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AoS My 1st battle ever ! I shall name it "Patrik goes wild" :D

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Seraphage, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Seraphage

    Seraphage Well-Known Member

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    So today I 've had my first Seraphon battle of 1000points vs Stormcast Eternal.

    We 've had a scenario with 4 tokens which gave you points at the end of YOUR turn.
    Your token gave you one point, and the 2 on the side, 2points each.
    We rolled to pick a side, I won and picked a side. Didn't care really. That is until the terrain closer to me ended up deadly while the other was inspired :p

    Took Tenacious (+1 to generals' wound characteristic) as I was kinda scared for my rolling ability - turned out I was right hehe - and the Quicksilver pot as my artefact. My list was :

    Saurus Scar Veteran on Carno - 260 (general)
    Skin Star Priest - 100
    Saurus Knights x 5 - 120
    Saurus Warriors x 10 - 100
    Chama skinks x 5 - 120
    Bastiladon - 300

    You 'll realise that my miniatures - saurus warriors excluded - were half constructed or even worse, just the base ( I actually had the whole Carnosaur glued with glue - tak or however it's called but apparently wasn't enough so I have decided to disengage him just to be safe ). I returned to the hobby after 8 years, I love painting and I spent most of this time reading this wonderful forum about color schemes, techniques and asking advice from you all guys. As a result I 've only finished the Saurus warriors so far and 5 skinks ! (tried many things and already improved a lot ! :D )


    As I do not want to have issues with painting the models, I didn't glue any part I felt it might stop me from doing my best.. that's why my models are so weird :p

    My opponent had :
    Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
    Priest that healed D3 or dealt d3 dmg 18''
    Paladin Retributors x 5
    2 groups of : Liberators x 10
    The MVP of this battle : Patrik. ( Shadowblade Assassin )

    Placement :
    a) I 1st placed my chameleon skinks ( used my painted skinks for them ) hidden. He replied with 10 Liberators in front of the right token.

    b) Placed my Saurus warriors in my middle token ( after he explained the stats of his troops I realised they had no chance in a straight forward battle against any of his units *he forgot to tell me what Patrik does unfortunately >.<* ) He replied by placing the other 10 Liberators near the token to my left.

    c) Placed my Cavarly to the left near the token *INSIDE the Deadly terrain - didn't realise as the newb I am that I will have to roll 3'' around the terrain or didn't understand when explaiend anyway* He placed the 5 Retributors to his token in the middle.

    d) Placed Starseer to the left and back of warriors ( didn't wanna place the General and Bastiladon until the last sec ) and he replied by placing the priest inbetween his Retributors and the left token Liberators.

    e) Placed my Scar Vet left of my warriors and in front and left of my starseer so it could block a possible charge of the drakoth in case he chose to. He did place the Drakoth in the same line in order to fight me.

    f) Now this is where I surprised him. As you take points when you have more models within 6'' from the token, I knew I would lose at least 2 rounds at the right token with my bastiladon fighting his 10 liberators, so I decided to leave the right flank be and placed the bastiladon to the left of my general in order to dominate his right flank. He placed the pope somewhere behind Dracoth in between his middle and right flank.

    Turn 1
    Used the Cosmic Herald and won 3 dices. Failed Curse of fates ( as I would until the last round we played or so )
    Realised I failed the distance of the scar vet with the cavarly as that was the unit I planned to engage with in combat soon and I couldn't use his ability. But the biggest mistake was yet to be made.

    Moved my cavarly to the left, out of the terrain, inside 6'' from the token for as many of them as I could and also as far to the left as I could in order to decrease the charge possibility. Lost one in the process due to the deadly terrain. Again badly measured, he only needed a 5'' charge or so.

    15877695_10207975968733908_1559363511_o.jpg 15878506_10207975968413900_152498203_o.jpg

    I moved up my bastiladon towards his right flank in order to shoot his Liberators. I rolled 3 out of 2D6 attacks at my first ever roll and was too busy laughing at myself to think about the Cosmic Herald ! haha :p Killed one - and only - liberator and finished my turn. Took 3 points (1 from wars, 2 from left token)


    Steves' turn 1
    Drakoth rolled his 11'' charge that was enough to charge me and I forgot to make him reroll one of these * I failed the Cosmic Herald awesomeness big time in my 1st turn but oh well, it was literally my 1st :p *
    He moved up both of his flanks, moved his priest towards the liberators to the right flank and the Retributors inside token range, but towards my warriors.
    The liberators to the left succesfully charge my cavarly.

    And this is where things went horribly wrong *I do have a question here, they actually might went wrong rule wise as well* After Drakoth charges, he reveals to me that the assassin was actually hiding in Drakoths' unit
    ( like the noob I am I thought unit meant "multiple people" to hide, so as a result, I never thought he could be inside a hero unit. Won't even comment that I had no idea for his ability as he forgot to explain to me )
    and that he can reveal himself, attack and not count as an activation. He had also given Patrik +1 damage artefact trait, so he dealt D3 + 1 dmg to my Scar Vet. Patrik actually hit everything and wounded 3 times - made him reroll one which he then failed. Ended up taking SIX wounds to my bastiladon after some awesome saves by myself, resulting to the best tank of the game almost dead from the very first attack :p

    Question number 1 : I read asassins' scroll after I returned back home and doesn't seem to be saying anything about "not counting as activation". What am I getting wrong ? *trying to learn the rules and all*

    He then instantly activated his Drakoth. He had some bad luck with his hits and I ended up taking only 1 wound from all of his attacks so my basti survived enough to be activated.. and fail all of its melee attacks.

    I then activated my cavarly. Failed everything with the saurus of the cavarly. They were really tired today as they never wounded once themselves, except from 1 wound from the Survivor * I 'll tell you more about Survivor later on* which got saved so no damage from them at all. Sames goes for the shield and jaws but oh well, didn't really expect much out of it. Ended up doing 1 wound after all the saves and rerolls of the liberators. Steve took 5 points ( 2 from each side and 1 from his own token )

    Turn 2
    I have 2 dices from the Cosmic Herald left. We roll : tie. Reroll : I roll 2 against his 4. I reroll. 3. Reroll : 4. Final roll : I lose -.- It just wasn't meant to be.
    Immuned his units from battleshock again, moved his priest closer to my left flank and moved his Retributors even closer to my warriors. 2 out of 5" were 6" from the token so he could still get the points.

    Patrik gets activated and annhilates my poor basti !
    I activate my Cavarly. Fail everything fast with the saurus and deal 2 damage with the cavarly.
    Steve rolls badly and I only lose 1.5 of my cavarly.


    Steve gets another 5 points and end his turn.

    I man up and earn 6 dices from the Cosmic Herald as things had become grave really quick. I fail Curse and I m still out of range to give the command ability to the cavarly *not that I rolled a 6 while rolling at any of the turns but you know, just for the psychological reasons ! *
    Moved my starseer towards my warriors and vice versa just in case.
    Moved Scar Vet in such away so that I can charge his Drakoth without engaging Patrik, and also be 6" from the left token just in case a miracle happened - turned out that Christmas are over after all.

    Now this is where I did, in my opinion, my most - and probably only - decent move in this game. At first I was about to pop the chameleon skinks somewhere around Patrik, Drakoth and Liberators to snipe them but I was 3 - 10 in points and decided to just go man up. Popped my 5 skinks 6" from HIS token and as far as possible from him (4 points awarded for your opponents') as he only had 2 in range and realised I would get the 4 of that round and maybe another four if I won the dice turn this time. I even killed one Retributor with the help of Cosmic Herald and luck ( a 2 dmg wound passed )

    Scar Vet Charges in, deals 4wounds to Dracoth overall with the help of Cosmic Herald and takes back 3 damage in return.

    Question 2 : Drakoths' ability Sigmarite Thundershield: You can re-roll save rolls of 1 for this model. If the re-rolled save is successful, the shield unleashes a deafening peal and each enemy unit within 3" suffers a mortal wound. I made him reroll 2 successful saves which he again saved and that resulted into me taking 2 wounds. Was this correct or only works for HIS successful rerolls of 1 ?

    Drakoth then attacks dealing 4 more wounds. 7 wounds on my scar vet. End of my turn. I take 5 points ( 4 + 1 )

    Turn 3
    Cosmic Herald helped me win the round this time ! :D Manned up and won 5 dices this round. I finally do my command ability to the 2 cavarly left ( didn't make any difference at all but I was satisfied for finally being in range ) Curse of fates also gets cast for the first - and final - time to my scar vet.

    Dealt 2 more damage to the Retributors with the awesome Chama Skinks
    * I was trying multiple color schemes for my skinks and as I actually liked all 4 of them (aint really visible here but the one to the left is pretty different with the one in the middle) decided to keep all 4 schemes as I may use a group of 40skinks at some point and want to avoid a boring same color at 40 models. Will do 4 groups of 10 instead :D


    My General - with some help from the starseer - destroyed the Dracoth for good.
    Steve rolled badly with the liberators again and only killed 1.5 cavarly


    Failed the saurus attacks from the cavalry as fast as I could, and then once again, dealt 2 damage with the mounts. I took another 5 points and ended my turn.

    Steve charges my beasty Scar Vet with both Patrik and Pope. Scar vet uses quicksilver potion and takes down Patrik like the man he is once and for all.
    Pop deals 3 damage to my scar vet.
    Liberators left 1 wound to my last brave Cavarly.. The one soon be known as the Survivor.
    I attack back with the Survivor, losing all of his attacks fast and deal 1 damage with his mount.
    Paladin Retributors finally cought my chama skinks killing 4 of them, leaving one brave skink behind to his last stand. Steve takes 5points and finishes his turn.


    Turn 4
    I have 1 dice left from Starseer and here comes the roll !.. Steve rolls a 6 and I roll a 1. Really -.-
    Acknowledging my horrible rolling, I let Steve reroll his dice instead. STEVE ROLLS A 1 ! It's a tie ! Plan totally worked !
    And I lose the reroll.

    Priest deals D3 to my awesome general and he goes to rest along with the stars.
    He activates the liberators. 11 attacks end up to 3 5+ saves for my last Cavarly.. AND SURVIVOR WAS BORN. Rolled 2 5s and 1 6. BOOM. I for the first time pass a wound with him, which gets saved, but still was a thing to remember ! Mount failed this turn but these mounts sure did well. Kudos to them.

    I then activate my last Chamo. Rolled the 5 to hit. ROLLED THE 5 TO WOUND ! At that point, I just knew the wound would pass. It did. That last heroic Chama Skink, the last of this elite commando unit that did so great to this battle overall, dealt the 3rd wound needed and took the 2nd Retributor down with him.
    Its actions shall not be forgotten.
    He then falls but no one cares at this point. Everyone is astonished by its legendary power.

    At this point we stopped the game as it was clearly over. I did way too many mistakes but man didn't I had a great time ! :D Really, REALLY enjoyed my battle. Chama skinks are as exceptional as you all said to the threads and everything worked pretty much the way I thought it would after gathering all your wisdom from your posts ! I just have to get more experienced to not do such mistakes and I 'll may win next time ! Oh and know what my opponents' army do of course :p

    The MVP :



    Well that would be my 1st battle rep - and my first battle experience as well ! Hope you guys enjoy it !


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  2. Bowser

    Bowser Third Spawning

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    1. The assassin when revealed can indeed pile in and attack as soon as it is revealed, even if it is your turn to choose who attacks.
    2. You can not reroll a reroll. So if you've already forced a reroll, he can't make another reroll on the same event.

    Sounds like an amazing game! Lots of fun, the best games are where you make lots of mistakes, shows you weaknesses in your army and helps you to come up with better strategy.
    Patrick assassin is brilliant! Absolutely hilarious!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2017
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