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AoS Testing of Thunderquake

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Flo, May 17, 2018.

  1. Flo
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    Hey Guys,

    As you might know, i will have a super tough game against one of the best players in my local store. The game will be held on June 1st, right before the new Edition should be released.

    Until then i have lots of Lizards to paint and will be playing a few test games.

    Yesterday, two of these games were played and here are the Reports!

    Attention, big wall of text incoming, have fun reading!

    Game One

    2k Points Thunderquake vs. Beastclaw

    This was the very first time for me playing the Thunderquake and also the first time playing against Beastclaw

    My List was this

    Slann, General, Great Remember, Incandescent Rectrices
    EotG, Amyntoks Prism

    40x Skinks, Blowpipe and Shield
    40x Skinks, Blowpipe and Shield
    10x Skinks, Blowpipe and Shield

    3 Razordons
    3 Handlers



    160 pts Reinforecement ( to Summon the Astrolith Bearer)

    My opponent was one of the GW Employes on my local store and he played something like this

    Big Ogre on Big Frosty Beast (General)
    2 more big Ogres on big Frosty Beasts, one of them even bigger

    a Unit of 2 Riders, a Unit of 4, and another unit of 3 with different weapons

    and 4 Units of some Sabertooth Cats

    We played with open war cards and lets say, the mission and special circumstances was not in my favor

    Deployment was the one were i played in the center of the field and my opponent got both of the flanks, no big deal here as my plan was to keep my units together anyways but, and this was the not so nice part, his deployment zone was just 12" away from mine so i knew, he would be able to charge in the first turn

    he deployed every of his units on my right flank besides the sabertooth cats, those started on my left flank

    Special circumstances was no good either as it was in the middle of the night

    So Spells and Shooting was limited to 12" in the first battleround and could get better in the remaining battlerounds (spoiler, it was night the whole game)

    Well i got first and my turn was almost useless because of the 12" sight, my bastis, the engine and my slann moved around a bit, the slann summoned the Astrolith Bearer and 80 of the skinks put some wounds across all of his units but they got at least 6 Wounds each so nothing serious here. The Razordons got some good shots on his Generals but that would mean even less, as i would learn soon enough.

    The Big frosty Beasts got some Rule that they half the dmg this monsters get (only the DMG Characteristic on the Weapon as we figured out later in the game but still) oh and besides that the General heals itself each round throgh some artifact

    Long story short, the beasts are really tough, all of them.

    His first turn was as aspected, shooting was somehow strange, as almost every unit of his got some pistol, shotgun or harpoon but with about one shot per unit, nothing serious here just a few dead skinks. Then he surprised me with the frost breath of one the beasts, hits on 2+, 6 Mortal Wounds straight up in my face. Would have 18" but only 12" because it was night. Luckily for me only the Skinks where in range. He then charged with his whole army my shield of 2x 40 Skinks, all Beasts put on Mortal wounds on Charging, they got 2" Reach so he was able to attack both of my units. He activated his General first, and after that a special rule allows him to activate another unit, his General got stuck in my Razordons and they somehow stayed alive, he put a lot of Wounds on my first big skink blob before i was able to vary fighter them out of combat, so tried to avoid as many dead skinks as possible but there where such large amounts of attacks and deadly wounds that of the first blob, after the battleshock test only 10 remained, so 30 dead skinks on the first, about 15 on the second unit

    wow succesful first round for him so lets roll for iniative

    He rolls a 6, i roll a 6
    He rolls a 3, i roll a 3
    He rolls a 5, i roll a 1

    Doubleturn for him yay :(

    Even more Skink Slaughtering, one blob dead, the second one down to 10, the smaller 10 blob down to 5, razordons dead, 1 handler left (which was heroic, because his general was stuck in combat with them)

    now he was face to face with my bastis, the enginge, astrolith and slann

    My second turn
    As his whole army was now in the center of the field as my own it didn't matter, that we only had 12" reach, because everything was in 12"

    I got some buffs, got some serious shooting with my bastis and the Engine spread some mortal wounds, got all his units a bit more damaged, got 2 of them to battleshock but he saved all of them.

    Roll for Initiative, my chance on a double turn, but it was his turn again

    he got in combat with all of my units, Slann was dead on the Spot and the artifact didn't help me (rolled a 2, so Slann stayed dead)

    in the next round my astrolith died too, engine got down to 4 remaining wounds and his beasts got thinner and thinner too

    at the end of round 5, one of his frost beasts was still alive, and i got 1 basti with 3 wounds left and the smaller skink unit with 5 remaining models

    Well was a nice and tough game, we both lost many models but the mission was Count Wounds for killed models, heroes and monsters count double He ended up getting 150~ points and i got some ~110 so even if i managed to kill his last beast he would still have won


    if i play with 6 teleports in a game, 3 of them roll a 1 (that way both, my slann and my astrolith died yay)
    Incandescent Rectrices was nothing good because 3+ was just not enough for me to roll
    If my 3 Buffs (Astrolith, Slann, Engine) are dead the game is gone
    Dice luck, double turns and good missions are optional

    Just as i finished placing my army back in their box, another player showed up and asked me if i wanted to play a second game, as i got nothing better to do i said yes, and got the army out of the boxes again (remember at the beginning, where i mentioned that i played 90 Skinks? ;))

    As i figured, the engine was much more important than the slann, this time i tried to switch the Incandescent Rectrices on the engine and the prysm got to the slann, everything else stayed the same

    My opponent played a dark elf oriented mixed order list which contained

    Hurricanum with a High Mage as a General
    Another Mage on Foot
    A Darkelflord on Dragon

    2x10 Skinks for Battleline
    10 Crossbowshooters
    2x30 Executioners

    This time we played with a normal deployment, mission was the comet which would land on the field in Battleround 3, Special Rule was everything got +2" move and +1 on Chargerolls

    I got the first turn which was very nice as it was a great turn for me

    After i read the warscroll of the hurrinacom i figured, this thing hat to die, fast

    So my Slann summoned the Astroltih, engine put d6 mortal wounds on the hurricanum,i ported 40 skinks to my left flank to tease the dragon (one wound yay!) then my bastis wanted to shoot something

    As they weren't able to shoot much in the first game, they wanted to prove they are worth their points. The two of them shot on the Hurricanum and killed it right before his first turn.

    That was a real bummer for him because this was the core of his army, his general dead, his buffing machine dead. Before his first turn.

    He marched with his whole army forward, the dragon flew to my left flank and killed a lot of the skinks with his breath. The dragon charged my Slann and killed him again on the spot. This time the Incandescent Rectrices were on the Engine so my Slann is Dead again, poor guy.

    We rolled for iniative and i got turn 2

    My Engine put deadly wounds on all of his units as they where within 10" of it.

    And then the Bastis. Those are BEASTS!

    The First of them killed a few Executioners (only 4 Shots) in the first Unit. His brother said, i will show you how to use the Solar Engine:

    11 Shots, 11 Hits, 10 Wounds, he only saved 2 so 16 Executioners dead! the rest of them fled in the Battleshock later this turn.

    In his round he put some wounds on my skinks but nothing serious

    I got the next turn, killed his dragon and the remaining executioners, my skinks killed the crossbows, my razordons killed his mage, my 10 skinks teleportet on the objective

    We called it a game as he only got 2x skinks left and i was on the objective

    Bastis are Awesome
    Rerolls are Awesome
    Rerolls are really Awesome
    Missions matter
    Slann is still dead

    Finished writing this, back to painting, tell me if you read everything or got questions :)
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  2. Freddy25

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    Nice report, thanks!
    Yeah, BCR are often a tough beast (pun intended) to face, expecially if you have to deploy as you was forced to.

    In my opinion, the two best things to do in order to deal with them are:
    - set up your troops in order to use as much space as possible. This will force your opponent to separate his troops one from the other, minimising their impact on your Seraphons and/or wasting their time/movement on your less valuable units;
    - focus your spells, fire and combat on an enemy at a time (in descending order of importance) in order to bring him down, then focus on the next threat.

    Of course, having to deploy as you had and/or not having the initiative make these things a LOT more difficult!

    It seems that the second match on the contrary was a lot more relaxed...
    The only thing, it is so sad to hear about the decimation of your poor Slann(s)!!! :argh::joyful:
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  3. Crowsfoot

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    When you used the Thunderquake did you make sure you activated swift/savage?
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  4. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Good report!

    And yes, rerolls are awesome. :)

    About that game against BCR: With another mission played (deployment and circumstances were REALLY bad for you there) and/or a bit more dice luck for you I am pretty sure you would have wiped the floor with those Ogors.

    And yes, not halving damage anymore but halving the the damage characteristic (with a minimum of 1 so Skinks don't care) was _the_ most important change (a big nerf) for the Stonehorn by the GHB2017. A Beastclaw player forgot about that one? Really? *scratches beard* Well, what a coincidence...;)
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  5. Flo
    Chameleon Skink

    Flo Active Member

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    Yes but i was savage both Games almost the entire Time:)

    Yeah he said something about the FAQ but he didn't remember it :) still a great Opponent to play against
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