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AoS RIP Dread Saurian

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by IronLizard, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. dinoSTARZ
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    I've used my dread saurian many times, but not since AOS 2.0 (not because he sucks, just because I got busy recently and haven't played much). His old rend -3 was insane and those bites were hardcore. I usually easily get his points back in what he kills. I've killed archaon, I've killed blobs of dracothian guard, he's chewed through chaos chosen. He died once really quickly to skarbrand because of his 8 wound angry damage thing. I had a custom base made for him and I had a decent start painting his face but never went back to it. Check out my paint blog to see it!

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    Well my order is dead.... the LGS has filed with his credit card company to have the charges disputed and refunded. kinda hoping this will kick forgeworld in the nuts and force them to expedite it, kinda hoping to see my 200 bucks back and not ever buy from forgeworld again... shouldn't have to wait from june till now to get a damn model.

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