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Army Fluff Klodorex, trying to fill in the plot holes

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Scalenex, Sep 6, 2017.

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    @Slanputin got some inspiration flowing for me by posting Lustrian maps and making me think about land marks and geography.

    Okay I am trying to make some fluff to stitch together my model collection and fluff pieces. Not all of my pieces are set in Klodorex, but almost all of my characters are from Klodorex or they fight Lizardmen from Klodorex. I never actually decided where Klodorex is figuring it is as near or distant to everything as the plot requires....until now. Look at page 25 of the 8th edition Lizardmen army book, or pull it up here. Northwest corner where there is a small gap in the mountains. Note where it says Monument of Izaatal. That is where Klodorex is. Minor spoilers follow. If you are really sensitive to spoilers, read my pieces in this order. If not, read my pieces anyway. I've vain and like to see the number of views and likes go up.

    After the Death of Sigmar, Merestar the Slann tries to take a more active hand in guiding humanity
    The Fall of Turochlitan (~5 pages)
    A pair of outcast vampires journey to Lustria with the goal of drinking a Slann's blood
    Count Renliss' Journey to Lustria (~21 pages)
    Klodorex is in disarray after the Slann disappear forcing an unlikely hero to unite the city
    The Orphaned Temple City (~39 pages)
    A party of Skinks is sent on a mysterious quest.
    Divided We Fall (~45 pages)
    Southlands Dwarves and Lizardmen unite against Skaven and Daemons
    New Alliances (~43 pages)
    An unusual Skink priest finds his destined entwined with a cursed Human
    Legacies. a novella (~61 pages)
    Lord Renliss battles the Grand Commodore Harkon of the Vampire Coast for supremacy of Lustria's undead
    Dead Water (~25 pages)
    Brief History of the Burn Face Tribe of Savage Orcs (~1 page)

    For reasons that follow, the Monument of Izzatal is ideally placed given the events in my fluff pieces. There are lot of landmarks on the map that have a cool sounding name, but no story explanation. At the south of the map, I couldn’t tell you what the three curses of the Thrice-cursed Peaks are. Maybe there were three major battles. Maybe three important people died there. Maybe three curses are mundane like "steep climbs, slippery slope, and high winds." There are lot of blanks to fill in. I need to fill in the Klodorex blanks.

    Here’s the obvious one, the Monument of Izzatal. Who or what is “Izzatal”? Let us make Izzatal a First Generation Slann who died fighting Daemons during the Great Catastrophe. It’s a Scalenex death, so I’m sure he died heroically and tragically in a way that makes people sad whenever the story is told. I'll work on the details later, but monument to an honored fallen Slann of legendary power is a good baseline.

    North of the Monument of Izzatal/City of Klodorex is the "Biting Bog." I am not going to come up with an exotic explanation for the title. The Biting Bogs is a big swamp with a lot of biting insects, so much so that the normally bug-tolerant Skinks decided they don't like going there. Frogs and stuff prey on them, bigger creatures prey on them, etc which makes it more dangerous. These things bite too. Basically the only reason Klodorex residents ever go there is to try to pick up some Razordon and Salamander eggs or rare poisonous insects (Salamanders and Razordons bite too). If the Lizardmen don't find the Biting Bogs worth their time, warmbloods probably hate it worse, so the Lizardmen's enemies would rarely pass through willingly or survivingly, so the First wouldn’t even have to patrol it much, until the Biting Bogs became more important in my story Orphaned Temple City.

    Two greater Daemons, Darfiel and Thazerick, set up a booby trap in a cave hidden in the Biting Bogs. They tried to use an enticing unsolvable riddle to trap the Slann of Klodorex within their own minds causing their bodies to waste away defeating four Slann without a fight. After Kaitar woke the Slann from their trance, the Slann wised up to what was happening and converted the cave into a prison for Darfiel and Thazerick. The Daemons are trapped, but they are able to mystically call out to closely aligned mortal followers of Chaos which drives the plot in future story.

    Then Klodorex had to start patrolling the area.

    To the west of the Monument of Izzatal/Klodorex is the Jungle of Green Mists. Again, I don't see the need to come up with an exotic magical source of green mist. Sunlight going through a canopy of leaves makes the slowly rising water vapor look green. A literal minded Skink named this section of jungle. It’s a little confusing because lots of areas of jungles in Lustria have greenish mists. Nothing really noteworthy here. Since the Biting Bogs is a terrible place to march a non-aquatic army, Dark Elves that choose to attack Klodorex and have accurate maps, will choose to march through the Jungle of the Green Mists. That’s just Dark Elves though, other warmblood foes to Klodorex have to come from the east. So there's a lot of battles here, but for story purposes this is generic jungle.

    Only Elves can conceivably land major incursions from the west coast. Everyone else needs to reach Klodorex or the areas near it from the west. Even the areas outside the Biting Bogs are dangerous to march soldiers through. A lot of warmbloods reach the area around Klodorex after wandering around the jungle blindly, but the less you have to slog through a jungle, the better. If your team has very good maps and navigators and wants to go to Klodorex, then the easiest route is to land on the Cactus Coast and march southwest. I'm retconning this as the landing site used in my novella Legacies. The characters making landfall did not have genius navigators but they did have magical navigation.

    Wait there is no official fluff on the Cactus Coast. Better develop it! Again, I don’t need to come up with an exotic explanation for the name. The area has an abundant supply of a species of cacti found nowhere else. Without a magical explanation, this cannot be an an arid area. The Cactus Coast is sandwiched between the ocean and a tropical jungle with a vaguely nearby mountain range acting like a rain shadow. This is not going to be an arid climate. Let us make this cactus plant very greedy for water. Maybe this high moisture cactus would have especially pretty flowers and make tasty nectar which can be made into potent tequila. Here is an area Skinks would want to visit! This is why Spektazuma and Klodorex have the best parties.

    South of Klodorex/the Monument of Izzatal is a swampy area called “The Reeking Mire.” Swamps stink as a rule, but as I'm looking for a place to put my Burn Face Tribe of Savage Orcs near Klodorex, so let’s make the Reeking Mire, in addition to regular swamp stink, being home to bunch of sulfuric geysers. I currently described the Burning Face’s main stomping grounds and the Old Faithful-esque geyser that serves as their “Boss” is south of the Reeking Mire where the Reeking Mire gives way to the mountains. The Burning Face’s main stomping grounds was described as a weird patchwork of rocky hills, low lying swamps and small patches of trees and geothermal activity everywhere. Sounds like a good place to have Orcs live. I use the Burn Face tribe of Orcs and Goblins a lot, but no need for spoilers.

    While the Burn Face Tribe is very good at navigating the Reeking Mire, their true home is south of the swamp where the Reeking Mire gives way to the mountains. In Orphaned Temple City the Lizardmen marched on the Burn Face Tribe traveling through the Reeking Mire. When Renliss fought them, he came the opposite direction through the mountains. So far I've used the Burn Face Tribe in two major stories, but they don't really drive the plot, they remain bit players, but I there are still around, so I'm sure I'll use them again. THe thought occurred to me that since the Burn Face Tribe is now officially at the base of a large mountain range, I could use the mountains as justification for giving the Burn Face Tribe Cave Squigs. This should be pleasing to @Otzi'mandias.

    I just need to figure out the Wellspring of Eternity (which is sandwiched between the Reeking Mire and the Jungle of Green Mists) and I need to figure out what Klodorex's relationship to Spekazuma the City of Lenses which is northeast from Klodorex/the Monument of Izzatal. The Wellsprings of Eternity sounds like a place that either beneficial or seeped in mystical power but its right next to the Reeking Mire, how nice can it be. I need to figure out what sort of McGuffin is there. Why it's important enough to be considered a monument to the Old Ones, but not important enough for the Lizardmen to garrison? Did the Orcs and Goblins that live in the Reeking Mire try to wreck the Wellsprings of Eternity or is too durable or well-hidden for them to even try?

    Spektazuma is an interesting case. It is so close to my desired location for a Temple City that is mildly tempting to retcon, “My Lizardmen were all based in Spektazuma all along!” but I’ve written so many pieces that may be weak. They are so close that either Klodorex was probably a satellite city of Spektazuma or Klodorex is made up of Spetazuma refugees or both. If there are any treasures, tombs, or spawning pools in Spektazuma that are still worth defending, that means Klodorex is probably the primary contributor of soldiers for this task.

    I’m not sure what City of Lenses means. This thread has the reasonable idea of Spektazuma housing an observatory. Assuming the observatory follows real world limitations on observatories, in a misty jungle, you want your observatory to be high above the cloud line. If that’s the case the official map should probably be edited slightly and either have Spektazuma slide an inch or two on the map so it’s in the mountains, or have the mountains stretch down an inch or two. Fun fact, the second closest official Lizardmen city to the Monument of Izzatal is Tlanxla, the City of the Sky, also located away from the mountains…where a river goes into into a swamp. That means the City of the Sky is below sea level. Good job GW fluff writers!

    Speaking of mountains, if you look very carefully at the Monument of Izzatal it is on a solitary mountain somewhat removed from other mountains. A lone mountain is enough to attract some atention to itself. But what if the Monument of Itzzatal is BIG. Whether it’s an obelisk, pyramid, statue or Mount Rushmore style carving a giant monument on the top of a solitary mountain would be easy to see at a distance. I’m open to suggestions on what the actual monument should look like. On a relatively cloudless day the monument can be seen for hundreds of miles. It may or may not have magical powers and it may or may not have an associated treasure vault, but it makes an obvious landmark for any clueless warmbloods wandering the jungle looking for a some ruins to loot, so it they think it has magic or treasures to steal even if it doesn’t.

    Not a lot of warmbloods make it to the east coast of Lustria, but anyone hugging the east coast can probably see the Monument of Izzatal on the aforementioned cloudless days. The Dark Elves and the High Elves probably have the best foreign maps in the worlds, and the Monument of Izzatal is probably on all of their Lustrian maps. I doubt the High Elves ever attacked, but they probably know somethings there. The Elves named it something Elven and the High Elves and Dark Elves probably don’t call it the same thing.

    Given that the monument is a very obvious landmark and that it is a relatively short march south through the Jungle of Green Mists, it’s going to attract Dark Elf raiders looking for a reachable Lustrian target. The Skaven are not inclined to compare notes to collaborate on accurate maps, but they probably figured out where the Monument of Izzatal is. During the time of the Rat and the Serpent, several Skaven scouts should have at least seen it in the distance. The nearby tribe of Greenskins probably knows it’s there too, map or not, they are so close they can talk about the “Big Shiny way up high!”

    Whether the Monument of Izzatal has any tactical or magical value, it marks a holy site for the Lizardmen where the legendary Slann Izzatal died! They don’t want warmbloods to figuratively or literally defile Izzatal’s memory. Whether they read it off a sacred plaque of prophecy or used plain old common sense, someone, probably someone in Spektazuma, decided that the Monument of Izzatal needed protection 24/7. Hence the City of Klodorex was born!

    Here’s the best part. I just established that the Monument of Izzatal is commemorating a legendary figure who died a heroic death struggling against impossible odds. That is what my fluff pieces are frequently known for, so it would make sense if Klodorex Skinks and Saurus would leave and breathe (and die) by this ethos.

    On more practical level, my stories always assumed Dark Elves raiders were disproportionately common in and around Klodorex, now I have a readymade excuse. It’s very easy for Dark Elves to find. It’s a relatively short distance from the Reeking Mire and therefore a relatively short distance from the “Great Fire Water” where the Burn Face Tribes dwell, so I can explain why Klodorex has to deal with them but other Lizardmen generally do not.

    Looking at the map the Monument of Izzatal is at the intersection two mystic ley lines. That could mean that the fluff writers intended for the Monument to be built before the Great Catastrophe in order to harvest these ley lines. In this case, Izzatal could be intended to be the name of an obscure Old Ones. Too bad GW writers! If that was your goal you should have written something earlier! The intersection of ley lines still works for the fluff I came up with.

    If a Slann wanted to make a heroic last stand against the forces of Chaos, he or she would probably choose an intersection of ley lines for better control over the Winds of Magic. The Slann (plural) would not have needed of a physical monument or temple at that ley line intersection before the Great Catastrophe because there was no reason to. It was only after Izzatal’s death that the First Children of the Old Ones made any major construction there.

    Okay, so I’m pretty happy about making Izzatal a venerated First Generation Slann and the nearest official Temple City is Spektazuma, probably makes sense to say that Izzatal was the former lord of Spektazuma. Here’s a question I’ll open to discussion.

    When Izzatal made his/her heroic last stand was he or she A) trying to prevent the Daemonic hordes from reaching Spektazuma or B) rallying the surviving refugees from a ruined Spektazuma?

    Option A would probably leave Spektazuma with less horrific damage but Option B does not mean Spektazuma is just a pile of rubble. If Izzatal got most of the people, relics, and treasures evacuated, the Deamons would have probably pursued the refugees instead of tearing up the buildings. Even if Izzatal killed 90% of the Daemons in the area, 10% of the Daemons could have done a lot of city damage. Spektazuma is as ruined or intact as stories demand it to be.

    Now it would be sad, but Spektazuma could have been saved from Daemons only to be ruined by Skaven centuries later, but that’s depressing. More importantly we already have Quetza and Chaqua as prominent examples of Skaven casualty cities.

    Not every “ruined” Temple City was leveled by an enemy. One possibility is that Spektazuma was not destroyed, but the Lizardmen could have willingly abandoned it. Klodorex suffers more attacks so they would depopulate the city as they funnel troops, Slann, and support staff to back up Klodorex. Not sure though. Spektazuma is pretty close to Lustria’s west coast so it would probably take its fair share of warmblood raiders. By the nature of geography, I cannot ignore Spektazuma for long or new plot holes will develop.

    That about wraps up things as far as my fluff pieces and the map go.


    Just testing you. South of Spektazuma, east of the Monument of Izzatal in the unnamed featureless patch of jungle far away from any ley lines.


    Good call, I almost forgot about this one! While a contingent of Klodorex Lizardmen went there, this one is very far away. Find the ley line on the map connecting Quetza and Chaqua and follow it northwest. Yalthera is located on the ley line roughly halfway between Chaqua and the River Amaxon. I figured that ley line makes a logic path of destruction for Skaven despoilers to take during the big Rat and the Serpent event. Yalthera is almost the dead center of Lustria now that I look at it.

    If the Skaven were able to cross the river and follow the ley line some more they would have hit the Lost City of Quit'ttax, the City of Scales. Quit'ttax is another official canon Temple City with no fluff written about it. Presumably it was ordered to be abandoned by the Slann when they realized the unnecessary apostrophe was a deviation of the Great Plan. We'll let another fluff writer fill in the blanks there. They could have been hit hard by the Skaven but I figure the Skaven are opportunists and like going after easy targets. Crossing the world's most dangerous river is not something they would enjoy doing if they could avoid it.

    Anyway Lord Renliss keeps himself and his minions on the move a lot. Yalthera is the closest thing he has to a home base though.

    Anyway, I am open to suggestions to further add depth to my city of Klodorex and it's star crossed inhabitants

    Hope this inspires you in your own fluff. You can jump start a lot of ideas by looking at a named map feature with no background and decide okay, "I will complete the missing background information!"

    Why is the "Forbidden Jungle" forbidden? Who or what dewells in the "Caverns of the Great Bat"? Where did the "Pox Marsh" get it's name from, aren't all marshes filled with poxes?
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