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Fiction The dreamer

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by LeeroyVinland, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. LeeroyVinland

    LeeroyVinland Member

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    First of, I'm no lore expert so please help me when I made a mistake.
    Second: First fanfiction and first fanfiction of WH & AOS universe.
    Third: Enjoy :)

    The dreamer

    The Slann Starmaster remembered everything.
    Toltecatl was considered young of age when he watched the World-that-was burn.
    Its temple city was isolated from other Lizardmen culture and had very seldom contact to other temple cities
    At the rare occuasions it met with other Slann it was deemed queer by them.
    It didn't understand till he ascended.

    Toltecatl had a gift other Slanns hadn't possesed.
    It dreamed.
    But not in the way other Slanns dream.
    The Slann dream of things that were and things that were to come and asked "why".
    Toltecatl dreamed of things that never were and asked "why not".

    It all started when the spawning pools produced less and less Lizardmen.
    It couldn't tell if they were corrupted or the might of the Old Ones faded.
    It didn't matter: Its temple city was slowly dying.

    It befriended many skinks, saurian and even kroxigors at the time and each loss was hurting it.
    So it searched for an answer.

    Because of the low Lizarmen population its temple city started to rely on beast masters and tamed monsters.
    From them it learned the way of reproducing.
    They layed eggs which skinks hunted to breed them.
    But Toltecatl had no means to change his dying race.

    So it directed all of his dreams to a possible solution.
    It dreamed for ages.
    Its civilisation slowy dying.
    And then it happened.

    Toltecatl watched as all his friends died in the End-Times.
    Now everyone it knew was dead.

    Just a reflection of its memories coming forth to fight from time to time.

    It was this last battle on the realm of Ghyran when Toltecatl remembered what it lost.
    It was a hot day and the air was filled with the stench of blood.
    Skinks and Kroxigors fought alongside against the enemy troops.
    Ancient monster threw themself against the enemies monsters and the earth trembled under them.
    And in the midst of battle Toltecatl dreamed of days long gone.

    It could nearly smell the jungle of old when something struck Toltecatl.
    - Damn -
    It thought
    - I let my defence down. -
    Toltecatl started to feeling drowsy.
    - Poison? -
    Toltecatls panicked, all his memories, all the stories, it couldn't die here.
    All would be lost, all he dreamed of, all its friends.
    And so it dreamed.
    It dreamed of the the realm shifting and the rising of an immense jungle with great temple cities of old lying deep inside.
    It dreamed of it's friends all long dead and of its vision to overcome the thread which haunted its city.

    It dreamed and the enemy troops where vanishing in an instand.
    It dreamed, and with his last dying breath.
    It gave life to its dreams.
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  2. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    I like the atmosphere in your story.
    Is it a one shot or will it continue? You are a bit vague about some of the implications and I would like to read more. :)
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  3. LeeroyVinland

    LeeroyVinland Member

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    Thank you.
    It's just an idea I had in my head for bringing Lizardmen out of flesh and blood to AOS. (I don't like the Space/Star concept of AOS)

    Maybe it will be fluff for my army and I will continue on writing about it.
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  4. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    I'm sorry I didn't catch this much earlier!

    This piece is great, I need to put in the Lustriapedia. An interesting take on the Lizardmen/Seraphon transition.
    Paradoxical Pacifism likes this.

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