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KoW Itepixcauh Army Blog

Discussion in 'Salamanders Army Lists' started by Itepixcauh, Jan 5, 2017.

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    So at the end I ended in fourth place, not bad I believe. On the top three were two Abyssals (my lasr two opponents) and an Elven player so basically all the cheese and all the armies with lots of flying units.

    I never got to play against the Elf player due to schedule problems on his part and we both ended with no points that round, which was harsh, if I managed a victory against him and played better against the first Abyssal player I would have been in the top three for sure, so I'm really happy.

    The army performed really well and I definitely got the hang on it. It feels 'sharp' and that's great.

    Regarding the list I've made some changes since the last game. Current list is as follows (1500):

    - Horde of Fire Elementals with Nimble
    - Horde of Fire Elementals
    - Horde of Ghekkotah Warriors with Hammer of Measured Force
    - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaurs with Blood of the Old King
    - Lekelidon
    - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring
    - Ghekkotah Skylord
    - Battle-Captain with Wings
    - Mounted Herald with Banner of the Griffin

    So two new additions, the amazing Horde of Ghekkotah Warriors with 40 attacks thanks to the errata and a Battle-Captain with Wings.

    To make space for the new units I took out a Lekelidon and the Kaisenor Lancers. It was a hard choice but another flying hero, individual this time with CS2 is amazing, and I felt the need for a big block of Infantry too often to ignore it, the Lancers are amazing but they die or get wavered too easily and I need resilience over raw damage most of the time.

    Another Battle Report is on the way, the first one for the new league, so stay tuned for more!
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