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KoW Kings of War International Campaign Day

Discussion in 'Salamanders Discussion' started by BAE, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. BAE

    BAE Well-Known Member

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    I don't know whether people have come across it but the KoW International Campaign Day is this Saturday! There are currently around 300 players at 65 individual sites in 14 Countries across 5 Continents and there's still time to sign up to be a location leader if you want to get in on the action (don't worry - it's super easy). I've decided that I'm going to play the first 7 or 8 games, starting at 0200 and playing games back to back until either 1600 or 1800.

    Some are really quite different so I'd appreciate people's thoughts on army list suggestions and tactics for each of them. Here are the games I'll be playing (all times GMT):

    Scenario 1A (0200-0400)
    Dominate! 1,000 points (played on 4x4)

    Units entirely within 12” of the centre of the playing area.

    Next Game Bonuses:
    Location: Winning side (good or evil) gets to determine who sets up first next game
    Overall: Winning side gets to determine who gets first turn next game.

    Scenario 2A (0400-0600)
    Modified Kill and Pillage! 1,500 points

    D4+2 objective markers >12” apart before deployment. Roll-off for first marker placement. Roll off for Commanders deployment within 8” of centre on own side. Heros in centre cannot attack or be attacked in first turn. Kill value + 10% (150pts) for units within 3” with no opponents within 3”. Individuals do not count.

    Next Game Bonuses:
    Location: Commander gains “Fearless” perk (cannot be :waivered) and a Godstone token for the next game
    Overall: One unit is given the “Fearless” perk and a Godstone token for the next game.

    Scenario 3A (0600-0800)
    Modified Loot! 2,000 points

    Before deployment nominate 2 units to carry tokens. Tokens cannot be dropped or transferred. When a unit is destroyed, drop their token as described in Loot! scenario. If a unit carrying a Godstone token picks up another Godstone token, it is absorbed and essentially destroyed. Most tokens wins. If a tie, Kill points.

    Next Game Bonuses
    Location: Adds 3” to their Inspiring range (Thus Very Inspiring becomes a 12” bubble)
    Overall: Choose side + reposition 2 pieces of terrain on the next game board

    Scenario 4A (0800-1000)
    Modified Invade! 1,500 points

    Winner of 3A is the defending player. Token touching the center of the defending long table edge. This token cannot be moved, at all. Deployment as normal. Attackers unit value victory points for at least partially within 14 inches of the token, double unit value victory points for at least partially within 6 inches. Defenders half value enemy units completely without of 14 inches of token and full value of enemy units they routed.

    Bonus for Overall Timezone 1 winning side: If good wins, all units on the side of good gain +1 to their route/waiver score. If Evil wins, all units of good alignment get -1 to their nerve.

    <End Timezone 1>

    Scenario 1B (1000-1200)
    Modified Pillage! 1,000 points
    (played on a 4’x4’ table)

    Obstacles are worth one point, other terrain worth two. Double points for terrain entirely on your opponent’s half of the table. Individuals and War Engines can’t hold terrain. If both players have units within 3” of the terrain, that terrain is contested and worth zero points.

    Next Game Bonuses:
    Location: Victor gives 1 unit Vanguard for next battle before deployment for the next scenario.
    Overall: Add 6 inches to one ranged unit’s ranged attack (including breath weapons)

    Scenario 2B (1200-1400)
    Rescue! 1,500 points
    (played on the table lengthwise)

    The side that lost the last game is the Defender and the winner is the Attacker. Defender chooses side and deploys Commander + 750pts within 6” of edge. Attacker deploys all units within 6” of centre line. Remaining defenders deployed within 12” of edge opposite Commander. If you have your Commander alive at the end of the game and your opponent doesn’t, you win. If both Commander’s are alive, or both are dead, use Kill! VPs.

    Next Game Bonuses:
    Location: Opposing side commander’s Inspiring bubble is shrunk by one third (so down to 4” for regular and 6” for Very Inspiring)
    Overall: Winner’s army gains Brutal as an army-wide special rule, if already Brutal adds +1 to it.

    Scenario 3B (1400-1600)
    Modified Pillage! 2,000pts

    Players each place an Objective Marker within 6” of the centre line, at least 12” apart, then choose sides. After choosing sides but before deploying any units, they each place another Objective Marker (the primary objective) on their opponent’s half of the board at least 9” from the long center line and 6” away from the back edge of the table. Secondary objectives are worth one point each. Primary objectives worth two scenario points to the player who placed it, zero to opponent. Ties determined by Kill! VPs.

    Next Game Bonuses:
    Location: Overcome with bloodlust, the commander gains +1 attack for the next battle
    Overall: This side gets to place all of the objective markers for the next game.

    Scenario 4B (1600-1800)
    Modified Pillage! 1,500 points

    Place D3+4 objective markers as per Pillage. Each marker worth D3. Most points wins.

    Bonus for Overall Timezone 2 winning side: All units on the winning side have +1 attack.

    <End Timezone 2>

    There is a Timezone 3 (Americas) but I definitely won't be playing those so I haven't included them. Any thoughts / suggestions / help on the scenarios?
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  2. pendrake

    pendrake Well-Known Member

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    Wonders sadly if there is an event anywhere near me.
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  3. BAE

    BAE Well-Known Member

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    Check out the Facebook page? And if there isn't one near you but you know a player that you can meet up with, let the organisers know. They will make you a location leader and give you some information - you then play a few games with your friend and send in the results!
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