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AoS New Battalion idea

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Nielspeterdejong, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Nielspeterdejong

    Nielspeterdejong Well-Known Member

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    Hello everyone,

    While painting my new models, and waiting for the Warhammer Total War 2 game to come out, I had been brainstorming about a battalion based on the Fangs of Sotek and Dracothian tail, in which we could have a more mobile Saurus Guard playstyle! I added it here, and I was wondering what your thoughts about them were?

    New Battalion (120 points): Savage Defenders

    *1 Slann Starlord https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BySRcyTjvqKIMFFUcmc2aTV0eEU
    *1 Eternal Starhost
    *0-4 warscroll battalions chosen in any combination from the following list: -Eternal Starhost -Shadowstrike Starhosts -Sunclaw Starhost -Firelance Starhost
    *Any number of additional
    Seraphon units.
    If a Savage Defenders battalion contains the maximum number of battalions, it gains the Strategic Mastery ability from the Starbeast Constellation warscroll batallion in battletome: Seraphon.


    -Stoic Defenders: Provided your Eternity Warden is alive, all Saurus Guard units within this battalion may ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a dice roll of 4 or higher.
    -Mobile Defenders: Saurus Guard units within this battalion always benefit from Drakescale Shieldwall and Alpha Warden, provided they are within 20” of the Eternity Warden.
    -Vital Strikes: At the start of your Hero phase the Slann Starlord from this battalion may designate an enemy unit whose removal is vital to the great plan. Until your next hero phase, all
    Skink units within this battalion may reroll hit and wound rolls of 1 against that target.

    The idea is to create a army where you can teleport your Guards into Key positions, and they won't instantly die to Mortal wounds and -2 or higher Rend. Just to give them that "Elite Guardians" feeling :) For the Slann Starlord I was thinking about a point cost of 450, since despite his buffs he is still somewhat squishy, and doesn't have the +1 to hit aura from the Celestial Hurricanum.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Canas

    Canas Well-Known Member

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    Vital strikes feels a bit out of place, targetting skinks while the rest targets saurus guard.

    Stoic defenders is horrificly overpowered in combination with the eternal starhost defenses. Put in a skink priest for maximum ridiculousness and you have re-rollable 2+ saves that ignore -1 rend and a 4+ additional save. That's a bit much. Make it just mortal wounds.

    Mobile defenders doesn't actually solve the issue. They're still stuck to your eternity warden. Yes he no longers needs to be as close, but he's still going to be in the middle of your formation. And since the eternity warden is actually rather squishy on his own it's not like you want your guard to go far away from him anyway. It opens him up to assasination.

    A better solution might be "as long as the eternity warden is alive, they benefit from drakescale shieldwall regardless of distance". In this case you can leave 1 unit with the warden to protect him, and the rest can roam. Alternativly, give it a caveat. For exampel "Pick a hero in your army, apart from the warden, to be their charge, the saurus guard will do everything in their power to defend him. As long as both he and the warden are alive they gain the benefit from the drakescale shieldwall at any distance from the warden"

    also.. the battalion probably isn't the issue for them. it's that outside of the battalion they're expensive and rather bad. The best solution would probably be to just make saurus guard better so that they can actually function outside of the specific niche that their battalion puts them in.
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  3. Joshmunga

    Joshmunga New Member

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    I love this! Now I really want the Slann Starlord to be a real thing. Great job writing this!!

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