately, with a -3 modifier to its Leadership. If it fails the Test, it begins Falling Back.
    Courage: The Mage Battler instills courage in one of the units, automatically rallying it and greatly increasing its morale, as visions of their great Warrior God Sotek and Protector God Quetzl fill their hearts and minds. Rallies a Falling Back or Retreating unit within 24" and LoS, granting it +3L. This effect lasts until your next Turn.

    Special Rules:
    Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Aquatic, Jungle Warriors
    Psychic Nexus:
    The temple pyramids of the Slann are nexusus of psychic energy. The Slann Mages tap into the collective energy and use it to fuel their spells. The Slann are a defensive force, so they suffer a -1 modifier to start-off rolls. If the Slann host is fighting within the jungles of the crownworlds of the Slann, i.e. they are the Defenders in the Battle, the Slann Mages gain +1 to their to-Cast rolls for all Psychic Tests. In addition, they may reroll the to-Cast roll of a Perils of the Warp Attack. In addition, Slann Mages generate Warp Charges equal to D3 multiplied by the Mastery Level of the Casting Slann.
    Psyker (Mastery Level 2): Mage Battler
    Psyker (Mastery Level 3): Mage Priest
    Psyker (Mastery Level 4): Mage Lord
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    I'm unfamiliar with the content of this thread, but I'm guessing it is intended to be in the House Rules Subforum. Are these 9th Age rules as noted on the post....or are these 40K rules? All the galaxy and Psychic Powers talk makes me think it's not 9th Age.
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    It is 40k rules. This is not done too, it is not finished or refined. Once I get a new laptop I will finish it.

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