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KoW Elves vs Salamanders [OCCUPY - 1500]

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Itepixcauh, Nov 24, 2017.

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    Well, new season of our local KoW league has started and this was the first game I played.

    My opponent had Elves and I was expecting some nasty stuff so I prepared a list that could stand the punishment, I was in for a big surprise.

    The Elves list was as follows:

    - Horde of Tallspears with Dwarven Ale
    - Regiment of Palace Guard
    - Regiment of Hunters of the Wild
    - Regiment of Archers
    - Troop of Silverbreeze Cavalry
    - Troop of Stormwind Cavalry
    - Noble War Chariot
    - Tree Herder
    - Elven Mage with Bane-chant, ┬┐Fireball? and Inspiring

    There is some magic item missing there, I'm guessing it was Chant of Hate on the Arches or something like that but I can't remember.

    My list was as follows:

    - Horde of Ghekkotah Warriors with Healing Brew
    - Horde of Fire Elementals with Nimble
    - Horde of Fire Elementals with Haste
    - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaur with Brew of Courage
    - Lekelidon
    - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring
    - Mounted Herald with Banner of the Griffin
    - Battle-Captain with Wings
    - Ghekkotah Skylord

    My thought was to have 4 units that could withstand any charge (not multiple of course) and still have a decent chance of surviving, I was fearing Drakons Hordes and Stormwind regiments. Also have two flying heroes that could shut down his shooting fast, those hordes of archers are scary. As you can see all of that wasn't necessary.


    Sorry I don't have a picture but it was fairly standard, I chose to deploy my FE in the middle with my Ghekkotah for support and the lekelidon too. He chose to do the same and then deployed the Archers in the far right hill apart from everything else, I took the opportunity and deployed the Ancients there to go after them and then help clean the center, he chose to deploy his two cavalry troops in the opposite flank.

    He chose to move both his Vanguard units directly forwards.

    TURN 1

    He went first, I believe I had the choice.

    He moved forwards carefully to stay out of charge range but forgot to move the archers, so they couldn't shoot this turn. The Chariot did shoot and did some damage to my Skylord.

    I decided to go hard with the Ancients knowing I could withstand one turn of shooting with ease and the rest was moved enough to stay out of the range of his units. I positioned my flying heroes to flank charge the chariot if he decides to charge the Ancients or go after the archers if needed.



    For some reason he decides he is not playing the waiting game and pushes both his Treelord and Hunters hard on me, so hard that the Treelord is effectively an inch away from my nimble FE. His Silverbreeze goes to capture the objective on my deployment zone while the Palace Guard stay out of my reach.

    The Chariot decides it's better to just move forwards to try and reach the rear of my army.

    In his shooting phase he does some more wounds to the Skylord with his Archers but fails to waver or kill him and does one wound to the FE with the Silverbreeze.



    Right now I'm on a wet dream, he has given me ALL the charges. If I know one thing about playing with Elves is you never give away the first charge or you are doomed, so I just take them gladly. Haste FE go into the Hunters, Ancients go into the Archers and Ghekkotah Warriors go into the Tallspears. Then having the Treelord an Inch away of my Nimble FE means I can sidestep 3 inches and turn to face his flank waiting for a juicy surge charge later on. My two heroes charge the Chariot and the Lekelidon turns to face the Silverbreeze.

    I also decide I don't need the Herald to support my Ancients so he moves to help the Ghekkotah instead.

    Surge goes as planned and the Treelord is flanked by the FE, but the lekelidon misses badly and cannot do a single wound on those pesky Silverbreeze.

    Combats go rather well, I rout the Arches in one go and reposition the Ancients to look at the middle of the field, the warriors do 7 wounds to the Tallspears, the two heroes manage to waver the Chariot as do the FE with the Hunters. But the absolute stars of the show were the Nimble FE managing and insane amount of wounds and routing the Treelord in one go, burned to the crisp.

    Looking pretty good right now, but at this moment I wouldn't have guessed the outcome in a million years.



    His situation is not good, and he knows but still have some quite strong units around that could do some serious damage.

    He charges the Palace Guard into the Nimble FE and countercharges the Ghekkos with the Spears. He keeps bringing the Stormwind slowly into my backfield (too slowly IMO) and reforms the Chariot so I can't charge him in the flank again with my Skylord.

    He manages to Bane-chant the PG and they look quite menacing now with CS2. He rolls like a madman with them and puts NINE, I will repeat NINE wounds on them with 12 attacks, that is brutal. Luckily his Nerve roll is not as good and they stay. The Tallspears do quite well too, putting 9 wounds also on the Ghekkotah but also doing nothing.



    This is the turn where I don't need a double one, It's looking really well but my nimble FE and my Skylord are very damaged.

    The centre is easy, I just countercharge with everything I can and also flank charge the Tallspears with the Ancients (although it is a hindered charge, that hurts a lot). Against the Chariot I decided to move my Skylord away from there to capture an objective and charge just the Battle-Captain in.

    In the shooting phase my Lekelidon fires into the Silverbreeze again, but this time I do some damage and Waver them! I also Fireball the Mage with my own Mage doing some damage too.

    Combats went pretty darn well for me, I will go from left to right:

    - The Hasted FE killed the Hunters and reform to face the incoming cavalry in my back
    - The Nimble FE do extremely well, I roll a great Nerve test twice and the Palace Guard bite the dust.
    - The combined charge against the Tallspears goes as predicted and they die too.
    - Battle Captain does some damage but sadly is not even wavered.

    So yeah, that pretty much seals the deal for me. I'M A HAPPY SALAMANDER.


    TURN 5

    Definitely not looking good for him he tries to take some of my units out to win some attrition points. He somehow makes one wound to my Mage-Priest with his Mage so I'm guessing he had Fireball on him and manages to Waver him. His Silverbreeze does nothing. In the Combat phase the Chariot does 3 wounds to my Battle-Captain.

    In my turn I charge the Silverbreeze with my FE. My Ghekkotah warriors charge the Mage and the Battle-Captain counter charges. The rest just moves into position to capture objectives.

    I kill the Silverbreeze with ease and reposition to face the remaining Stormwind troop and my beloved Ghekkotah Horde quarterly destroys the Mage. The Battle-Captain does great and finally kills off the heavily wounded Chariot.


    TURN 6

    We decide to just roll the Stormwind combat against the Haste FE, he goes in and does like 3 wounds, and in the counter-charge I just kill him with ease.

    So it was an amazing 20-0 for me, and it's the first time I table an opponent not loosing a single unit. Pretty good for a start, I'M LEADING THE CHART!!



    Itexpicauh knew the establishment of the colony wasn't an easy task, the forest inhabitants weren't willing to give the territory without a fight but they didn't know Itexpicauh was more than willing and prepared to fight.
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    Excellent start to the new season :)
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