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8th Ed. Lizardmen versus Dwarves

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Discussion' started by Dragonfire, Sep 3, 2017.

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    Hey everyone! I'm going to be joining a campaign soon where the majority of players will be dwarves (or Empire, but run heavy artillery anyways.) I was wondering if anyone had any tips for taking on the stout folk and their cannons? I was really hoping to employ a Scar Veteran on a Carnosaur but I get the feeling he will be blown out of the sky (err, ground) by artillery. :/
  2. Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl
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    Probably he will get blown to pieces. I've been playing Dwarfs for longer than even Lizardmen, so I'll be able to advise you here.
    Dwarfs are quite a slow-moving army in Fantasy, although faster-moving than Tomb King or Vampire Count infantry armies because they can't march without magical help or being near the general, while Dwarfs can march 6" even if there are enemy units very close to them, due to their Relentless special rule. They can also now charge up to 15", so are not as slow as they once were. They are highly anti-magic (Natural Resistance Special rule gives them +2 to dispel, Runesmiths and Runelords can channel Dispel Dice and can take up to 3 Runes of Spellbreaking that act like Dispel Scrolls each), so only bring a Slann and Skink Priests if you are going to use loads of them - a Slann on his own will not be able to stand up to much. Dwarf Runic weapons are also brutal in close combat, because they are so flexible - whereas normal magic items give you just +1 attack or +1 Strength, a Dwarf magic weapon could give the wielder +1 Strength, +1 Attack and Always Strikes First, for example, as long as it is within the points allowance, so don't challenge their characters unless you have a Saurus Oldblood with a beast of a build who could take out a Chaos Lord any day of the week. You really need to outmanoeuvre them - taking a good number of Skinks, flyers and Saurus Cavalry would be handy here as you can quickly rush them up to engage their Artillery quickly before they can get many shots off on you. Talking of Artillery, despite what Empire players tell you, Dwarfs easily have the best war machines in the game - theirs are the most reliable, have the toughest crew and with the new book pack more of a punch than ever. The Organ Gun especially can fire up to 20 Shots now and only misfires if 2 misfires are rolled - if 1 misfire is rolled it just sufferes a -1 penalty to BS. However, these machines and all other Dwarf missile weapons can only move or fire, so it is more likely that Dwarfs will just stand and shoot you as you come in rather than move forward to meet you head-on, so certainly faster troops can get you into combat with their missile troops quicker. Also, Saurus can outfight most Dwarf close combat troops once they get in as they have 2 attacks each and predatory fighter, so take a good lot of Saurus Warriors and try to shield them to stop them getting massacred at range before they can get into melee. Monsters, on the other hand, are especially vulnerable - Lizardmen have no flying monsters, and Dwarf cannons are S10 with no armour saves allowed and multiple wounds D6, so I would advise you to leave your carnosaur at home. The character could get into melee if he has a Ward save, but this doesn't protect the Carnosaur. Also if a Dwarf player is feeling particularly competitive he could include 3 cannons in his force as they are Special Choices. Terradons might be a good way to take them out because they can get up the field quickly and drop rocks on them to take out the crew, but be careful the Dwarfs don't use Gyrocopters and Gyrobombers to do the same to you. Gyrobombers are especially lethal - can drop a S5 Armour Piercing large blast template over a unit they fly over every turn with only a small amount of scatter - massive hordes of Skinks would get slaughtered like this. They aren't that good in melee though, so charge one with a Saurus Cavalry unit and it will be finished.

    Hope this helps!
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