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AoS Eternal Starhost and teleporting

Discussion in 'Seraphon Tactics' started by Wazz, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Wazz

    Wazz Well-Known Member

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    Beastclaw also have healing not the best or reliable but still a d3 heal was like a d6 on it.
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  2. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Well-Known Member

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    We will go OT, but the topic in interesting, so I'll trow my 2 cents.

    The Old Stonehorn was frankly broken as hell (especially if mounted by a fully equipped Frostlord).
    Now, it's "just" a strong behemoth, that's still able to deliver an impressive amount of damage (hey, I suppose it's a Destruction thing).
    The nerfed defence is still valid agains many dangers that are becoming a common thing in competitive meta: mortal wounds, dedicated assassins (Kurnoth Hunters...), or models/units with abilities specifically designed to go against monsters/heroes (K. Venator...).

    Yeah, it's much more vulnerable to units with lots of light shooting and hordes... but Stonehorn is fast and usually he can charge pretty quickly those kind of threats, and it's still capable to wipe almost entirely a unit in the first round.
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