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8th Ed. Steg's Battle Reports (last update: 2014-01-06)

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by StealthKnightSteg, Jun 1, 2014.

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    I will use this thread to update with my Seraphon Battle Reports so everyone here can see (and maybe learn from) my battles.

    Also 1 battle from 8th (This thread started out as a 8th edition thread, but with AoS it will be that for me and this army).

    Games overview (points(army against)):
    8th Ed AB + BRB:
    W / D / L :
    - Empire - 0 / 0 / 1 ( - / - / 1k )

    Link to my Blog: http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/stegs-lacertilia-of-kukulcan-building-and-painting-blog.14667/
    Link to my Armylists: http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/stegs-armylists.14389/

    Link to my Empire Blog: http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=32604
    Link to my Empire Army Lists: http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=33114
    Link to my Empire Battle Reports: http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=33259

    Link to my Stormcast Eternals Blog (& some Khorne Bloodbound): http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php/topic,50828.0.html

    Link to my general blog: https://wargamingbysks.wordpress.com

    So my first battle was a try out battle not only for me to test out a 1k Lizardmen army to see how it works, but also to give my daughter of 11 a first taste of a complete battle.

    Now I haven't taken the time to make notes and/or pictures (as I normally do for my battles) and to make a report in Battlechronicler, but I did want to give a few highlights from the battle.

    My list:

    + Heroes +

    * Saurus Scar-Veteran
    Great Weapon, Light Armour
    * Cold One
    * Magic Items
    BRB - Dawnstone, BRB - Dragonhelm

    * Skink Priest
    Lore of Beasts, Wizard Level 2

    + Core +

    * 25 Saurus Warriors

    * 10 Skink Skirmishers
    Champion, Lustrian Javelins with Shield

    * 10 Skink Skirmishers
    Champion, Blowpipe

    + Special +

    * 3 Kroxigor

    * 3 Ripperdactyl Riders

    +++ Empire 1k (1000pts) +++

    + Lords +

    * Arch Lector
    * Magic Items
    AB - Armour of Meteoric Iron, BRB - Dawnstone, BRB - Sword of Might

    + Heroes +

    * Battle Wizard
    Lore of Heavens, Wizard Level 2
    * Magic Items
    BRB - Dispel Scroll

    + Core +

    * 10 Archers

    * 35 Halberdiers

    * 10 Knightly Orders
    FC, Lance and Shield

    + Special +

    * Great Cannon

    Initially I had Lore of Heavens but I wanted to be different from the Empire list so took Beasts instead.
    I had the +3T to characters and Wyssans
    She had the Re-roll 1's (Harmonic Convergence) augment and the re-roll 6's Hex

    We took an empty playing field (not wanting to add rules and stuff for scenery yet) of 4 by 4 feet deploying in a normal battleline.

    Empire set up left to right:
    Knights, GC in the back with archers next to it with the Wizard, then Halberdiers with the AL

    Opposed to that:
    Skinks with Blowpipes and my skink priest, Krox (to face the Knights), Scar Vet, Saurus to face the Haberdiers, Rippers and Skinks with javs.

    Toad was place with the Halberdiers

    Vanguard made by Rippers

    Turn 1
    I started the turn and flew up the rippers next to the Halberdiers out of their LoS and movd the rest up aggresivly keeping the blowpipe skinks on a very difficult charge range for the knights while the Krox presented a little nice charge range but still a long one.

    Empire did make the charge with the Knights on the Kroxigor. Halberdiers reformed to face Rippers.
    The Knights killed 1 Kroxigor with the Harmonic Convergence, and the Krox failed ALL 7 to hit rolls.. they fled and got run down. so much for stopping the Knights. The Great Cannon missfired and was out for next turn also.

    Turn 2
    I charged my Scar Vet into the flank of the Knights where he killed 1 knight, they made their break test and made their losers reform to face my Scar Vet. Rippers flew over the Halberdiers to threatend the archers with wizard or the cannon. Javelins killed 2 Halberdiers.

    Empire knights then put 1 wound on the Scar Vet and I fluffed all attacks. I then managed to fail my cold blooded breaktest AND got run down. Halberdiers now faced the coming Saurus.

    Turn 3
    Rippers charged the Archers, Saurus charged the Halberdiers.
    Blowpipes put 4 poisoned attacks down on the crew of the Great Cannon taking it out.
    Rippers made short work of a few archers who then ran off the board and the rippers followed (failing their Ld test to restrain)
    AL killed the saurus champion, the saurus did win combat and the Halberdiers fled but I didn't catch them by 1".

    Halberdiers rallied facing the Saurus, the Knights charged the Javelin Skinks killing 5 of them, but S+S took out 2 Knights!, making them run, but failed to catch them.

    Turn 4
    Rippers back on the table, Saurus charged the Halberdiers again, Blowpipe skinks trying to get into range of the knights (missing a few inch) This time the Saurus won the combat again from the Halberdiers they break and got run down.

    Knights charge the rallied javelin skinks killing them outright and reforming towards my saurus block

    Turn 5
    I charge my rippers into The Knights hoping to diminish their number enough for my saurus to handle, but they failed miserably!

    The Knights then charged the Saurus and ran them down after their failed breaktest. But they left the table doing so

    Turn 6
    My blowpipe skinks didn't have a target so it ended my turn quickly and then the reappearing knights weren't allowed to charge..

    So I lost by 70 points (Skinks + skink priest versus Knights) not counting generals as we both lost them and both lost 1 banner (Halberdiers and Saurus)

    My dice rolling was so bad I had never ever seen before, only the dice rolling in the combat of the Saurus versus the Halberdiers was above average winning me those combats versus hatred and re-rolling to wounds (those prayer got off)

    I did like the amount of dice rolls I could make with the blowpipe skinks versus the cannon killing the crew easy with their poisoned attacks. Though Javelins are easier to use against other units with moving. So for now I think I'll use Javelins mostly but take 1 with blowpipes to use as warmachine hunters / priest bunker.

    Knights are the sheit at these point levels as my hard hitters failed to perform at all on them they carried the day on the field. Atleast making my daughter a happy camper :meh:

    Edit: repost here:
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  2. Kblock

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    Nice battle report. It sounds like a fun game and a great way to get your daughter into the game. I did the same with my sons and one of them now has both a Dark Elf army and a WH40K army.

    The dice gods are fickle at times. Those Empire Knights are a hard unit in smaller games. At least you were able to take out a few of them.
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  3. StealthKnightSteg

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    I will be posting my battle reports here in my Blog now:

    I also will (in time) upload all previous battle reports I have here and my empire forum (and then update the picture links from there (stationary url links instead of from FB)

    For now this is my new battle report: AoS battle: The Ritual ... Stormcast Eternals vs Seraphon
    @spawning of Bob you might find this interesting also! :)

    @Scalenex @The Red Devil @Pinktaco Could this thread be moved to the Battle reports of AoS (as I will not do any battle reports in 8th/9th with my Seraphon.. I might on rare occasion only do so with my Empire.)
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  4. StealthKnightSteg

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