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AoS Thunderquake vs 4 BCR Thundertusks!

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Caleb ex nihilo, Feb 21, 2019.


Can Seraphon beat 4 Thundertusks?

  1. Nope, disown your friend now.

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  2. Yes, just git gud!!!

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  1. Caleb ex nihilo

    Caleb ex nihilo Active Member

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    We got locked out of our gaming house, so we had to play on my dining room table with minimal terrain.. but still had a blast. lol

    My friend's army was in the gaming house, so he borrowed my Beastclaw Raiders army... and swapped all the heads for the Thundertusk variant! Yikes!! The filthiest list in AoS! 4 Thundertusks doing 6 mortals each from 18"!

    My list: Slann, Thunderquake, extra EoTG, and Banner.
    His List: 4 Thundertusks, 3 Mournfang, and some grot allies

    Battleplan: Duality of Death = 2 objectives, Hero of Behemoth holds it within 3"

    I recorded a quick recap of it. We are trying to record some games/recaps for our gaming buddy who is deployed overseas. Link below!

    Long story short, I lost the Thunderquake EoTG and 2 razordons turn 1. The second EoTG and most of my heroes turn 2. Slann was lost turn 3. Snowballs are BRUTAL!!!

    Any thoughts on how Seraphon can deal with 27 mortals turn 1?

    If it were just about ANY other battle plan, i'm sure I could have beat him with skink shenanigans. Duality of Death is tough for my lists.

    ASSASSIN_NR_1 Well-Known Member

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    Now I don't really play AOS, but I would assume that a shadowstrike battalion could do all right, and otherwise just lots of skinks so he pretty much wastes his mortal wounds. Generally anything worth a lot of points seems risky to field with that many mortal wounds.
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  3. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    Leaving aside that 4 thundertusks outside tournament are just bad sportsmanship…

    Yep, Shadowstrike w at least 6 rippers is a probable answer. That and LoSaT.
    Keep your distance to be out of range in the first turn, or use the battalion to try to have less drops than your opponent (which may be difficult).
    But you really need to don't give targets to those snowballs in the first turn.
    Drop the rippers against 2-3 ot those tusks… they are not going to kill them, but ALL of them will drop in the damage chart, so they will be still fearful but less "game over", giving you some more time to shoot (mortal wounds from EotG and similar).
    teleport a stegadon, move it with skink Alpha, shoot and charge the 4th tusk.

    You simply cannot wipe them away, so you need to weaken them to balance the odds. Then summon as fast as you can.
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