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WTS/WTT Lizard Army

Discussion in 'Trading Forum' started by kakwah, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. kakwah
    Jungle Swarm

    kakwah New Member

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    I have decided to move my Lizard army on and thought that this might be a good spot to find a new owner.

    Included is everything needed to start playing with lizardmen including:
    (all painted to a tabletop standard, ie base colours and washes done. They still need finishing touches, suck as eyes and teeth picked out etc.)

    Slann (finecast)
    Tetto Eko (finecast)(NIB)
    Skink Priest (plastic)
    2 Saurus Scarvets/Oldbloods (plastic, converted from cold one box)
    Skink chief on terradon/terradons x 4
    60+ skinks
    36 Saurus Warriors HW&S
    28 Temple Guard
    6 Coldones w/spears
    1 Bastiladon (missing bit from top - would need to convert something)
    5 Camo Skinks

    http://s1134.photobucket.com/user/adamm ... 0.jpg.html

    I am looking at trading for a VC or Bretonnian army, or selling for cash - about $350USD/$400AUD

    Feel free to make an offer

    Thanks for reading,


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