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Solo: A Star Wars Story - UPDATED: Official Trailer

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by NIGHTBRINGER, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. pendrake

    pendrake Well-Known Member

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    I saw it. I liked it.
    That ^ makes sense ^ to me. I didn’t ponder the politics overmuch while watching the movie... ...I escaped.
    It is mildly amusing that what would be a SJW here is merely a malfunctioning droid In The Galaxy, Far, Far, Away. And the character served a plot purpose, namely: it made their escape from the raw fuel mines complicated, dangerous and exciting which in turn necessitated the famous “...Kessel Run...”

    Without the chaos caused by all the droids in the mine going berserk, there’s much less action in the action movie.
    Do Not ^ Read Agragax.
  2. Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl
    Skink Chief

    Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl Well-Known Member

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    Well, I’ve been to see it and I thought it was pretty good - I would say better than the Last Jedi and miles better than the Force Awakens, although not as good as Rogue One, but it was close. The story was excellent- especially the end sequence where all the betrayals start coming in thick and fast. Ok, so people expected that Han would win the Falcon off Lando and the Kessel run would be completed in record time, but I just think it’s nice to have those events marked in a film to say exactly what happened, as I haven’t read any of the EU comics about it. The rest of the plot was pretty well thought out I feel - no really stupid and over the top elements like there were in the Last Jedi and no cliche moments like there were in the Force Awakens.

    I also like how compared to the comics where he does enter the pilot academy, in the film he gets no such luck and is shoved into the rank-and-file infantry. It was actually pretty good that they put him in the regular Imperial army, as you never see what the regular Imperial Army troopers look like in Rogue One and the OT apart from walker crewmen, so that was a nice touch I felt that clarified part of the Star Wars universe for me.

    About L3-37, I thought she wasn’t too bad a character myself. She wasn’t as funny as K-2SO - she would have had to go a long way to beat him in terms of comedy - but overall I don’t think she was that bad. The only thing about her that I thought was odd was that her personality was more like that of a human in a droid’s body rather than that of an actual droid - she didn’t have the typical Droid mannerisms that K-2SO so skilfully replicated and were first seen in C-3PO. I am surprised fact that she was given so short a time in the film - she was introduced in the mid-early stage of the film and then killed off quite a time before the end, but I do like that as it does give the hero characters a sense of mortality just as was seen in Rogue One.

    I thought it was a shame that the alien with the four arms died so early on - I thought he was quite a good character - but I enjoyed the fact that their first attempt on a heist was messed up pretty badly, as again it makes the hero characters imperfect and more like real people, as real people are also imperfect.

    Additionally I liked that how Enfys Nest looks thoughout the film as if she is going to be one of the main villains as the leader of another underhive gang, but she in fact turns out to be morally superior to many of the Milennium Falcon crew as the leader of an aspiring Rebel cell, and this also gives an insight into yet more of all these minor factions - good and bad - springing up during the reign of the Empire, alongside Saw’s Partisans who we saw in Rogue One and the Hutt Cartels who we saw in VI and the Clone Wars. Talking of criminal cartels, was anyone else surprised to see Darth Maul at the end as the overall crime boss? I knew he had gone off to start his own underworld gang, but didn’t think he would appear again in a main film!
  3. ravagekitteh

    ravagekitteh Well-Known Member

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    It did come as a bit of a surprise to me, but not as much as it would to someone who hadn't seen the Clone Wars. It makes a lot of sense, especially given the name of the crime syndicate - the Crimson Dawn. However, it can't last, as he's due to get shipwrecked on Malachor in time to be there for years prior to 3 BBY (the film is set in 10 BBY) for his appearance in Rebels, and after that the remainder of his life has already been shown. I also liked several of the other Easter eggs - I don't know if you caught that Beckett killed Aurra Sing - and it was also nice seeing some places and things only really mentioned before - although Kessel has been depicted prior to this and they kept to that look which was nice. Overall I though it was a good film. Doesn't rank as high as the Last Jedi or Rogue One, but I thought it was still one of my favourites

    NIGHTBRINGER Second Spawning

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    I liked that it lost money!

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