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W: LM(steg.,salam.,saurus),other,$ H:FB/40k,skaven,DE,LM,$

Discussion in 'Trading Forum' started by Nephren-Ka, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Nephren-Ka
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    Nephren-Ka New Member

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    Looking for lizardmen units (listed below), new WFB magic cards, army counters, GF9 movement trays (6x4,skirmish) or small earth magnets
    Only interested in latest ed. models, that are assembled or unassembled, possibly primered, but no paint (unless stripped or above table-top paint job).
    Looking primarily for trade, or off-setting the price of a purchase with trade.
    Will consider purchasing ch. skinks and salamanders outright if you offer a good price.
    Will also consider selling, but this is a last resort to fund my other purchases
    Images of most painted or converted models available at:

    I Have:
    Screaming Bell/Plague Censer Kit- On sprue, a few items removed but will be included
    20 new ed. clanrats- primered black, beginning painting on 5, all have resin cobblestones bases (worth $20 alone)
    1 Master-painted Dark Elf Dreadlord (very high quality detailing and NMM, please refer to photos)
    DE assassin (new in blister)
    10 DE spear elves- heavily conv.,corsair and cok bitz, magnetized, full command, started painting
    10 DE crossbowmen- heavily conv.,corsair and cok bitz, magnetized, champion, bare
    Stegadon- Assembled as EOTG
    10 lizardmen cold one riders- 5 on sprue, 5 assembled
    Mounted scar vet. on coldone- assembled but bare
    Coldone Knight bitz (8 legs, 11 helmet crests, 2 banners with both tops, command sprue items:horn,heads,sword,captain body)
    DE warrior grab bag (16 heads,6 spears,12 torsos,8 legs, 3 crossbows, 1 sword, 12 arms)
    1 oop chaos sorceror (painted table-top, see pics)
    1 oop chaos warrior (table-top, see pics)
    8 part-painted BT space marines (decent start but unfinished,2 or 3 have a metal BT shoulder pad, pics)
    1 part-painted BT chaplain (just some black paint on it)
    7th ed. WFB rulebook

    Here's what Im after:
    - Stegadon
    - Salamanders
    - Chakax
    - New saurus standard bearer
    - Army transport case, pref. should bag
    - Rare earth magnets (zd1 or equivalent)
    - New WFB magic cards
    - Army counters (charge markers, rangers, LOS, etc) from GForce or other manufacturer
    - Movement trays (6x4, skirmisher)
  2. queeked
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    queeked New Member

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    How much for the Bell and clanrats?

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