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AoS Warhammer'd 2017 Game 1 vs Ironjawz 2/7

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Skinnyboy, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Game 1 vs M. M was playing his Ironjawz with a list that looks like (forgive the names)

    Ghazgul on Maw Krusha


    Boss on foot

    Guy that plays the drums and hands out +1 to hit

    5 brutes

    10 Ard boyz

    20 Ard boyz

    3 Gor gruntas

    Battalion that lets them move an extra D6 in the Hero phase

    No sideboard

    We played a scenario called Bieswag where I was the defender and M was the attacker.


    I was the defender and had to stop M from vandalizing buildings. I decided not to use my sideboard and stick with my thunderquake list. In addition the scenario special command ability makes my dinos that much tougher. List and thoughts are here in the prologue:


    Seeing that M only had one wizard and one flying unit meant that if I could take them out and then just hold the rest of his lines up with my wall of dinos he wouldn’t be able to get any of the buildings. Even if he got two quickly I could hold back and block the other three. So target priority was the Maw Crush and the wizard.

    I deploy back in my deployment zone to deny him any first turn charges. I’m not so worried about taking the charge but want to deny him any potential extra movement from getting a charge off. Bastis are in front with stego and salas just behind. One unit of skinks is up front to take the initial hit with the other two on the flanks. He deploys in a line with ard boyz front and centre and characters behind. The brutes are slightly off center and the gruntas are coming up a flank.

    He goes first and moves up. Fairly average roles for the destruction and battalion moves means hes not close enough to declare any charges. The gor gruntas do get up pretty quickly but still cant charge. My turn 1 I shuffle forward expecting to get charged but blocking off his route to buildings. I throw a unit of skinks in front of the gor gruntas just to slow them down and am only in range with 1 basti to shoot off one grunta.

    T2 he gets it despite my starseer rerolls but I still have a few in the bank because I didn’t have much to do on my turn 1. Im not too worried about losing priority as the charge was going to happen sooner or later and he cant do much damage with skinks in the way. He puts +1 to hit and shield of thorns on the big unit of ardboyz calls a waaaaagh and charges in. The 2 units of ardboys get stuck into the skink line and the gor gruntas hit their skink screen. The mawcrusha rolls high enough to get into my back field but I use rerolls to change that, with nowhere to land due to lines of ard boyz, skinks and bastis he stays put!! The ard boyz go first and pulverize the skinks. My skinks fighting the gore gruntas then run away denying him any attacks. His second unit of ardboyz can now pile in and attack one of the bastis but he is in between a building and another basti so M cant get that many attacks on the little tank and nothing sticks. I now get to pile in with my bastis and I do so that a steg shape gap appears in my dino wall. They swing, kill a couple of ardboyz and at the end of combat shield of thorns goes off and puts a coupe wounds on some of the bastis. Nothing but acceptable loses, the waaagh is over and now its my turn.

    I start by planting my banner, grabbing 6 rerolls and mystic shielding my steg. One unit of skinks moves onto the buildings on both my flanks to make it difficult for him to vandalize should he choose. The salamanders start off a shooting phase by toasting the two gor gruntas without a problem. All the stegs open up and together can get 11 wounds on the maw krusha, not bad, I was hoping to finish it but I saved some rerolls for priority and was aiming for the double turn. In the combat phase the steg charges in and I kill some more ard boyz. He manages a couple more wounds on several bastis mostly from shield of thorns. The big unit of ardboys is down to about 10 at this point and the other one fighting the basti up againsts the building is down to around 6 but all of this is from combat as M is passing all his battle shock.

    T3 and M gets it again!! Hes goes to cast his vandalize spell but roles poorly. The ard boys get their +1 hit and the characters still move up but are surprisingly slow. The brutes and Krusha are spoiling for a fight. The brutes hit a battalion basti and the Krusha can only make it into the skinks that are guarding my building from vandalism. His impact hits kill of 5 but he decides to go with the big ard boy unit first. They don’t do much and then the skinks run away from the Krusha, limiting its effectiveness. When all the fights are resolved a few more wounds have been spread out among the bastis and the big orruk unit is down to 6 and the other unit is down to 3.

    My T3 opens with the perfect storm. Engine goes off and deals D3 mortal wounds to everything within 10” on a 4+. I role all 4+ and hit his whole army. The Krusha is down to 2 wounds and a cheeky little arcane bolt finishes the job. This is great as I don’t need to dedicate any shooting to it. Shooting phase goes and the salas take down a few of the ard boyz left in what was once the big unit. One basti kills the shaman, one basti kills the boss on foot who never made it to combat and the last basti killed 3 brutes. Combat leaves M with only 1 remaining brute and the +1 hit drummer as I wipe out the rest of the ard boyz. We shake hands and call it there. In the end I only lost a total of 15 skinks and the village was successfully defended!!

    Im not really sure what M could have done differently here. Maybe send in the Krusha in the front lines to pin down dinos and sent boyz around my flanks to vandalize buildings? Maybe hold back one more turn so that everything hits together instead of a couple of waves? I liked this scenario, even if I had been in M’s position as attacker the plan was to go summoning slann on balewind to drop units and wizards in his backfield to vandalize buildings so I was pretty confident no matter what roles we got. After the game I role for a triumph and get +1sv to everything within 3” of my totem, excellent result.
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    Nice report!
    From my own experience against Ironjawz (facing very similar Ironjawz lists often) I'd say it boils down to two things:
    1. If we bring a shooty list we are much more likely to win since Ironjawz cannot counter it well (right now at least, might change with the GHB2017 allies rules)
    2. If the Ironjawz player can make the movenemt quick and really charge us in the first turn (especially the Maw-Krusha) they have a decent chance of doing terrible damage and wiping our shooters from the table. That's where they win. If we can avoid melee we win.
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