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AoS Competitive 2k Bloodclaw - Super Easy to collect

Discussion in 'Seraphon Tactics' started by Joshua Horchler, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Drachnyen
    Jungle Swarm

    Drachnyen New Member

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    I built something very similar inspired by this post

    Allegiance: Order
    Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (320)
    - Artefact: Quicksilver Potion
    Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (260)
    - Warblade
    - Artefact: Quicksilver Potion
    Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One (100)
    - Artefact: Relic Blade
    Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One (100)
    Skink Starpriest (100)
    Skink Chief (60)
    - General
    - Golden Sickle
    - Trait: Master of Defense
    10 x Saurus Warriors (100)
    - Spears
    10 x Saurus Knights (240)
    - Lances
    5 x Saurus Knights (120)
    - Lances
    3 x Ripperdactyl Riders (140)
    5 x Chameleon Skinks (120)
    5 x Chameleon Skinks (120)
    Bloodclaw Starhost (100)
    Shadowstrike Starhost (120)

    Total: 2000/2000

    This is 2 Start Collecting boxes, 1 box of knights, 1 box of skinks, 1 box of rippers.

    the scar vets on coldone, skink star priest, chief and chamos are all converted saving a ton in finecast crap.

    My only regret is the knight box as a 3rd start collecting would've been better for how i plan to expand later but nevermind.
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  2. Boboassa

    Boboassa Active Member

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    You can convert skinks into chamo skinks very easily and for far less money
    24 skinks for 35$/30€
    5 chamos for 25$/20€
  3. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Well-Known Member

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    The thread is "old" and i have noticed it just because of boboassa recent comment, however, looking at many lists posted in the first page, i see many that include 2 Oldbloods.
    In the Bloodclaw you can have only one, the second Oldblood won't have the benefits of the starhost

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