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9th Age Slann krox kombo, any ideas? 4500p

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by kroxh, Jul 22, 2017.

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    what about this?

    " Yosh coq-mou" Cuatl Lord 500p
    master of magick 160p, bsb 100p, alcemy. 660p

    "Tzekul Khan" Skink priesr 130p
    3 spels 100p (Druidism) 220p

    "Melme'arul" caiman ancient 245p
    gem of fortune 35p, gliterin cuiras 60p,

    (charakters 1220p)

    15 Skink braves 150p
    bows 30p, musican 20p 200p

    29 saurian warriors 562p
    fc 60p, serpent warriors 58p, spears 29p,
    banner of speed 50p 762p

    (Core units 962p)

    9 Caimans 750p 862p
    banner, musican 40p, great weapond 72

    2 snake swarms 110 110p

    (Special units 972)

    4 Rhamphodon raiders 305p
    shields 40p 345p

    7 chamelions 180 p

    7 chamelions 180p

    10 skink hundets 180p
    vanguard 20p 200p

    10 skink hundets 180p
    vanguard 20p 200p

    1 weapond beast (Spere backs) 120p

    1 weapond beast (Spere backs) 120p

    (Jungel gerila 1345p)

    totalt 4499
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