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AoS Suggestions/Recommendations on expanding an army for use in 1500pt-2000pt battles.

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by ChapterAquila92, May 5, 2018.

  1. ChapterAquila92

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    Not too long ago, I had my first Age of Sigmar game session with a few fellow wargamers in my area, which entailed me bringing to the table the following units:

    - 1 Oldblood on a Carnosaur (an old metal Kroq-Gar model, fittingly enough)
    - 1 Skink Chieftain (ornate mace & buckler, and ever the treat to look for its old warscroll)
    - 20 Saurus Warriors (maces & shields)
    - 20 Skink Skirmishers (javelins & bucklers)

    Admittedly, the point value I came with (660pts) was a limiting factor for the other players, who brought with them troggoths (with a troggoth hag, no less), stormcast eternals, and moonclan grots (with nets). Brayherds had also been considered at one point. Battlefield-wise, it was a labyrinthine set-up with impassible walls and narrow corridors around the perimeter.

    My first battle was against a troggoth band of six trolls and a hag. The oldblood was gone before it could retaliate after being charged by the hag, and the rest of my army fell to troll vomit after taking out two of the trolls.

    The second battle, against stormcast, was an objective-based battle that, whilst the oldblood was again the first unit to go down, it almost took out a stardrake-mounted lord-celestant before dying. Compared to the troggoths earlier, the stormcast were relatively easier to take down, though no less costly in the end; the Skink chieftain, which I was using to capture objectives, was the last unit I had on the board.

    My last battle of that session, similarly objective-based, was against moonclan, which proved to be annoyingly effective in melee as "tar pit" units with their nets, with nothing to say of the mangler squigs and fanatics that tore apart my warhost.

    In any case, I'm still in the process of building up the army for 1500-2000pt battles that may very likely be up against these particular armies again, and I'd definitely like to hear suggestions on what I could possibly do to expand upon, change, or even do away with in my current army that would be versatile enough to be reasonably effective.

    Between here online and at the table, I have heard the recommendation to build up a minimum of two units of at least 30 saurus warriors each, possibly doing away with the skirmishers, and work towards fielding a slann, an engine of the gods, and a small number of skink (star)priests.
  2. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Well, first I have bad news for you unfortunately:
    If you are using pitched battle (matched play) rules with points then the Skink Chief is not an option anymore. :(

    There are, however, a lot of new possibilities for our army that came with the new General's Handbook 2017, so let's see....

    If you don't mind painting some more Saurus, then a Saurus-heavy list like a Bloodclaw or Sunclaw could be the thing for you.
    There are several nice lists, you can choose between infantry (Sunclaw), cavalry (Firelance), or a mix (Bloodclaw).

    Mixing Saurus with Skinks is a bit more difficult (but possible) since they don't share some synergies (generally speaking Saurus heroes are only good for buffing Saurus).
    If you like big dinosaurs other than the Carnosaur, then a more Skink heavy approach may be the thing for you: Stegadon, Bastiladon, Engine of the Gods and Troglodon as well as our flyers (Ripperdactyls and Terradons) are all Skink units.

    About Saurus Warriors the thing is:
    "Go big or go home". Since they get their best bonus from being more than 30 guys, you should make them 40 so they keep it for more than a round.

    Same goes for Skinks: You either use 40 (to really do something) or you use 10 (for claiming objectives or as chaff).

    A Slann is a nice addition to any Seraphon army, at least for bigger lists.

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