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AoS Seraphon- what's in a strong army?

Discussion in 'Seraphon Tactics' started by SevenSeasOfRhye, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. SevenSeasOfRhye
    Jungle Swarm

    SevenSeasOfRhye New Member

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    Hey guys, just joined the forum. I used to play lizardmen back in WHFB before dropping the hobby, only to come back a year ago. I put round bases on my old lizardmen army and tah-dah, I had seraphon. I've played a few games (mostly a for-fun campaign at the local club), but I'm still too green to know what makes a good army. So my question is: what goes into a strong, game-winning seraphon army?

    Just to add, I have to following models at my disposal:
    Kroq-Gar on carnosaur
    Olblood on cold one
    3 skink priests
    2 skink chiefs
    2 saurus heroes on foot
    40+ Spear Saurus
    20+ Club Saurus
    15 saurus guard
    15 saurus knights (although not all are armed the same, some with spears and some with clubs)
    3 salamanders with handlers
    6 kroxigors
    A metric fuckton of skinks (70+)
    2 bastiladons with space lasers
    Engine of the gods

    I do not have a slann, because I was young and stupid and didn't see the worth of them back when I played WFB, but I plan on buying one soon.
  2. Ritual

    Ritual Well-Known Member

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    First up, welcome to the forum.

    Shadowstrike is pretty critical in any kind of list if you're trying to win. That's about as far as I can send you currently, hopefully in GHB2 we'll get some interesting things to beef us up a little bit :)

    From your list of units I would say Bastiladons are good, but always targeted, so take defence for them. Skinks are generally considered the best chaff units due to their ability to keep running out of combat so you have that available to you.
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  3. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    A bit frustrated at the moment and also not the most experienced player here, but IMO:

    Well..... For a real competitive army.... ditch Seraphon and pick another army.

    That being said, it seems we have some tools that can at least make the good armies sweat if we are lucky. Let's see:

    - Ripperdactyls and Terradons as well as Chameleon Skinks make good deep strikers using the Shadowstrike Starhost.
    - Guards are ok for melee, especially with an Eternity Warden and the Eternal Starhost. But mortal wounds are their cryptonite.
    - Bastiladon is pretty good, many people play two.
    - Engine of the Gods is.... slightly less crappy if you have a Slann but still pretty random. IMO not worth it.
    - Stegadon is ok, especially with the bow.
    - Skink Starseer is pretty popular becasue of the rerolls and the Heavenswatch bataillon
    - Kroak can be great but he is really expensive
    - Knights (especially with a Firelance Starhost and buffed by a Scarvet on Cold One) are glass cannons but can - with a bit of luck - be good against some armies.
    - Skinks are mobile and when used in numbers can be pretty nice actually, especially buffed by a Skink Chief.
    - The Thunderquake Starhost can make our monsters more durable, really good in some games.
    - Kroxigors are not bad. A bit too expensive IMO but OK, especially against hordes.
    - Summoning and most other magic are not worth it

    Non-Seraphon units:
    - Jade Battlemage (using lifesurge) can buff our monsters nicely.
    - Celestial Hurricanum is awesome.
    - Gryph Hounds (a Stormcast unit) are cheap and can protect you from assassins and deep strikes.

    But IMO at the moment it eventually boils down to this I guess:
    - Shadowstrike with Chameleons and Rippers, Skinks for battleline requirements, Bastiladons and Hurricanum.

    EDIT: And welcome to the forums! :)
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  4. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Guardian of Paints Staff Member

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    As @Aginor has already said, Seraphon are not the most competitive army, a mixed order army is the way forward use strong units to support your Seraphon
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  5. Gradeaal

    Gradeaal Member

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    Perhaps I'm a bit green, as my local meta is incredibly non-competitive (tomb kings, and skryre skaven) but in my experience seraphon are pretty well placed, if you don't rely on guards for fear of mortal wound spam.

    My most recent success is with a more flavor based cav style bloodclaw army with knights as battleline and maxing out on heroes with scar vet coldones and old bloods on carnos. Throw in some chamo skinks and whatever other models fit the point limit and youve got a fun fast moving dino deathball. If not effective, at least its terrifying when your opponent watches you unpack multiple carnos.

    My last time playing a tt game was 7th, so I can appreciate aos has a fun bit of flexibility afforded in effective army building. If you want some cool unconventional army builds check out @InfamousBeany, his posts are gold.

    Edit: Should probably mention that my current favorite list is heavily inspired by @InfamousBeany 's Hunting party list, in this thread: http://www.lustriaonline.com/threads/beanys-list-emporium.18149/
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017
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  6. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Well-Known Member

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    Tomb Kings are non-competitive only if you don't know what you're doing! ;)

    (some of their best units are going to be nerfed with the points adj of the GHBII, but with the current points TK can be top tier)
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  7. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Well-Known Member

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    I'd also add Bloodclaw starhost as one of our strongest battalion.

    Less deadly than the shadowstrike, but it's our only chance to let our heroes use ALL their command abilities. Kill the enemy with massive synergies!

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