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AoS Warhammer'd 2017 Game 2 vs Stormcast 3/7

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Skinnyboy, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Game 2 I am up against T and his stormcast. His list looks a little something like this:

    Vandus Hammerhand

    The Celestant Prime

    Lord celestant

    3x5 Liberators

    5 Judicators

    2x 5 retributors w/ 2 maces

    Relictor w/ lightning chariot

    Vexilor w/ teleport banner

    Im sure I must be forgetting some other stuff here but this is what’s important. He has no sideboard. We are playing the Orruk Encampment scenario. We both read this and have a bit of a discussion and come to the conclusion that whoever is the “defender” i.e. the rampager probably has the advantage. The whole scenario revolves around killing the rampager general. His vandus has +1sv from a triumph gained in a previous game whereas mine gave all of my units within 3” of my totem +1sv…. Hello 2+ bastis. I win the role to choose who plays as what and I choose to be the defender, almost sealing T’s fate with that one dice role. I need to kill half his army for the major but he was to come at me through all my laser beams. I’m feeling good about this one.

    Link to scenario: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byixf87n649delViM2hYOUxhbzg/view

    So for my list I drop the EotG, the salamanders and handlers and the thunderquake and grap a slaan with summoning pool. I see T going at this one of two ways, combat or range. He doesn’t have much of a range threat however if he drops the prime on turn 1 and just uses him to drop comets I could be in trouble from all the mortal wounds. To counter this I plan on summoning a eternity warden to throw off wounds onto and then resummons him if he dies. If he does decide to combat me hes going to teleport up and have to hammer his way through all my bastis and skinks which will bubble wrap my slaan. Theres some light range support to this approach but it all depends on what he does with that prime.

    The time of war for this table was also a lot of fun as we are playing on top of a giant sleeping worm that can wake up and hurt non flying stuff or buff monsters. Nothing but win for me, my Slanns command ability and 3 bastis.

    I deploy my slann next to a big piece of terrain with my other heroes and space for an eternity warden. Bastis surround them and skinks form a thin blue line on the front. T has to role for his deployment and ends up with most things on the right flank, vandus in the middle and one unit of libs and retributors on the left.

    T1 T goes first. He uses his lightning banner on the retributors and buts them right on my right flank 9” from my skinks. Everything else runs forward but is not near enough for a charge. Everything that can, is hiding behind LoS blocking terrain but I still have a few targets if I shuffle to the side a bit. The retributors try a charge but fail and stay where they are.

    My turn 1 and I summon in an eternity warden, grab some rerolls and make everything fly and reroll saves vs shooting. Bastis open up and kill a couple retributors and some liberators, nothing crazy but a solid turn.

    T2 and T wins priority. He rolls for the Time of war and does 11 mortal wounds across is army while a take none because all my stuff can fly. It pinged off a couple of libs and retributors so I’ll take it. He keeps the Prime in the sky and lightning chariots Vandus over to my right flank. Judicators do some shooting and kill of some skink screens and the libs line up to charge the bastis that are now exposed. Vandus shoots his lightning breath into the middle of my character pile but the Slaan manages to master of defence save two mortal wounds and pass the third onto the Eternity warden. The warden and starseer also take a couple of mortal wounds but they’ll be okay. The right flank retributors make it into a skink unit and do some damage before the skinks run away. Vandus rolls big for his charge but a cheeky reroll sees him sitting out of combat for this turn. This was one of the best use for rerolls that I found all weekend. The libs that charge the basti bounce and end up taking a few casualties of their own.

    My Turn 2. I keep the slann on the ground for now and grab some rerolls, I’m really hoping for a double turn going into 3 which will allow me to get the balewind up and have two shooting phases to knock out his army. The skinks that fought the retributors move over to block Vandus from getting into my characters and everything shuffles a bit to get some juicy shooting targets. I take out the Lord Celestant on foot and the units of liberators with my shooting. We roll for turn 3 and despite my rerolls T gets it.

    T3 and thankfully the able doesn’t do anything to T’s army this turn. He drops the prime but doesn’t have a clear charge lane to my general as hes blocked by bastis. Vandus moves up to get an easy charge on the skinks. He drops a comet with the Prime and does three mortal wounds to the slann who passes them off to the eternity warden. Unfortunately T’s dice abandon him and Vandus’ dracoth breath doesn’t do anything. He tries a charge with the Prime and fails and pastes a unit of skinks with Vandus.

    My 3 and out comes the Balewind, effectively denying him any chance of charging the slann and killing him in combat. The only way he can now kill the full wound slann is with his comets, dracoth breath and 5 Judicators. An arcane bolt pips a few wounds from vandus and even with his 2+ save a single bastiladon take him off. Another bastiladon fires at the prime and takes him off in a single round of shooting too…. I have never seen so many 2’s rolled in my life. All he has left that can get to the slann are the judicators. The slann is sitting at full health with a 2+ rerollable armor save and they would have to get in range of the bastis to shoot at him so we call it there and head to the bar! Picking up Vandus and the Prime at the end ensure I got >50% of T’s army so It was a major win for me.

    Like I said winning the role of the rampager was huge here. I still think I could have gotten Vandus if I were the attacker but it becomes a much different game. I think had T decided to drop the Prime T1 and just used him for comets it would have forced me to keep the slann off the balewind and use the extra points for a second eternity warden. Combo this with Vandus’ lightning breath and it forces me to try and leave my castle and go out and kill the Prime to stop the comets, possibly creating an opportunity for him to get more favorable charges. I was quite surprised with how quick the Prime went down and expected him to have a larger impact on the game. Anyway, on to Game 3 against A and his Blades of Khorne
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    Looking forward to the next part! Been a blast reading those :)

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