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AoS Triumph and treachery - 1000 pts 4 player

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Ecozh, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Ecozh

    Ecozh Member

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    Next wednesday I will be playing a Triumphs and treachery game with 3 other players.

    Expected opponents:
    - Stormcast
    - Khorne demons
    - orcs

    I made the following 1000 points list:

    Skink starpriest (general)
    - master of star rituals
    - incandecent thingy thingy

    20 skinks with boltsplitters
    10 Saurus Guard

    3 Ripperdactils
    5 chameleon skinks
    1 Salamander

    1 Bastiladon

    I was wondering If perhaps you have ideas suggestions.

    My other units:

    Eternity Warden
    20 saurus warriors
    5 saurus guard
    5 chameleon skinks
    3 ripperdactils (so ugly but usefull)

    Dark Elf sorceres (means order alliance instead of Seraphon)
    2 Reaper Bolt throwers
    Dark Elf Assassin

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