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Tutorial Dinosaurs in the Desert, a Lizardmen vs Tomb Kings Tactica

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Tactics' started by airjamy, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. airjamy

    airjamy Active Member

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    Thanks a bunch NIGHTBRINGER, haha.

    On the Armour of Silvered Steel, this is the item you want most of the time on your Prince. Silvered Steel+Dragonbane Gem+GW is the standard build, gives you a 2+ with T5 and 3W on a model that buffs its unit,, etc. It is not going to kill most Lords, but it is great value and something of a budget Hero that really pulls its weight. The alternative is using the Armour of Destiny, but everyone strangely always remembered that my characters are Flammable (i even had to tell a lot of guys that no, not my entire army is Flammable), that really made you want to take the Dragonbane Gem. Silvered Steel is 45, Destiny is 50, so Silvered Steel was often the better option. If you put something like Silvered Steel on a Necrotect you are literally paying 100 points to give one unit Hatred.. meh.

    The way i ran them was just in friendly games, and than i would just give them nothing. We always played with closed lists, so your opponent never knew if he had something like Silvered Steel, so often they would just ignore him "because he probably had something" so i got away with giving my 40 unit of TG Hatred for a decent price. Yes this is kinda cheesy for friendly games, but TK were pretty underpowered at that point, i took what i could get. I only sometimes gave him the 5 pts item that gave the unit a 6++ against Warmachines if there was no char who could take that item in the unit. That item was just pretty strong for its points, if you only made one save with it, it has its points worth. I never tried running him just bare in tournaments, might be an interesting idea.

    Its already done! ;)

    Also, now that 8th is dead, is it ok to use point values in out posts?

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