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AoS What should I add next? Wanna flush out my collection.

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Twinner, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Twinner
    Jungle Swarm

    Twinner New Member

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    Hey guys so I am just trying to flush out my Seraphon collection and wondering what you guys think I should add next.

    Here is what I currently have:

    2x Slann Starmaster
    1x Saurus Sunblood
    1x Oldblood on Carnosaur
    1x Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur
    1x Scar-Veteran on Cold One
    1x Scar Veteran on Foot
    1x Skink Starpriest
    1x Skink Priest
    68x Saurus Warriors
    - 40x Clubs
    - 20x Spears
    - 4x Banner
    - 4x Musician
    21x Saurus Knights
    - 2x Banner
    - 2x Musician
    - 1x Champion
    - 8x Lances
    - 8x Unbuilt
    32x Skinks
    - 22x Boltspitter
    - 10x Javelin
    31x Saurus Guard
    5x Chameleon Skinks
    2x Salamanders/Razordons (converted models)
    3x Skink Handlers
    1x Troglodon (magnetized with the Veteran)
    3x Bastiladon (2x Solar Engine, 1x magnetized)
    3x Ripperdactyl Riders
    1x Engine of the Gods

    The following is what I am going to be buying next week:

    20x Saurus Warriors with Spears
    1x Lord Kroak
    1x Eternity Warden
    1x Astrolith Bearer

    After that I am not sure what I need to finish the army, what would you suggest I add so that I can play most well rounded lists? Thank in advance for any help you give!
  2. Robertxtrem
    Cold One

    Robertxtrem Active Member

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    I'd get your skinks up to a unit of 40, also kroxigor are awesome in thunderquake with your engine and bastiladons.
  3. Padre

    Padre Well-Known Member

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    I'd also add a couple Stegadons when you get a chance. Also, more warriors won't hurt. And an Eternity Warden. You actually have a pretty good start on a Starbeast constellation there...
  4. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    Wow I just read the title of this thread and prepared to rage about someone flushing out his collection, but then realized it is just a typo. Joke's on me then. :D

    Ok that's a lot of stuff you have already!

    My top list to get for you:
    - more Skinks if you like them. They are pretty awesome, especially with Boltspitters and shields.
    - Astrolith Bearer because he is awesome. Especially with Kroak but also for many other things. He literally buffs everything.
    - Stegadon. If you run a Skink army that guy is cool. Magnetize him so you can use both weapon options, you cann have some great teleport fun with him.
    - Kroak (because... Kroak)
    - Balewind Vortex for Kroak or your Slann, strong lists available by using it
    - 3 more Rippers, 6 Rippers are good in many lists.

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