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AoS Second Seraphon Game

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Stygimoloch, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Stygimoloch

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    Hello Lizards of Lustria,

    Today I had my second game ever of AoS 2.0 (and Seraphon). Im still VERY new to all the missions and setup and what not, so you'll have to forgive me not knowing all the missions by name. Today we played the mission where each player has an objective in their corner. On turn 3 you want to hold each objective. If neither player can by the end of the game, the win condition defaults to total points killed (excluding summoned units).

    My opponent is a good friend of mine who is running an AoS tournament in a couple months, and I'm learning how to play for this event. He was running his beastclaw raiders. He had a Frostlord on thunder tusk, two huskards on thundertusks, a unit of 6 yetis, 2 units of 3 yetis, and the Hag.

    My list was a Dracothions Tail (with the firelance starhost)
    Slann Star master
    Scar Veteran on Cold One
    3 Units of Saurus Knights on Cold Ones
    2 Bastilodons
    Engine of the Gods
    Astrolith Bearer
    Skink Star Priest
    Balewind Vortex and Prismatic Palisade

    I out dropped the Beastclaws. He bascially had everything up on the front line, and a 3 man unit of yetis in the back. I had a unit of knights on the objective, flanked by bastilodons, the engine behind the knights. the slann was in the corner, the astrolith bearer nearby, skink starpriest as well. the termaingin knights and scar vet were deployed on my left flank. Remembering the thundertusk snowball ability, I deployed back, and let my opponent have first turn.

    Battle round 1:
    Beastclaw Raiders
    Nothing much happened here. Pretty much the whole army moved up as fast as possible. I was out of range of the snowball effects, but one murder crow was in range and I took a mortal wound on the scar veteran.

    In the Hero Phase I cast prismatic pallisade with the starpriest, the slann cast balewind vortex (behind the pallisade), determined that the entire army would reroll 1s to hit (which wouldnt change throughout the entire game) and then cranked out a bunch of Celestial summoning points. I gained 11 when including the astrolith bearer. The Engine of the gods shot the six man yeti unit for 5 mortal wounds, teleported the furthest left knights closer, planted the astrolith, and teleported him behind the palisade, and summoned a unit of skinks (celestial conjuration points down to 5).

    In the movement phase, all the knights moved up, the starpriest ran around behind the palisade. the summoned skinks lied up in front of the bastilodons. I the shooting phase, the bastilodons killed a couple yetis and put some wounds onto the frost lord. In the charge phase, the entire starlance firehost charge the front line of yetis, and killed them all. Boom. Dead.

    Battle Round 2- Seraphon win the Initiative
    In the Hero phase, the Slann and Astolit bearer bring the celestial conjuration count up to 18. The engine of the Gods summoned a 10 man unit of Saurus Warriors, which the slann promptly teleported behind the frostlord, and the slann teleported a unit of knights behind one of the tuskards. Astrolith was planted. In the movement phase, the knights all set themselves up to charge the two tuskards in the center of his monster line, and the saurus warriors were equidistant from the yetis in the back and the frostlord. In the shooting phase, the bastilodons dropped the frostlord to 5 wounds, and put some damage onto the tuskard next to the frost lord.

    All the saurus made their charges! two units of knights and the scar veteran into the injured tuskard, a unit of knights into the other tuskard, and the saurus warriors charged into the frost lord. Through lots and Lots of rolling, the injured tuskard was killed, the frost lord took 3 more wounds (almost killing him), and some wounds were dealt to the other tuskard. The warriors lose some comrades, and only one saurus knight goes down.

    Beastclaw Raiders
    Slughter continues. The Trollhag reduces a unit of knights saves and hit rolls. In the movement phase, the troll hag maneuvers around behind my units, and the yetis back on the objective move up. The trollhag vomits onto a different saurus knight unit, and kills them all. She charges in, and combat ensues. The frostlord kills the warriors (oh well, they were free), the tuskard and trollhag destroy a knight unit, and the last knight unit ans scar veteran killed two of the three yetis. The yetis passes the battleshock, saurus are bloodied, but the game isn't over.

    Battleround 3- Beastclaws regain initiative
    Beastclaw Raiders
    In the Hero phase, the trollhag cast mystic shield on the tuskard. The crucial thing, is the remaining yeti ran back onto the objective. Between shooting, and charging, the rest of my knights and the scar veteran were decimated.

    In the Hero Phase, the Slann generated a bunch more celestial conjuration points, getting up to 30 in total. The engine of the gods gets a triple 6, so the seraphon double their movement and attacks. The slann tries to teleport the Astrolith bearer behind the objective in the raiders zone. I roll a 1. This is where i have a question, if the Slann tries to teleport a unit, and it fails, can it try again with the second attempt from the great rememberer? Neither I or my opponent knew, and we didn't see anything that disallowed it, so I tried again and dropped the astrolith bearer behind enemy lines. Slann summoned a scar veteran on carnosaur and a unit of skinks next to the astrolith bearer. In the movement phase,everything moved. Engine of the gods stayed on my objective, the newly summoned skinks moved onto his objective, bastilodons moved up, carnosaur moved into charging position.

    At this point, I had won the game, but we decided to see how much damage I could put out. I dropped the troll hag, and frost lord, the tuskard had one wound left, and the yeti took a wound. y opponent and I agreed that if I wasn't allowed to reattempt the teleport, sumoning in the skinks and carnosaur on my side of the table, with their moves, and they way the turn played out, I would have likely won the next round regardless.

    Result: Seraphon Win

    My takeaway from this game was that Seraphon has a LOT of buffs and things to remember. In my last game I hadn't played with any formations, or anything like that. I feel like I did a pretty good job remembering all the rules. My objective was to mitigate the snowballs for mortal wounds that the tuskards can toss around. I did that by drawing my opponent out, and hiding all the characters behind the palisade. The Double turn off the bat was crazy good. Using the scar vets command ability to amp up all the cold one attacks worked wonders, especially when I was able to charge two turns in a row. That right there prevented him from getting into my firebase, and was probably the biggest factor in winning that game.

    On a side note, can anyone point me to where it says that you cant teleport the same unit twice? It seems to me that would make for a really powerful "bomb" toss an astrolith bearer way out, summon a bunch of stuff, bring back to the firebase. Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my ramblings!

    Until next time,

  2. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    No one can, because it is not said anywhere.
    You can teleport the same unit twice.
  3. Luke Argotti-Thomson
    Jungle Swarm

    Luke Argotti-Thomson New Member

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    Great battle rep man thoroughly enjoyable!
  4. Hij4cker

    Hij4cker New Member

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    Hello there!

    If I read your battle rep well, you summoned units in your hero phase? I just wanted to point out, that summoning was meant to happen at the end of your movement phase. It is important because you can't teleport or move the summoned units in the turn they arrive. (GHB 2018 page113 - If you have 6 or more Celestial Conjuration point in the end of your movement phase, you can summon ....)
    For the same reason, you cannot teleport in the bearer, summon, then teleport out :)
    The battle rep was really good tho! Keep going and I wish you all the luck at the upcoming tournament!

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