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AoS Killer Angel's BatReps

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Killer Angel, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    Since I'm planning to to more or less regular BatReps, I figure that to have just one thread is better than flooding this subforum with a bunch of posts. So here we go.

    This growing thread will be structured this way:
    in this first post there will be a summary of all the BatReps while i do them, each bat rep with a title (forces involved) and points of the armies, and there will be a link to the actual post of the Bat Rep. So you will have at hand the entirety of the reps and with an easy access to the ones that interest you (with the following comments).

    OLD THREADS with previous BatReps (before the release of the General Hand book 2017):

    - Seraphon Vs Dwarfs_New Gettysburg! (1540 pts)
    - Seraphon Vs Dwarfs_skinks! (1500 pts)

    2nd EDITION - GHB 2018

    - Seraphon Vs Nighthaunt (1000 pts), which is the first BatRep posted here, in the following posts
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  2. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    Seraphon Vs Nighthaunt (1000 pts)

    Army Lists

    - Slann (general, Vast Intellect, iridescent feathers)
    - Astrolith Bearer
    - Skink Starpriest
    - 10 Skinks (boltsplitters)
    - 10 Skinks (javelin)
    - Stegadon
    - 4 razordons (proxyed by the models of 4 sallies)

    - Knight of Shrouds on steed: general, ruler of spirit hosts (can raise dead models), midnight tome (he's a wizard)
    - Guardian of Soul (can raise dead models)
    - Spirit Torment (can raise dead models)
    - 40 Chainrasp Horde
    - 20 Grimghast Reapers



    This one (don't know the english name. Central Points?)

    2 VP if you control the central objective
    1 VP for each objective you control
    3 VP if you control a couple of opposite Objectives (1-3 or 2-4)


    javelin skinks near the obj n. 2 (the one on my right), Boltsplitter skinks near 3 (the lower one), all the rest near the wood whithin the skinks' units

    40 chainrasps near the obj n. 4 (on my left), behind them, in the wood, we have the Guardian and Spirit Torment.
    Knight and Reapers are set in the UnderWorld (can deepstrke anywhere at more than 9" from me)


    I've got far more mobility to take objectives, but those 2 hordes could pose some problem if i don't snipe the heroes, and I could be taken by them in a dangerous pince.
    I took the starpriest because he can cast starlight and the slann with vast intellect will just cast Curse of Fate, saving two spells for summining points.

    Let's go!
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  3. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    NIGHTHAUNT's player decides to go first, fearing my shooting. he wants to close the gap asap, possibly charging me in the first turn with the reapers from the underworld.

    Spell not countered on the chainrasp (-1 to be wounded), they run forward, toward the central objective
    Grimghast reapers and the General appear on my right, but they fail the charge.

    2VPs fof the central obj


    It's SERAPHON turn

    successful Starlight on Steggy; Curse of Fate is countered..
    If i teleport the steggy behind the lines to reach for the heroes behind the chainrasp horde i could wreck one of them, luring the horde back to swarm the dino. but with the horde so near, i could reach it with the steggy without a teleport (that i could use with a different unit), and i would be still within the range of the Astrolith. So i decide to play an attrition game, blocking the hordes and taking objectives.
    I use the skink Alpha ability to move the steggy, and i teleport the skinks (roll a 6) on the right near the upper objective, then i move the razordons and the steggy.

    i collect 10 summoning points (6+1 Slann, 3 for the Astrolith)


    I shoot everything on the chainrasps and charge them with the steggy.
    "Only" 19 dead, the survivors inflict 5 wounds to the stegadon and pass the battleshock with the use of a command point

    3 VPs (the couple of objectives 2-4)



    NIGHTHAUNT wins the roll

    I unbind the spell to raise back chairasps, but not the mystic shield on the Reapers.
    The reapers are without target (the previously teleported skinks) so they are forced to run, passing upon my right objective
    Chainrasps inflict damage on the stegadon, bringing it down to 1 wound!

    3 VP (total: 5)



    things are becoming interesting. I decide to continue my tactic: play for objectives, not care for heroes and block the hordes.
    Summon starlight on Razors (works), Curse of Fate on Steggy (failed due to unbind).
    Teleport away steggy and land it near the unguarded objective on the left. Collect 9 summoning points for a grand total of 19.
    Summon a Troglodon: being near the astrolith it should be easy to shoot at the reapers, gaining a +3 on the following charge that i could reroll with a command point. Sounds a good plan, as the reapers excel in fighting hordes.

    (note: in the battlefield there are also previously killed models, that i will point so you know they're out of game)


    Shoot at the chairasps (poor result), and successful shootin by the trog on the reapers. Charge!

    The plan worked perfectly, I've killed only 4 reapers, but now the nighthaunt meleers are stuck in combat far away from my Headquarter and the units that are in control of objectives.
    Please note that in this way I'm also limiting the move of the undead heroes, as they need to stay nearby the fighting units to grant them the bonuses they desperately need...

    I score 4 VP (total: 7)

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  4. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    I win the roll, so double turn for me! this one could be the turning point


    Starlight by Starpriest fails to enter; i forego all the spells with the slann, and i teleport away the 3 remaining razordons away from the Chainraps. I collect 11 summoning points, and the one previously saved takes me to 12
    I move back the skinks upon the objective 1 and i summon a couple of new razordons.
    After shooting (which the stegadon regularly fails), combat and battleshock, the surprisingly resilient chainrasp are still alive as unit (1 model), while the Reapers count a lot of dead models. The Troglodon is down to 6 wounds.

    this turn i collect 4 VPs (total: 11)



    A reaper is raised tnx to the Knight of Shrouds, but i unbind the spell that would resurrect 1d6 chainrasp.
    The last chainrasp flees back in the wood, and the guardian of souls moves toward the stegadon (which you cannot see in the picture, as it's behind the tower)
    the Knight of shrouds moves and then charges the unit of 3 razors (who fail to shoot) and kills 2.
    The spirit torment leaves the wood and charges my skinks, but wary fighter as they are, they say hello to the foolish undead and fall back.
    My brave Trog is reduced to 1 wound, but still stands!

    1 VPs for the undead, that goes to 6 VPs



    The NIGHTHAUNT manages to roll a double turn! WIll my opponent be able to turn the tide?

    the heroes are finally able to raise 6 chainrasps and another reaper.
    - chainrasps and spirit torment charge and surround the skinks in the wood
    - the guardian of soul charges the 1-wound stegadon
    - the Reapers try to mow down the Trog (with just 1 wound too as the Steggy)

    my opponent could blast away both the dinos and the far skinks, but will it be enough?

    after the combat:
    1 heroic skink is still alive
    Steggy is dead
    the troglodon stands. epic!


    (not in the picture, the Knight of shrouds is unable to finish the last razor)

    due to pile-in, now the objective on my right in no more in control of nighthaunts but they have the n. 1 and 4.
    total: 8 VPs


    The starpriest tries to cast a bolt but it's dispelled. The Slann doesn't cast and i obtain 13 summoning points
    I try to teleport away the brave remaining skink to take the now undefended objective n. 2, but I fail…
    I move to fire with the previously summoned razordons and then summon another couple to take the central objective.


    After the shooting, the Reapers and the undead General are no more.

    I take 3 VPs, going to 14

    With just one turn remaining, the undead player quits.

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  5. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    tactical considerations about the battle and the weaknesses of the list.

    Guys, those nighthaunts are tough as nails!
    In this battle I managed to shut down almost all the raising attempts, otherwise i coud have been swarmed…. such large units can suffer heavy losses and still remain effective, especially if they can avoid battleshock with command points if there's need to. The positive thing is that with just 2 big units, it is relatively simple to engage and stop their advance, but you need to employ tough units.

    Summoning for us is huge, in the end I managed to summon 320 points of units (but diluited along the whole game), sacrificing the casting of 260 points of slann (since the first turn).
    Point by point, it would be a loss, but the adaptability and the control that Summoning give us is TOO BIG to be underestimated. You just need to be careful to what you're summoning and why.

    Spells, summoning and teleport
    I was unlucky; many spells dispelled because i rolled too low even with the support of the astrolith… however, some considerations must be done.
    - unbind at 30" makes our casting less reliable
    - my favorite tactic before 2nd edition (use Slann with Vast Intellect, buff a unit as a stegadon with Curse of Fate + starlight, teleport and charge), can be countered more easily
    - summoning is too much important to be avoided
    - teleport is always helpful

    this is making me think about it.
    At the moment, is probably better to leave Vast Intellect at home, and use a Slann with Great Remember: double teleport with unmodifiable chances but you can move up to two units.
    Especially at 1000-1500 pts, double teleport lets you have a fabulous control of the battlefield, when units are few in numbers and distant objectives can be taken with ease.
    Plus, double teleport lets you move also something to deal with annoying enemy heroes in the rearlines (as it would have been the case in this game)
    The buff by Starlight can easily be obtained by a Starpriest and at that point you can go full summoning with the Slann.
    At higher points, the impact on the game is less huge, but al low points games (1000-1500) a summoning battery as a dedicated Slann can shift the balance.
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  6. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    Good report, thanks for posting!
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  7. TheCrux

    TheCrux Member

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    great report, thanks!
  8. Xasto

    Xasto Well-Known Member

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    Awesome batrep thanks Killer!
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  9. Vexcor
    Cold One

    Vexcor Active Member

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    So after all, would You Change YouTube Setup in 1k Battles? From fast intellect to great rememberer sounds good.
    So slann+starpriest+astrolith baerer are the key part and 4 razordons will do there stuff. Would you do any changes between the battlelines and the stegadon?

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