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AoS Thunderquake 2000

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Tizianolol, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Tizianolol
    Chameleon Skink

    Tizianolol Active Member

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    hi all , i wanna test something different from my last list ( fangs of sotek)
    i wanna test engine with slann and thunderquake

    Slann 260
    general , priest spells

    ob carno 280
    -1 rend artifact

    astrolith 160
    artifact 2

    engine of the gods 220

    3x10 skinks 180

    4 razodont+ handlers 200

    stegadont 240
    -sunfire throwers

    bastiladont 280

    thunderquake 170

    tot 1990

    on paper i love this list , astrolith give me reroll for basti and thunderquake ability gives me reroll for wound too, basti became really really scary if i roll many shots
    stegadont teleport combo is good antihords , same for razodont . i m thinking to play razo without teleport to benefit from thunderquake heal ( good heal if near slann).
    engine and slann for try to find dobleturn, anyway 4 dice give me flexibility . except 14/17 roll the rest is good.
    ob on carno is here to kill elite units or enemy heroes,

    my only doubt is drop ob carno and 1 razo for scar vet carno and a starpriest , so i can cast mystic shield with slan +curse of fait and starpriest spell with himself.

    what do you think guys xD
  2. Aginor
    Skink Priest

    Aginor Well-Known Member

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    Solid list I guess.
    What it lacks is wounds. That's a 2K army with not many wounds.
    I will still play something like that soon as well. Like the style. :)
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